The YoyoFactory Boss was my first yoyo to have ever played with. This yoyo is way smaller than the average yoyo, so it can perfectly fit into your pocket when you travel. Not impressed? The yoyo is only 30 bucks and works pretty well for its price even though it’s not perfect!

Let’s see what makes this yoyo so special by looking at the specs!

Diameter: 50.75 mm

Width: 41.30 mm

Gap width: 4.90 mm

Weight:66.8 grams

Response:19 mm slim pads

Construction and design

The  YoyoFactory Boss designed by Augie Flash comes in a standard box containing all the instructions necessary for attaching the string and performing your first tricks. In terms of look, the Boss resembles the Magic Yoyo n8, T5 or Overlord.

Even though the dimensions are reduced, the yoyo is still pretty heavy at 67 grams and plays solid. It plays bigger than it looks due to the weight distribution which is more oriented towards the rims. As a result, the stability of the yoyo is improved for such a tiny toy.

YoyoFactory Boss yoyo for advanced players front view

It comes with a regular flat bearing which can spin for some time but is not particularly special. It still does its job for around 1 or two minutes which is great for completing different combos within your routine.

The SPEC bearing sits pretty snug on the seat and goes with the yoyo body nicely. The two halves of the Boss are linked together with the standard 8mm short axle. The response system just works tremendously well, helping you in achieving tight binds.

YoyoFactory Boss yoyo for advanced players bearing and response system

Playability and feel

One of the first things I should mention is the smoothness of the YoyoFactory Boss. The finger grinds are a piece of cake with this yoyo and can continue up to 5, 10, or even 15 seconds. What else to say about thumb grinds that work like no other yoyo due to the thumb grind lip incorporated within the rim.


You have a sense of control with this toy due to the fact that it’s so small. You can go slow or you can change to a faster pace for doing tricks. As strange as it may sound, the Boss has a catchable V-shape, so your Eli hops should continue uninterrupted.

The construction of the yoyo is so comfortable that I feel that I can go on for ages without feeling bored or disappointed. The body of the YYF Boss has extreme rim weight for a pocket-size yoyo, so it feels extremely powerful at throw.

The most annoying thing about the bearing is that it lets the string near the edges of the yoyo, creating friction between the cord and the response system.

As a result, It slows down the yoyo form its fast spin. I recommend you to at least a centre track bearing to avoid this kind of incidents. It can still play well for a 30 bucks aluminium yoyo, but it isn’t as I originally intended to play. The stability of the yoyo can be easily spotted when you play with it.


The YoyoFactory Boss does an amazing job for its price!However, it may be even better if YoyoFactory can reduce its price by 5 to 10 dollars in a similar manner to the DV 888. Definitely, recommend this yoyo even though it has that flat bearing(you can change it if you want to Centre Track or Konkave bearing). So, go ahead and play with it!

You can check out the product by clicking this link here.

Let me know about your thoughts about this in the comments section!

Happy yoyoing!


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Ahearst · April 25, 2019 at 3:37 pm

I have seen YoYo competition a few times in my life, but never really took an active interest in yoyoing. It does look interesting to me, and perhaps I should try my hand at yoyoing. The cost is really minimal, I am assuming that $40 is US dollar.

How difficult it is to learn yoyoing? Do you need partners or friends to enjoy yoyoing or would you be able to enjoy the game on your own?

    Sebastian · April 25, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    Yoyoing involves a lot of trial and error. There are many videos on Youtube teaching you the yoyo tricks you need to know. However, it may take some time to learn even the most basic ones. The more you practice doing tricks, the easier you can do them, so easy that you can do them blindfolded due to muscle memory! As for the price you don’t even need 40 dollars to buy a professional yoyo. Gentry Stein, the 2015 US national Champion, managed to win this competition with the Replay Pro, a $20 yoyo.

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