The Yomega Maverick an undersized yoyo that works reasonably well for its price. However, I think you should choose another yoyo for around 20-30 dollars to play with. Let me explain to you why my first showcasing the specifications which make the flaws of the yoyo obvious.

Yomega Maverick Specifications



Width:36.5 mm(that is small in comparison to average-sized yoyos like the Shutter which have a width of around 44 mm)

Gap Width:4.8 mm

Weight:60 grams(very light for an aluminium yoyo-the average is about 65 grams)

Response:19 mm response pad

Shape: Butterfly/O/Organic

Price:19 bucks-35 bucks+


Construction and design

The yoyo is made of 6061 aluminium alloy which proves durable in time. The O–shape fits comfortably in your hand when you throw the yoyo to the ground. The surface of the yoyo is matt and feels a bit rough in your hand.

Yomega Raider 2A yoyo one half

Speaking about the side cups, it can be said that the shape is not ideal for fingerspins but ok for off-axis thumb grinds and talon grind, due to the interior rim profile.

The bearing system consists of a narrow flat bearing and rubber pads acting as a response system. The bearing system also presents the typical Yomega long axle that holds the two halves of the yoyo together.


Yomega Maverick one half with bearing view

Playability and feel

This Yomega Yoyo is more of a fun yoyo than an intermediate or even competition throw. Why is that? The shape doesn’t satisfy the requirements in the latest years as most of the yoyos today are much wider than they used to be.

Now you have yoyos with around 45 mm width and other yoyos with even 50-55 mm in width on the extreme. With one or two cm more you can do more things on a yoyo, you can catch it far easier, thus making your tricks a piece of cake.

If you want to do fast tricks with this yoyo you may find out that is pretty hard to do such things with the Yomega Maverick as it isn’t specifically designed to do so. It can, but you need to put in a little more effort.

Watch the below video to see what you can do with this yoyo!

Tech combos work the worst as this yoyo is a bit too unstable and tends to change its plane as it spins. You won’t find this yoyo especially reliable for this kind of tricks. You can’t do so many tricks at a time as this yoyo doesn’t spin for that long:1min-maximum 2.

The horizontal tricks are pretty hard to do because of the narrow shape so you’ll have to practice more until you nail it.


The Yomega Maverick is the aluminium yoyo you can buy only if you want to have some fun with it, otherwise, I would suggest you have a look at the DV-888 or the YYF Shutter to be on a competitive level.

You can check out the product by clicking this link here.


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