The Yomega glide yoyo is one of the throws included in the elite metals series and represents one of the best aluminium yoyos on the market for the price. This toy comes in different colourways which may impress even the most demanding players.

Now you are lucky that you can get one of these throws at a better price than the original one at its launch which was around 80-90 dollars. The yoyo is categorized to be a budget throw, costing below 50/40 bucks.

See below what do you get for the budget price by studying the specifications!

Yomega Glide Specifications



Gap width:4.4 mm

Weight:68.3 grams

Bearing system: Size C bearing flat or concave bearing depending on yoyo design

Response system:19 mm response pads

Construction and design

The Yomega Glide is made of 6061 aluminium and presents an H-shape with rounded edges. The surface of the yoyo is smooth mostly because the yoyo was bead blasted or sand-blasted. The H-shape is complemented by the rim design which gives the yoyo more stability and spin power.

As for the side cups, the surface isn’t blasted and presents a shiny surface instead. The rim design is sufficiently prominent that you can perform thumb grinds if you throw the yoyo at an angle.

The centre of the cup presents a nub which makes finger spins harder, but not impossible. In this case, you can perform off-axis fingerspin successfully. If you look at the side cup at a whole you can observe the stylish clean design of the laser engravings.

When it comes to the response system you can see the white or other colour silicone pads stuck to the side of the yoyo. These response pads hold very well and it may take months until the silicone response system wears out too much for you to play.

The yoyo comes with a Dif-E-Yo Concave bearing which centres the string properly or it comes with the unshielded flat bearing which also does its job quite well. The axle is long and you can adjust the yoyo fairly easily with no squeaks and other strange sounds.

Playability and feel

This Yomega model is one of the most unforgiving yoyos, meaning that if you won’t throw the yoyo correctly and it tilts, the toy won’t adjust automatically. Yomega Glide is extremely smooth when it spins and feels very powerful on the string due to the weight and rim weighted profile.

When it comes to grinds, the yoyo does them with ease, giving you the impression that you could do the finger grinds forever. The H-shape also comes in handy for finger grinds and unlike other yoyos, the Glide fits comfortably onto your hand.

Watch the below video to see how the yoyo plays!

One thing which may deter some people from buying this yoyo is the loud sound that the yoyo makes as it spins. You may resolve the issue if you lube the bearing with thin lube or clean it with water or medicinal alcohol.

Even though the yoyo is heavier than most of the other models it still proves itself agile and capable on the string. You can push the limits with this yoyo.


The Yomega Glide remains one of the best aluminium yoyos manufactured by Yomega. It delivers great quality for the price so you can continue to enjoy yoyo play. Overall, I highly recommend it and you should get it as soon as possible!


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