The YoyoFactory Velocity is the yoyo to start with when you want to try this type of game because of its versatility. This yoyo is best known for its unique way of changing yoyoing modes, starting from responsive play to unresponsive play. Let’s see what is so special about it by looking at the specs!

YoyoFactory Velocity Specifications

Weight:61.9 g(Pretty light)

Diameter:54.76 mm

Width:38.93 mm

Response: YYF 19 mm slim pads (made of silicone)

Bearing: YYF Type A bearing(smaller than most bearings)

Construction and design

It has a classic shape which is more rounded and flared out, thus making the looping tricks a bit harder. The Velocity is made of durable plastic capable of resisting some damage.

YoyoFactory Velocity yoyo front view profile

However, it doesn’t have the durability of a Replay Pro, so you may encounter some minor problems related to shock resistance.

This yoyo can go from responsive to unresponsive play without swapping out the bearing, practically without taking the yoyo apart.

It is just perfect for players who are just starting out. The yoyo is in the middle of the pack being capable of both 1A tricks and 2A tricks(string )and looping tricks). The transition from responsive to unresponsive and reverse(you can do this also through other methods) can be made by switching the dial towards the left or to the right

YoyoFactory Velocity yoyo dial easy to pro mode

The dial can be set in two ways:

  • Easy mode: turn the dial in such a way that the responds pads stick out and grab the string tight when you tug it after making a good sleeper. This ensures the responsiveness of the yoyo and represents a headstart for newbies in yoyo play.
  • Pro mode: turn the dial in the direction mentioned on the side of the yoyo and expect the response pads to retract and be integrated within the design of the yoyo. This method reduces the friction between the yoyo and the string and makes the yoyo unresponsive.

When you open the yoyo, you will see the bearing and the spacers. To separate them, you need to fit the thumbnail in between the spacer and the yoyo and work your way around the bearing that the spacer should come right off.

Otherwise, use the blade of a knife to complete the task, but take care of the axle(don’t ruin it !).

YoyoFactory Velocity one half with axle

When you take the spacer out, you’ll observe that it has two sides:

  • one long side that fits into the yoyo
  • a shorter one that goes into the bearing gap.

The YoyoFactory Velocity comes with a type A bearing, turning the yoyo into a spinning beast capable of sleeping for more than 3 minutes(that’s longer than any trick you might try to throw at it).

Playability and feel.

For a responsive yoyo, it plays tremendously well, giving you the opportunity of performing looping tricks, forward pass and other marvels.

Watch it here in action!


It feels very light when you throw it(the Velocity is  62 g in weight which is way lighter than the average 65-66 g yoyo ). It may feel somewhat unstable as the weight is directed towards the central hub so it shifts quite a bit.

When you go unresponsive, you are capable of trying almost every trick that passes through your mind(except the finger spins, thumb grinds and finger grinds). The 3-minute spin time allows you to try various stunts without feeling bored or frustrated because of the normal vibe.


I would recommend this yoyo for every beginner or intermediate player who wants to be so comfortable that he/she doesn’t want to change the bearing to change the game mode. The YoyoFactory Velocity is worth your money. You should definitely have a look!You can check out the product by going here.

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Hanna · April 25, 2019 at 4:11 am

Awesome! I am so glad to have found your website. I have been looking for different kinds of yoyos and just wondering what I a good recommendation to start with.
Thank you so much!
All the best!

    Sebastian · April 25, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Glad to have helped you! Here you can find more recommendations based on your budget, skill and taste in yoyo design!The Velocity is great for a start!

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