If you just want to get cool for a little kid you know you may want to check out this whole list of yoyos for kids who are just starting to play with such toys.

Let’s start!

Yoyo King Merlin

This yoyo manufactured by Yoyo King has a flared shaped design and brings innovative elements for yoyos made for kids. The merlin is brought to new standards, far better than that of old Duncan yoyos like the Butterfly. The shape is made to be catched easily by a beginner player.

Yoyo King Merlin yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay.com

The plastic is durable and can hold for a long time. The C-sized slim bearing makes the yoyo responsive, which is ideal for beginner level players. You can replace the existent bearing with another wider bearing (not included in the package). The wider bearing that can be Center Trac or KonKave will make the yoyo unresponsive.

If you make this yoyo unresponsive you will need to do a trick called bind for making the yoyo come back to your hand.

Yoyo King Merlin Specifications:

Weight: 63.8 grams

Width: 38.11 mm

Diameter: 54.3 mm

As for playability and feel, you can do some of the most known tricks like the Man on The Flying Trapeze or Split the Atom. It is responsive straight out of the box, easy to return to your palm.

As it is a responsive yoyo, you can do basic looping tricks like the Forward Pass and Around the World. You won’t believe how easy is to return the yoyo, just flick your wrist up the yoyo should come back up.

The yoyo feels comfy in your hand so you won’t feel that it hurts you when it suddenly returns to your hand.

Not everything is so beautiful about this yoyo. If I said such a thing, I would be a hypocrite. The material is durable, but the plastic covering looks extremely cheap and low-quality, having finishes worse than Duncan or Yomega yoyos.

The yoyo sleeps for around 1-2 minutes which is OK for a yoyo, but the toy has a bad vibe that makes your experience worse.

For the tall guys, the yoyo string is short,  but this shouldn’t be a problem as you can buy longer string or give the yoyo to a smaller child.

Overall, these negative aspects shouldn’t concern you as much as the kids don’t need fancy stuff to get started so this yoyo will work just fine for them.


Magic Yoyo K1

This yoyo has a butterfly shape and a narrower profile. This yoyo is similar to the but the material used is plastic which feels cheap, but solid in your hand.

The surface of the yoyo isn’t that good for finger grinds and palm grinds. The finish is similar to the one of the YoyoFactory Replay Pro.

Magic Yoyo N12 Specifications

MagicYoyo K1 yellow

Diameter: 57.05 ,mm

Width:41 mm

Weight:60 grams

Gap width:4.3 mm

Magic yoyo K1 has hubstacks in the middle of the sider cups that let you unwind the yoyo by just holding the two hubstacks in place and then pulling the string away from the yoyo.

This yoyo is perfect for kids and beginners as they don’t have to worry if they hit the yoyo to the ground.

MagicYoyo K1 yellow front view

As for playability, the yoyo isn’t that stable, but far better than most of the plastic yoyos. That’s most probably because of the tiny weight which is only 60 grams instead of the average of 65 grams(this is a big difference for a yoyo).

The yoyo feels floaty and capable on the string, allowing for easy play for the children, yet having enough spin power for completing most of the tricks like the Trapeze, Double or Nothing,1 and a half side mount, etc..

You may feel a slight vibe onto the yoyo, but that shouldn’t concern you as much. Take care not to pop off your hubstacks. Otherwise, you will need to replace them.

YoyoFactory Hubstacks

The YoyoFactory Hubstack is the revolutionary fun yoyo that YYF brings to the market. This yoyo model features the patented triple bearing technology that allows you to hold the yoyo in your hand while it is spinning.

Yoyofactory - Hubstack

The small discs that are in the centre of the yoyo are placed on a ball bearing which spins freely, independent from the main bearing for the yoyo. This feature allows to grab the hubstacks(the flat discs) and have the yoyo still spinning. This allows for a larger variety of tricks.

The hubstacks also allow you to just hold the yoyo by the flat discs and pull the string from the yoyo outwards like a ripcord. You can learn tricks immediately without the frustration of learning how to properly throw a yoyo.

Apart from the main feature, the Hubstack yoyo is also good for responsive play. If you feel that you are good enough you can swap the bearing with a Center Trac bearing, put new response pads and you are on the way of learning new cool tricks.

If you want to have fun with a yoyo this is the way to go!

