The YoyoFactory Shutter is one of the most popular yoyos within the community, as US national champion  Gentry Stein has helped in regards to yoyo design and to promoting this budget competition toy. In this review, I’ll show you more about this yoyo and what sets it apart from other yoyos.

For around 50 dollars, I would say that is one of the cheapest competition yoyos on the market. You can find it in various colours and blends suitable for any kind of preference.

YoyoFactory Shutter Specifications

Ball Bearing: C centre track bearing
Response system:
Thin Pads (19mm)
Width (mm):
Diameter (mm) :
Style :
1A / 3A / 5A
Weight (g):

Where you can buy it:


As for the weight, we can see that it is somehow above the average of 65 grams for the average yoyo. You can try 1A,3A and 5A and have great results when playing with the yoyo.

The body of the yoyo-How it is constructed.

The machined 6061 aircraft aluminium body is nicely anodized so the yoyo can keep on spinning onto your pointing digit when you try to do finger grinds.

The YoyoFactory Shutter has a comfortable round V-shape and steep slopes for centring the yo-yo string towards the bearing gap. In the middle of the slope, there is another one steeper looking like a cut in the uniformity of the yoyo, similarly to a YoyoFactory Horizon.

YoyoFactory Shutter yoyo front section

The H-shape allows for a large catch zone which makes it easy to do any tricks and improves your chances of landing the yoyo onto the string. Its shape also allows for horizontal tricks, not the best at it, but you can’t say that the Shutter doesn’t perform well in these circumstances.

On the side cups, the large edges are great for thumb grinds and finger grinds. The ring in the middle of the side of the yoyo creates a cup for finger spins that works reasonably well, not the best again. However, it can handle this effortlessly. The inner ring may resemble an old yoyo design.

However, it remains great even today, more than 4 years after the initial launch of the yoyo model. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body of the yoyo, so you will get the same feeling when you do string tricks, horizontal tricks or tech combos.

Playability and Feel

In terms of feel it can be said that the yoyo feels pretty smooth, dead-smooth, no vibe at all. The Shutter is stable, not most utter-most stable but it carries out its job.


The anodized surface improves the spinning time while performing finger grinds. Its spin time is really impressive: -up to three minutes! In this time you can throw at the yoyo any, but any kind of trick that will impress your friends and family. The YoyoFactory Shutter isn’t such a fast player, but you can stretch the limits as Gentry Stein and pull it off someday.


Overall, the Shutter is a versatile yoyo that deserves to be in every player’s collection. You have the freedom of choosing your favourite colours for this model. You can literally find hundreds if not thousands of colour combinations and finishes. Choose one option and go ahead! You will be surprised by its incredible performance for only 45 to 60 bucks a piece depending on the design. Want to go really cheap, also try Gentry Stein’s budget Replay Pro!

You can also find the upgraded version of the Shutter which is the Shutter Wide Angle!

If you have any question o idea, don’t hesitate to type it in the comments section!

Happy Yoyoing!


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Josie · April 26, 2019 at 12:57 pm

Wow! It’s an insane amount of science that goes into making a good yoyo! I’m pretty sure the $2 yoyos my brother and I had as a kid, had nothing on this little beauty! I’d love to think that if I had a good yoyo, I’d be a whole lot better at doing yoyo tricks too, with better weight and balance. 

    Sebastian · April 26, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    You are absolutely right when it comes to making a good yoyo. You need to take into account the material, the shape and weight distribution and the manufacturing process(machining an aluminium yoyo or injection moulding a plastic yoyo. Not to forget about the response system and type of bearing which influences the way a yoyo spins and comes back to your hand. Most high-performance yoyos nowadays are about 20 dollars for a plastic yoyo and 40-50 dollars for an aluminium budget yoyo. For this price tag, you can do a whole lot more advanced tricks than with a $2 yoyo.

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