the YoyoFactory Flight is the go-to yoyo when you want to start playing 4A?Why?Because it is more durable than most of the Off-string yoyos today, and the outstanding quality impresses every player that begins using this yoyo! Most of the times you will miss the string and the yoyo will fall to the ground, hitting it hard. To resist such impact the following specifications have been implemented :

YYF Flight specs-what is so special about it?


Material: Polycarbonate the most durable plastic material-becomes as resistant as the Replay Pro

Diameter: 75.95 mm

Width: 57.25 mm

Gap width: 2.5 mm

Weight: 81.2 g

Bearing size: Size C flat bearing

Response: CBC 19 mm Slim Pads

Where you can buy it: Amazon

Design and construction

This yoyo is made out of durable polycarbonate which stands the test of time and takes up hits. The flight has the ideal shape when it comes to holding the yoyo in your hand. The yoyo is wide enough that you are able to catch it fairly easy, but not that large so it doesn’t interfere with your tricks and doesn’t land the toy on two strings instead of one for example.

The gap width is perfect for the off-string style of play as you can land the yoyo on two strings and still be able to do tricks. It isn’t too wide so you can have tight binds with this large yoyo.

YoyoFactory Flight yoyo profile orange fade

Just think about the large diameter(76 mm instead of 55-56 for regular yoyos ) and compare the width of this yoyo with the width of the Atlas yoyo(55mm)!

The YYF Flight also presents an inner wall that helps you with performing the off-axis thumb grinds for impressing your audience.

This large yoyo is also easy to take apart. The spacers within the bearing system aren’t so tight fitted as for most of the 4A yoyos.

If you want to have a larger gap, you can insert up to 2 more metal spacers to achieve this.

Playability and Feel

The flared out round V-shape yoyo fits comfortably onto your hand even though the yoyo is much larger than the other ones used in 1A, 3A or 5A.

I think that this yoyo is especially good for practising as the construction of the yoyo is so durable so you can miss the string and smash the yoyo onto the ground and don’t care just like you would normally do with a Replay. You just can’t go wrong with this yoyo(The Flight), the “Replay Pro” of the 4A play!

Just click on the video or the video player to see how it is to play with it!

Not only this yoyo feels smooth but it also feels comfortable on the string. The width makes the transitions from one cord to another easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The bumped response area also prevents sleep loss (it still continues to spin fast –like 6000 rpm) whilst maintaining a straight smooth spin.

As a result, you can complete your combos in no time and still have enough spin to keep on doing new tricks.


The YoyoFactory Flight yoyo is the perfect option for beginner players who are just getting started. If you just want to learn more 4A tricks and have a durable yoyo, the Flight is for you!

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