The YoyoFactory Mighty Flea is the smallest yoyo in the world having the same diameter as a quarter coin. Unlike most of the yo-yo, this toy is made out of stainless steel and feels heavy due to this fact. Let’s see what else is special about the yoyo

What does set it apart from the other yoyos?

YoyoFactory Mighty Flea yoyo

The unique specs!

Diameter:25.28mm-one inch

Width: 20.40mm (.8 inches)

Gap width:2.72 mm(0.11 inches).

                                                       Weight:49.3 grams(quite heavy for such a small yoyo)

Where to buy: YoyoExpert

In this case, you need to have a thinner and shorter string specially crafted for the thin gap of the yoyo.

The bearing of the yoyo is way smaller than any of the C bearings or A bearings.

How the heck plays this yoyo?

The first word that comes into my mind is strange. Spooky strange. Why? Because you need to be extremely precise to perform your regular tricks with it. This aspect can be both good and bad for you. Bad because you miss the string so many times and good because you can get better at yoyoing by just trying to complete your tricks.


The yoyo slows down significantly when you play, unlike other yoyos, but that doesn’t stop you from doing most of your routine(except finger spins, finger grinds and maybe horizontal tricks). I think you ‘ll be the ultimate master of yoyo play if you manage to play horizontal with this kind of tiny yoyo! Have you ever tried it?

This yoyo can be even used as a counterweight even though it is harder to play with it this way.


Want to know how it feels to play with such a minuscule and funny yoyo. Just check it out! You will be amazed by what it can do! You should definitely add the Mighty Flea into your collection! Don’t hesitate to express your opinions about this throw and ask me any question related to the topic. I’ll get back to you soon!


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