The YoyoFactory Horizon is one of the most known used yoyos within the player community, The Horizon is Paul Kerbel’s(EYYC 2014 1A Open champion) signature yoyo and involves a unique extreme shape that takes championship-like yoyoing to a new level. Now, I’ll show you more about this toy, but first, let’s dive into the specs!

Main Characteristics

Diameter:58.98mm (larger than most of the yoyos)

Width:42.64 mm ( a bit narrow -less than the average of the 44-45 mm average width)

Gap width:4.58 mm(more than acceptable)

Bearing: standard CBC centre track bearing

Response:19 mm slim pads(as usual)

Shape and construction

The Yoyofactory Horizon is made of 6061 aircraft aluminium which is the standard for the yoyo industry. The V-shape allows for an easier catch of the yoyo onto the string. The diameter of the yoyo is more extreme and puts more rim weight onto the edges for improved stability and spin time.

There also is a large cup for on each side of the yoyo that lets you perform finger spins, not the best cup(no finger in dimple as for Shutter or Wedge), but it works(Paul Kerbel can do them, so you can do too with enough practice and patience).

YoyoFactory Horizon Yoyo front view

The thumb grind lip is not huge, but decent, so you can do this kind of tricks fairly well. The anodized finish from YoyoFactory makes grinds a piece of cake. The shape of the yoyo improves your finger grinds.

The yoyo itself is narrow so there might be some chance of missing a string when you do some complicated tricks. Luckily, the yoyo axle is longer than the average one(12 mm instead of the overused 8 mm short axle.

Playability and feel

Due to its large diameter and weight distribution, the YoyoFacftory Horizon feels somewhat too heavy for a yoyo of its kind. However, I enjoyed the powerful throw and incredible stability and spin time that it provides. I wish the YoyoFactory had made the yoyo a bit wider for more chances of catching the yoyo onto the perfect string.

The weird shape of the yoyo doesn’t fit that well on my hand, but I soon got used to it. What I like the most about this yoyo is its durability when I hit it to the ground. Horizontal tricks can be a breeze for those who practice this kind of tricks(I’m not that kind of guy, but I’ve seen several yoyo players handling these stunts pretty well with this yoyo).

Watch this video to see Paul Kerbel in action with his signature yoyo!


  • Super stable due to its large diameter
  • Long horizontal spin time
  • Durable
  • Does finger spins like crazy if you’re skilled enough to land the yoyo onto the centre of the cup


  • A bit too narrow for my taste
  • Feel maybe too heavy for my taste
  • Weird to hold (V-Shape)


The YoyoFactory Horizon is worth your money. You get plenty of advantages for around a price of around 40-45 dollars depending on your colour scheme. If you enjoy having a stable and kind of heavy yoyo, this is the perfect option for you. As for the weird shape, you don’t need to worry about it. You’ll soon get used to it.

You can check out more models like this one here.

Got any questions or suggestions? Type them into the comments section! I will get back to you soon!

Happy yoyoing!


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