YoyoFactory Plus is one of the cheapest yoyos for beginners. It costs only around 5 bucks and you can get it at almost any online store with ease. This YoyoFactory model has the purpose of helping the beginner player learn the basics of yoyo play and advancing to tougher tricks.

Note: the yoyo shown below isn’t the actual Plus model(with a plus sign), but the shape is the same. Stay tuned till the end to get the real deal!

Firstly, let’s have a look at the specs of the yoyo!

YYF plus specifications

YoyoFactor Plus yoyo

Credit: YoyoExpert

Diameter:58.5 mm

Width:37.25 mm

Gap width:2.25 mm

Shape: V

Transaxle system

Response: Starburst

Material: Polycarbonate

Construction and design

The YoyoFactory Plus is a polycarbonate yoyo with a V-shape which is unusual for a transaxle yoyo. The regular transaxle yoyos, like those from Yomega(Brain, Fireball, etc) have a flat interior surface, not a cone-shaped surface like the YYF Plus.

YoyoFactory Plus yoyo front profile

Credit: YoyoExpert

You may find this yoyo in two ways, with a plus sign on the side or without it. As this is a beginner yoyo, the YYF Plus doesn’t have side cups like the YoyoFactory Wedge or Recess First Base. You need to pay a bit more for getting these features. However, a beginner doesn’t need such things and can live very well without those side cups for fingerspins.

This yoyo has a transaxle system and starburst response system instead of the regular ball-bearing and the response pads. The plastic sleeve which comes over the steel axle can still spin for some time (around 30-45 seconds) which is just enough for you to do all your beginner yoyo tricks.

YoyoFactory Plus yoyo one half with transaxle

Credit: YoyoExpert

The yoyo comes with a YoyoFactory string which is not that great. Instead, you can have a look at the Kitty string or other better strings that may suit your taste.

Playability and feel

The yoyo feels much more comfortable and capable of more complicated tricks due to the wider V-shape, unlike the Yomega Fireball. The rounded edges make the yoyo even more pleasurable to play with.

With this yoyo you can do absolute beginner tricks like the Sleeper, Rock the Baby, Around the world and Forward pass. You can also step up your game by performing harder tricks like the Double or nothing or One-and-a-Half side mount and many other tricks like these.

When it comes to spin, it is a vibey yoyo, but that shouldn’t concern you as beginners don’t need to be overwhelmed by this defect. Luckily, the vibe doesn’t feel so intense onto the string so you can continue your tricks uninterrupted.

The YYF plus is made of durable injection moulded polycarbonate plastic, so the yoyo will resist thousands of drops, dings and Knocks, which is perfect for 7-8-year-olds who aren’t so skilled at yo-yoing. The yoyo will stand the test of time just fine.


-4 to 5 bucks

-Easy to use


Good starburst response system

Good for basic tricks


-Not much to say about a $5 yoyo


The YoyoFactory Plus is the perfect option for beginner players who just get their first yoyo to have fun and learn more yoyo tricks. You can’t lose anything for only 5 bucks. You can just go and get it here or here and have fun with it!

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to type them in the comments below!


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