YoyoFactory Wedge

If you want to get a more competitive yoyo for you or for a kid you can go with the YoyoFactory Wedge. This yoyo is made of polycarbonate which gives the toy a shiny look. The toy is unique due to the extremely thick rims.

YoyoFactory Wedge specifications

Weight: 66.8 grams

Diameter: 57.58 grams -a bit above the average

Width: 47.58 mm-the average

Bearing: C centre track bearing

Response:19 mm red slim pads

The yoyo won’t impress you so much if you look at it for the first time, but don’t be fooled by its weird aspect. Just give this yoyo a try and you’ll see how stable it is due to the rim weight.

YoyoFactory Wedge is a durable yoyo which has no fear of being accidentally hit to the ground or wall and will handle shocks for a long time.

This yoyo is easy to catch on the string but not too large that you land the yoyo onto more strings than you intend.

Note that this is an unresponsive yoyo and it won’t come automatically to your hand so you’ll need to do a trick called “the bind”.This will bring your toy back to your hand.

If you get more advanced the finger grinds won’t go too well because of the glossy surface. However, this shouldn’t concern as much a kid as firstly he /she needs to do easier tricks like the sleeper or Trapeze.

Magic Yoyo N12

If you want to buy a metal responsive/unresponsive yoyo, the Magic Yoyo N12 is the solution for you. You get what you normally spend 40-50 dollars at only 20 bucks or even less. You have a performance close to the YoyoFactory Shutter but at less than half the price.

Magic Yoyo N12 Shark Honor unresponsive yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay.com

The Magic Yoyo feels solid into your hands. The weight distribution is far better than other models like the N8 or the N11. The MYY N12 is on the heavy side of throws at around 68 grams. This brings more stability and spin duration to the yoyo.

Magic Yoyo N12 Specifications:

Magic Yoyo N12 Shark Honor unresponsive yoyo purple

Credit: YoyoPlay.com

Weight (g):67.58
Diameter (mm):55.00

Width (mm):44
Gap Width (mm):4.62

If the kid wants to learn how to do fingerspins, the N12 is the yoyo to go with even though it isn’t designed for such tricks.

You’ll get a grippy response that will make the return of the yoyo easier.

As for playability, the yoyo feels stable and heavy. You can do most of the tricks with this yoyo.

The grinds will feel especially satisfying as the machining is excellent and the blasting is extraordinary.

N12 presents only a few scratches which don’t bother you at all. Consequently, your tricks can be done easily and comfortably.

This is the metal yoyo to use if you are just getting started or you want to give it to someone to learn yo-yoing.

Magic Yoyo Aurora


The Magic Yoyo Aurora is the yoyo to get to a kid to his/her birthday. Why? Because it is a light-up yoyo! Who doesn’t like colourful flashing light?

You can get this yoyo for a great price, lower than most the other yoyos that have the same awesome feature.

This yoyo has a rounded V-shape, comfy and catchable, with two lights on each yoyo side cup.

Magic Yoyo Aurora  specs

Magic Yoyo Aurora yoyo

Diameter: 56.50 mm / 2.22 inches

Width: 42.50 mm / 1.67 inches

Gap Width: 4.78 mm / 0.19 inches

Weight: 65 grams

The best part of the Magic Yoyo Aurora is that you get 4 extra batteries to keep your yoyo lighting up the dark environment for far longer. You also get an Allen key(that L-shaped hexagonal key) to remove the caps and the bearing if necessary.      The kids will certainly be drawn by this amazing light up yoyo that also has no vibe. You can do any kind of tricks on it except for fingerspins(you don’t need to do fingerspins though).

Magic Yoyo Aurora is the yoyo to fascinate everybody with yoyo tricks and light show!

Recess First Base

Recess First Base is one of the best-recommended yoyos for beginners or kids when you just begin to yoyo. The main reason behind that is that this model comes with responsive and unresponsive bearings and it has a beginner-friendly comfortable shape.


Recess First Base yoyo

Diameter:57..5 mm

Width :44.70 mm

Gap width:5mm(quite wide ,ideal for unresponsive play)

Slim bearing-flat C bearing + CBC centre track bearing

The Recess First base has the specific organic shape that just makes the yoyo more enjoyable than the YoyoFactory Wedge that has sharp edges. This yoyo tends to have a similar shape to some One Drop yoyos.

Recess first Base front view (profile)

At 64.5 grams the yoyo is a bit light. Don’t be disappointed though as the yoyo is the best deal when it comes to price-quality/value ratio. Come, on it is a plastic yoyo!

