The YoyoFactory Shutter Wide Angle represents a major improvement to the original YYF Shutter released in 2015. This yoyo presents certain features that are better than before and deliver better performance in competition play or fun play.

Why? Let me show you the specs for you  to make an overall impression of the yoyo:

YYF Shutter Wide Angle Specifications

Diameter: 56 mm(the same as the original Shutter)

Width: 48mm (it is 4mm larger than the original model-the 4 mm improvement means a lot in the yoyoing world)

Gap width:4 55 mm (average)

Weight:64.3 g-This Shutter Wide Angle is lighter than the normal Shutter even though it is wider and you suppose that is more material needed for the yoyo)

Response system:19 mm slim pads

Where you can get one of these marvels: in original blue)

Design and construction.

As I already mentioned, the new Shutter Model is wider by 4mm, thus improving the catchability of a yoyo, along with the forgiving H-shape that further improves the play.

The yoyo also presents a thumb grind lip and this kind of tricks work pretty well. The yoyo still presents the inner ring. However, in this case, the ring is considerably smaller and the space for finger grinds is smaller, so you can do finger spins for a longer time.

Due to its increased width, it is slightly easier to do finger grinds. How? You don’t touch as much the exterior walls of the yoyo and have less friction!

The yoyo comes with a CBC Central Trac bearing, the usual one for yoyos which does its job of providing a log silent spin.

YoyoFactory Shutter Wide Angle Splash Special Edition Galaxy

Playability and Feel on your hands and string

Firstly the yoyo is wide and lives fully up to its expectations/hype. This gives tremendous stability especially when you are performing fast tricks where there may be chances for the yoyo to tilt. Not only that, but it also works amazing when you do whips and slacks and hops(Eli Hops especially-see it in the list of advanced tricks).

The yoyo is durable, grinds nice as any aluminium YYF yoyo and the thumb grinds are just a breeze. This yoyo definitely feels more forgiving and reliable in the long term.

With proper maintenance and replacement parts, this yoyo can hold forever!

As for finger spins, you can do them for around 10 to 15 seconds if you are lucky. At least you have time to bind your yoyo from the finger spin.

This yoyo may not be suitable for you if your yoyo-ing style involves tech tricks in which you need precision, because you can land on more string than you need to with this wide yoyo. Take care of this aspect!


Overall, the yoyo is the best option for an aspiring player that wants to go to world championships and win contests! not only for that, but you can also have a lot of fun with it!

For its price, the Shutter Wide Angle is the best bang for your buck. Just try it!

You can check out the product by clicking this link here.

Don’t forget to leave any questions or suggestions below in the comments section!


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