Want to see what is the best yoyo, but you don’t know what should you pick up? Have you stumbled across so many options on the internet, and you are just disoriented? Don’t worry too much, I’ll present you the best yo-yos for each category, from 1A to 5A.

You may ask yourself: “Can’t you find a single yoyo that meets all the requirements of any yoyoing style? My answer is, unfortunately, NO .2A yoyos and 1 A yo-yos are so different, that you need special yo-yos to perform the tricks that you desire.

So, let’s begin!

1A Yoyos -the ones you should first try

1.The Hubstack

It’s not a competitive yoyo, but I really wanted to include this yoyo to the list because I thought it would be the funniest yoyo to play with. Why do I think so?

The yoyo has two hub stacks, one on each side of the yoyo that allows holding the yoyo in your hands while it spins.

It is 100 % responsive, so you don’t have to worry about binding the yoyo as explained in the previous article. You can still perform advanced tricks on this toy, but you can also add up more by using this unique feature. I haven’t seen other yoyos having this kind of thing. To buy this hilarious yoyo, click HERE.

2. Horizon yoyo

Horizon yoyo

Credit: YoyoExpert

It is Paul Kerbel’s first signature you and you can numerous tricks, especially finger spins and finger grinds.

The YoyoFactory Horizon has a regular H-shape design and the diameter (58.98mm) is slightly larger than the one of an average yoyo ( 55-56mm ) and this characteristic improves the yoyo’s weight distribution and makes it more extreme, more oriented to the rims.

While yoyoing, it continues to spin for a long time and the enlarged diameter allows for a more powerful spin and also increases the spin time. The best part is that the yoyo is more stable, making it ideal for horizontal tricks, even though it is hard to catch on the string, due to its reduced width.

When I first tried this yoyo, it felt a bit heavy, but I soon got used to it.

2A yoyos to stand apart from the competition

Yomega Raider

This is the most competitive yoyo on the market as it is used widely in championships. It is perfect for looping tricks for 1A and 2A. It is also good for beginners, but if you want to step up your game, you can adjust the width of the yoyo, so that you get a narrow space between the yoyo’s halves. For more information go here.

YoYoFactory Loop 1080

Another competitive yoyo, It has Won the US National for 2A style yoyoing. It has an adjustable key, so you can set your gap width to your choice. This really helps you, because a gap which is too large may make the toy too”slippery ” and will not return to your hand as you may expect.

Take in account the fact that you need to use lube to maintain the yoyo and also make a supply of strings, as they easily wear out and you’ll not have the same grip on the yoyo. Just check it out.

3A yoyos

Replay Pro

As I mentioned before it is the best bang for your buck in terms of what you can do with it. For only 20 bucks a piece you can set up easy for 3A yoyoing. The Replay is durable, long spinning and you don’t have to bother at all with maintaining it. You can do whatever comes through your mind with this amazing yoyo!

The Wedge yoyo

best yoyos -YoyoFactory Wedge

Credit: YoyoExpert

Another great plastic yoyo as durable as Replay Pro. It has approximately the same style, except for a dimple at the middle of the cup, which helps you a lot for performing finger spins. You can buy it for almost the same price as the Replay Pro.

You can perform your favourite tricks with this yoyo and you can also try horizontal tricks, due to its width. It has a shape similar to Evan Nagao’s signature bi-metal yoyo YoYoFactory Edge.

It can be said that wedge borrows some characteristics of the Edge, such as the width and the weight distribution, which make the toy incredibly stable and long spinning, and that is a remarkable thing.


4A offspring style -best choice

Flight yoyo


For around 25 bucks, the yoyo is definitely worth it. The YYF Flight Yoyo is made for competitive style play and has many advantages for this price.

It’s made out of durable plastic.and has a large width for catching the yoyo onto the string, Flight presents a plastic inner ring which helps with the weight distribution and makes the finger grinds, thumb grinds, and does finger spins easier than ever.

It also comes with spacers, so if you want to fit in more strings onto you can use up to 2 spacers on each side of the yoyo. Try it out here.

5A yoyos -what to test out

Duncan Barracuda

Duncan Barracuda yoyo

Credit: YoyoExpert

This is one of the few yoyos that won several championships and it’s really a good player. It is Rafael Matsunaga’s signature yoyo, Janos Karacz won the World Yoyo contest and the list can continue.

Barracuda can let players perform finger grinds and thumb grinds. It’s light and comes comfortably in your hand

It is worth buying for around 60 dollars.

YoYoFactory Monster Edge

Monster Edge yoyo

Credit: YoyoExpert

This yoyo is perfect for 5A tricks, as Monster Edge is at least 10mm wider than the average yoyo and that helps you to catch the string with no effort. Evan Nagao’s signature model has an extreme weight distribution, concentrated on the rims.

As a result, you gain more stability and far longer spins. The downside of having a large width is that you may not hit the strings you really wished to, but in you will not be bothered so much by this little problem.

The final decision

If you want to go cheap, but really cheap, I recommend you to buy the Wedge, Loop 1080 and the Flight yoyo. These yoyos combined will work for all styles.

The YYF Wedge works for 1A,3A, and 5A, Loop 1080 is perfect for 2A and the Flight goes well for offspring tricks(4A).

If you desire to move on to metal yoyos or bi-metal yoyos and you don’t care too much about spending more money, I suggest you pick up the Horizon, the Monster Edge, Flight, and the Yomega Raider to complete your collection.

If you have any questions about the topic let me know in the comments.

Happy yoyoing!


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Gosh, I had no idea yoyos varied that much in design and technology. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. Habib

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