If you want to get a good yoyo for toddlers, the list presented below should help you decide what yoyo to pick up for them depending on how advanced are they at yoyo play(not that they would be professional yoyo players).

Find out the best yoyo picks for small children below!

Duncan Imperial

The Duncan Imperial is one of the most known yoyos in the world. You may have even played with such a yoyo in your childhood. This toy was first released in 1954 and has been a classic since its inception.


This yoyo was soo popular that it became one of the best-selling yoyos of all times. The Imperial was one of the favourite options for many generations of yoyo players just getting started.

Now the Duncan imperial is designed to provide long spins even for a fixed axle yoyo. This yoyo improves the toddler’s hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but the small child also learns how to throw a yoyo and how to return it to its hands.

Duncan Imperial yoyo front view

This yoyo comes responsive straight out of the box. This is especially good for small kids because they can return the yoyo with a slight tug. Nothing is more dissatisfactory than that feeling that the yoyo doesn’t come back as it should.

The Duncan Imperial uses durable plastic so the toddler won’t damage the yoyo if it hits the ground. The overall design allows for easy unscrewing the yoyo halves for replacing the string or for putting the lube.

The shape of the yoyo is comfortable and will fit easily in the children’s hand as it is tiny. The Imperial is also good for looping tricks as it has a narrow string gap and starburst response system.

If the child wants to do basic tricks like the Forward Pass or Around the world, he/she can learn such tricks on the Duncan Imperial with no problem.

The only downside of this beginner yoyo for toddlers is that the toy tends to lean too fast as it slows down because of the fixed axle(this axle is not as good as the ball bearing).

Overall, this yoyo model is extremely good for small children who want to learn how to throw a yoyo and how to bring it back to their hands.

Duncan Limelight

The Duncan limelight is perfect for night performances and fun tricks in the dark. This yoyo combines bright colours with internal lights that make the yoyo even more colourful.

Duncan Limelight light up yoyo

The Limelight has a looping design which allows for basic looping tricks like the Around the World, Loop the Loop and Forward pass.

This yoyo used to feature a wooden axle for normal handling and smooth play for all standard classic yoyo tricks. Now, this yoyo has a transaxle, just like the Yomega Brain or the Yomega Fireball, other yoyos you may have played within your childhood.

Duncan Limelight yoyo front view

Duncan Limelight presents red, yellow, blue and yellow flashes as it spins. This yoyo has a washer that affects the responsiveness. If you remove the washer, the yoyo won’t sleep at all and you’ll be able to do only looping tricks.

The yoyo just works perfectly and it is fun especially for small kids to watch the flashing lights as they play. If you are not that lucky, the yoyo may have the lights with some kind of delay and at some times will not light up.

Duncan Pulse yoyo

The Duncan Pulse is the perfect for basic looping tricks and even more advanced ones. Not only that, but this yoyo can play in more ways than yoyo players would ever expect.

Duncan Pulse yoyo

Much of that is because of the washer that adjusts the gap width thus changing the responsiveness of the yoyo.This yoyo is one of the best for beginner tricks never disappointing the children.When you have a cool light-up yoyo, you don’t want to stop playing with it.

The LED’s run through red, yellow, blue and purple making the yoyo the fancy light in the darkness during nighttime shows.

Some newer models have ball-bearings that make the yoyo spin longer than the older models.

Duncan Pulse yoyo front view

You may need to get extra strings as the string that comes with a yoyo wears out quickly. You may also need to get another yoyo, just to practice with the child at the same time to teach him/her new tricks.

The yoyo comes with 2 extra batteries to have more fun playing with a light-up the yoyo. It works just as good as any ball bearing yoyo without lights and it gives the most amazing light show.

YoyoFactory Fast 201

This beginner yoyo was the first one released by YoyoFactory, just after the company’s inception. This yoyo introduced a feature unique at its time and neat even now: the adjustable starburst system and the adjustable gap.

Yoyofactory Fast 201

The system works the following way. If you twist the yoyo as if you are dismantling it you are making it unresponsive.

If you want to make the yoyo more responsive for a beginner player like a small kid you just have to twist the yoyo as to tighten it. This will make the yoyo come back easily at the toddler’s hand

As I said earlier, the Fast 201 has the adjustable starburst response system. In this case, when the yoyo is untwisted, the springs pushing the ridges outwards aren’t as aggressive in the sense that the plastic spikes don’t come out of the designated holes as much so the response is reduced.

YoyoFactory Fast 201 front profile

If you tighten the yoyo, the springs push the small ridges more powerful to make the yoyo more responsive. This innovative system allows the small kid to transition from responsive play to unresponsive play if he/she wishes.

If you want to make this yoyo responsive, you can put the loop twice around the axle of the yoyo. This ensures even more responsiveness which is good for kids when they start as they will be able to return the yoyo to their hands.