If you want to practice fingerspins onto this yoyo you will need to pay an extra 5 dollars for the version with the fingerspin dimple. However, the yoyo doesn’t do fingerspins too well, so you would better buy another yoyo model like the Magic Yoyo Skyva about which I’ll discuss later.

In terms of playability, you can do all the beginner tricks like the Rock the Baby, Walk the Dog, The Elevator and other similar tricks.

If you want to level up your play you can switch the responsive bearing and put a Centre Trac Bearing and unleash the true powers of the yoyo. You will be able to do all the tricks you may ever want. Even small children could do many tricks with this brilliant plastic model!

The Recess First base is the yoyo to buy if you are a beginner the child you know is just starting to yoyo.


SF Yoyos PLSTC is a yoyo model with design elements from previous models like the SF Cadence and the SF statement. This awaited plastic yoyo has a very attractive price for those who don’t want to spend too much on a yoyo for kids.

SF PLSTC yoyo front view

This yoyo presents an organic shape that increases comfortability, yet keeping a powerful spins that keep for a long time.

Not only that, but the SF  PLSTC also comes with a thin bearing to switch from unresponsive play to responsive play. As SF yoyos mostly produce throws that range from beginner to competitive play, this PLSTC model perfectly combines the beginner play with intermediate to advanced play so you can make this yoyo your learning throw.



Designed In -USA

Release Year –2019

Weight (g) –64.0

Diameter (mm) –56.63

Width (mm) –47.31

Trapeze Width (mm) –44

Shape-  H-Profile

Body Material- Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)

This yoyo is made from polycarbonate and it is designed with a modern shape and with a stable feel when spinning. This yoyo is one of the smoothest yoyos when it comes to regular plastic yoyos. That way your tricks will seem smooth and the feel of the yoyo will continue to be satisfying.

This yoyo can handle almost any trick except fingerspins because it doesn’t have a side cup to do such things. You have two bearings, a slim one and a wider one so you can transition from responsive play to unresponsive play if you get more advanced at doing yoyo tricks.

Magic Yoyo Skyva

Magic Yoyo Skyva was born from the collaboration between the Luftwerk(a company that makes titanium yoyos ) and the Magic yoyo/Ametoys. Jeffrey Pang contributed the most to the final design and finishing touches making the yoyo special as it is today.

This toy has 58 mm in diameter and 45 mm in width, being a bit larger than most of the yoyos. This is beneficial for kid s as they can catch the yoyo easier. The more you throw the yoyo, the more you’ll want to play with it!

The Magic Yoyo is the special yoyo with a center track bearing that keeps the string more to the centre. This yoyo model is mostly known for the amazing fingerspin cup with the dimple that is designed for great fingerspin tricks. Overall, a great yoyo for an even greater price.


Magic Yoyo Skyva specs

Magic Yoyo Skyva yoyo

: Polycarbonate Plastic

: 58mm

: 45mm

: 66.5 g

: CenterTrac

: LuftPAD

The larger gap makes the yoyo more catchable which is incredibly important for kids for not being disappointed if they miss a trick.

The Magic Yoyo Skyva is a bit less durable than the Replay Pro because the axle is somewhat shorter and the yoyo halves aren’t held so well. Make sure no to hit this yoyo too hard to the ground as not to crack the plastic below the fingerspin dimple and break the whole toy.

Even though the Magic Yoyo Skyva is on the heavy side with around 67 grams, You don’t feel how heavy it is, you can just too quick tricks full of control.

Magic Yoyo Skyva front profile

This yoyo is dead smooth even by metal yoyo standards. It seems that the yoyo has been polished the same way the aluminium yoyos are due to the creatures seen in the same direction with the spin of the yoyo.

As for playability, the yoyo is stable and a bit floaty. This yoyo is a must-buy if you first want to practice fingerspins.

When you play with it you don’t seem to feel its weight of 66.5 grams and do quick tricks in an instant, with full control.

Above all, the Magic Yoyo Skyva is dead smooth; you feel no vibe even by the standards of metal yoyos. Looks like it has been polished the same way as a metal yoyo due to the scratches oriented in the same direction parallel to the edge of the yoyo.


Those were the 8 yoyo models that are recommended for kids. Any choice will work for them. They just have to decide. Are you one of those?



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