The DV888 is one of the oldest yoyos produced by YoyoFactory(it was first released in 2009) and is the most suitable for beginner players to intermediate ones. For 30 dollars is a good metal yoyo, but it has some minor disadvantages for this kind of price, as more yoyos began to be manufactured much cheaper than this classic model.

What is strange about this yoyo? I say it’s the specs!


Let’s have a quick look over them!

Weight:67.2 grams

Diameter:50.05 mm(kind of small- similar in size to the YoyoFactory Boss)

Width.40.5 mm(too narrow for my taste)

Gap width:4.67mm(fairly OK).

The yoyo is especially recommended for beginners as it comes responsive when you buy it. However, you can upgrade it to unresponsive by putting your own wider bearing and a longer axle to step up your game.

Shape and Construction-what’s special about it?

As I said, the DV-888 is an undersized yoyo, just like the YoyoFactory Boss and that may feel a bit strange in your hands, otherwise, it is comfortable to hold it in your hand. It has an O-shape and high walls that may give a bit of stability to the yoyo. The inner cup is too flat to allow you to make finger spin.

YoyoFactory dv 888 front profile

The DV-888 is 66g in weight. You might consider this to be average, but you need to remember that this isn’t a full-size yoyo.

The anodized surface allows any player to do finger grinds and the extreme rim shape makes thumb grinds a piece of cake.

This yoyo comes with a slim bearing and a short axle to hold the two yoyo halves in place. Unfortunately, the axle is short so you have to take care of the yoyo as not to hit it to the ground to strip the axle.

YoyoFactory dv 888 front profileYoyoFactory dv 888 front profile

As for playability, the yoyo spins decently and it works well. Just click twice on the image watch this video to see more about the playability of the yoyo!

Playability and feel is the yoyo feasible for the price?

The yoyo feels accommodating in your palm when you hold it. However, the price is kind of high for what it offers(30 bucks-not a ton of money, but you can almost buy two Replay Pros or two YoyoFactory Wedge yoyos which perform even better for their price).

The design has stayed mainly the same, becoming outdated for present times.

Even though the yoyo has a higher price for what you get, some may argue that the DV-888 should be let as it is.

One of the main arguments was that it forces you to develop a good throw because the yoyo lacks spin time and rim weight.

YoyoFactory dv 888 one yoyo half

Also, the high wall has the main role of helping with regens(tricks that prolong the spin time of the yoyo-kind of a bind with one difference: instead of waiting for the yoyo to come back up and hit your hand, the yoyo binds but you don’t let the toy to touch your palm by making a sudden movement to prevent the yoyo from landing on your hand).


In my opinion, you can try this yoyo out, but you may not be in such a hurry to buy it due to its outdated shape and poor playability. For beginners, the DV-888 works well, but you may encounter some problems(in terms of spending) when you try to improve it (by buying wider bearings and spending around 15 bucks which makes 45 dollars in total.).For that price, you would better have bought the YoyoFactory Shutter!

You can still check out the product and by going via this link even though I would recommend you to get another yoyo like the Magic Yoyo N12, which is half the price of the DV-888.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it ! have you ever tried one? Any questions or suggestions? Type them now into the comments section!


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Lyn Matshushita · April 25, 2019 at 7:05 pm

I remember when I was younger my brother was the best in playing Yoyo in our home town, he has all those technics, filled with children’s crowds every time he played. I have managed to play the basic and it was fun.
I understand your uplifting passion for playing Yoyo, it would be very enjoyable and challenging.
Thank you so much for sharing this information, I definitely pass this article to my brother and have a look at it.

Best regards,

    Sebastian · April 25, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    I have to you for sharing your good memories about your childhood and about your brother’s skill in yoyo play!

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