YoyoFactory Fast 201 dismantled

The main downside of the yoyo is that you may want to bring for the kid more strings because the starburst system rubs the string more than the regular response pads.This will prevent the kid from being disappointed if the yoyo string snaps.

The Fast 201 may be considered a loud yoyo as it makes the specific rattlesnake noise as it spins and rubs the string.It shouldn’t bother the toddler too much as he/she can even use the sound for timing. How?Just by listening to the noise. If the noise has a low pitch , it is a sign that is time for bringing the yoyo back up.

YoyoFactory Fast 201 side caps

Even though most of the times polyester strings don’t work with starburst response system as the string may melt, in this case, the starburst isn’t that pronounced, so there will be less bad friction to melt the cord.I would say that the poly string works extremely well on the yoyo!

Overall, this yoyo is made of durable plastic, has a small and comfortable shape for kids with an adjustable response for different types of play.

And everything for a reasonable price. Very few pieces involved, just the yoyo string and the earing, nothing else like spacers.Worth the money.Recommend you to get it for the kids.

YoyoFactory One

The YoyoFactory one is another child oriented yoyo as it is basic, easy to understand, a durable body made of plastic with a texture close to rubber. This yoyo has a comfy butterfly shape, a variety of colours to choose from, ball bearing and white silicone response.

YoyoFactory One yoyo

This is for small children who want to learn more about basic yoyo tricks. This yoyo will join them in the journey of yoyo play.

This yoyo comes with a narrow bearing for responsive play which is perfect for kids who want to bring back the yoyo in no time. If it happens to be one who wants to play unresponsive, he/she can use a larger bearing (sold separately if not in package) for unresponsive play.

YoyoFactory One yoyo for beginners

Be aware that this yoyo may have the chance of breaking strings quite fast if you don’t put the cord properly onto the responsive bearing.If the string is being caught between the bearing and the body of the yoyo, there are high chances that the string will rub and snap.

The size of the yoyo is similar to the Duncan Butterfly XT something that makes the yoyo great for beginners. the One has a solid feel and it is sturdy when hit to the ground.

Overall, this is a great yoyo to get started.

Spintastic Tigershark

Spintastics TigerShark yoyo

This Ball’ Bearing yoyo is manufactured by Spintastics and it is a classic yoyo of the late ’90s. If you want to bring to life the yoyo spirit this si the yoyo to pick and to present to a toddler.

The Tigershark has a starburst response for tight binds and has a wide gap for easier yoyo landings. This yoyo is still a bestseller for Spintastics.

Spintastics TigerShark yoyo front profile

This yoyo is a little better than a Yomega Saber wing Fireball, but not as good as the Yomega Raider,This yoyo doesn’t makeup to the performance of today’s yoyos. If you just want to get the yoyo for some nostalgia of the old days or just want a cheap yoyo this is the throw to pick.

Duncan Reflex

The Duncan Reflex yoyo is the fist and the only clutch system yoyo, having a butterfly shape and snapping back to come quickly to the player’s hands.if it slows down too much. this model is very similar to the Yomega Brain, one of the most popular yoyos in the ’90s when was the yoyo boom.


Duncan Reflex auto return yoyo

The model also has starbursts with friction stickers to help with the grip of the string and the auto-return clutch system.

The yoyo shape is good for basic tricks for kids like the Elevator and the Brain twister and even for intermediate tricks. In this case, the toddler can have the string adjusted for his/her height(cut the string at the belly button level while holding the yoyo onto the ground).

Duncan Reflex one yoyo half

You may see some complaints about the internet that the yoyo instead of having an auto return yoyo they have a weird yoyo. To be more explicit, the yoyo is released and just bounces up.

This is because the yoyo isn’t thrown sufficiently hard to sleep at the end of the string. If you throw correctly, the yoyo will sleep and will come back when it has insufficient spin. That’s it.

We recommend this for those who want to step into the world of string tricks. The round shape is good for simple tricks like Elevator and Brain Twister but is also good for practising more complicated tricks, giving you a good platform for harder practice.

Overall, this yoyo works well for toddlers and even older kids.


Those were the yoyos that are best for toddlers and beginner players. The Duncan Imperial is ultrabasic,the Duncan Reflex is for beginners too, the Duncan Limelight and Pulse are great beginner light-up yoyos for night shows and the Fast 201 plus the YYF One are for more advanced kids.

Depending on what the toddlers need, you can choose some of the yoyos presented above. You won’t be disappointed by any!



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E · February 24, 2021 at 10:37 pm

Hey I enjoyed watching your video I am well past playing with yo-yos lol Had my day loved it … My Grandson has joined a yo-yo club at school .. so trying to remember anything I can about yo-yo again lol .. I bought him one that auto comes back hopefully not the wrong thing to do but thought he would not get discouraged right off only being 6

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