The Recess First Base is one of the recommended starter yoyos when you enter the field of yoyoing. Why is that? The reason behind this is that the yoyo comes with both types of bearing -the slim bearing and the unresponsive bearing. The comfortable shape makes it easier to play with the yoyo.

With no further due let’s dive in into the specs to see what you can expect from this kind of yoyo!

Main characteristicsRecess First Base yoyo

Diameter:57..5 mm

Width :44.70 mm

Gap width:5mm(quite wide ,ideal for unresponsive play)

Slim bearing-flat C bearing  + CBC centre track bearing

This yoyo was designed in the USA, manufactured in China and finally assembled in the USA.What a long journey for a yoyo!

Construction and design

The Recess has an organic shape that makes holding the yoyo much more comfortable; when it happens to get hit by the yoyo you won’t feel so much pain compared to the YoyoFactory Wedge which has sharp edges. It tends to have a classic shape like most of the One Drop yoyos.

It spins pretty smooth for a plastic yoyo that makes part of the 20 dollar price. As for the gap, the yoyo presents a step up an outline that helps with decreasing the tilt of the toy when the string moves towards one of the sides of the yoyo while spinning.

Recess First Base yoyo front view

The response pads are OK and kind of grippy, so you might expect to get tighter binds than usual. The 8-mm axle stands near some brass inserts that are some kind of rings that hold the bearing and prevent it from directly touching the plastic.

For 64.5 weight is a bit light. However, you need to keep in mind that this yoyo is the jack of all trades and the master of none so you can’t expect so many things from a plastic yoyo, especially one that is specially designed for beginners.

Some might claim that the yoyo is similar to Magic Yoyo Skyva due to the fact that the plastic on the side cup has the same texture as the previously mentioned yoyo. However, the $20 version of First Base doesn’t have a finger spin dimple.

Recess First Base yoyo flat side cup view

To have such a thing, you need to pay another 5 bucks. Unfortunately, you have to catch the yoyo exactly into the middle, else you are screwed.

The worst thing about the 25 dollar version is that the side cup is flat, not rounded and that doesn’t allow for the pointing finger to naturally find the centre of the yoyo(like on YoyoFactory Arrow or YoyoFactory Horizon ). So, you better stay with the cheapest version. of the Recess First Base.

Playability and Feel

With this yoyo you can practically do all the beginner level yoyo tricks, starting from the basic looping tricks like inside loops and UFOs, not to forget the Rock the Baby Yoyo Trick or Walk the Dog. These things work with a narrow bearing.

If you want to step up your game you can put the wide Centre Trac bearing and unleash the full power of the yoyo. You will be surprised by how many fascinating things it can do!

The surface of the yoyo is shiny and it doesn’t allow for fantastic finger grinds or palm grinds. I said earlier, the cheap version of the yoyo doesn’t have a finger spin dimple and you can’t do such things on a flat surface. The 25 dollars upgraded yoyo doesn’t bring what you wanted so you have to look at other yoyos that may satisfy your desire of doing finger spins.


You should consider this option, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to yoyoing. The Recess First Base gives you the possibility of performing most of the tricks that exist in this world. However, you may not be able to do everything(no finger spins).

All in all, for 20 bucks you don’t have so many reasons to complain about this yoyo. It certainly does its job. Definitely try it!

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