If you have more yoyos that you want to store in a safe place you need to know where to put your yoyos.In this article, I’ll present you what yoyo cases and bags you should choose from to protect your precious throws.

YoyoFactory Bag

YoyoFactory yoyo bag blue

The YoyoFactory Bag is the larger version of the Hardcase with the exception that it doesn’t have that durable shell.You can fit in up to 8 yoyos and you can also have enough accessories and string to keep the setup for days.

Get it and you’ll keep your favourite yoyos in place and protected wherever you travel!

YoyoFactory Hardcase

YoyoFactory Hardcase yoyo case

The YoyoFactory Hardcase is one of the best yoyo cases as it has a durable plastic outer shell. This offers greater protection for the 6 modern yoyos that can fit inside and the string in a zippered pouch.

YoyoFactory Hardcase yoyo case interior

This is the perfect option for players who want to have the yoyos protected the best as they travel around the world.

Duncan Yoyo Pouch

The Duncan Pouch is the most convenient yoyo bag for holding your throws. You can have up to 4 yoyos in that pouch. You also get a carabiner so you can attach the pouch to your pants or your bag, rucksack etc..

Duncan Yoyo Pouch

You can store the yoyos next to each other and you can separate them by using special foam inserts for better protection and prevention of yoyo dings.

If you don’t use the foam inserts you can fit in 6 yoyos. If you put them in, you will have space for only 4 yoyos to carry around. If you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of yoyos, this is the bag to get.

Duncan yoyo pouch with foam

The material used for the manufacturing of the yoyo pouch may give you some concerns related to durability. Not, only that, the carabiner has a clip made of plastic which is not that sturdy. Maybe Duncan should have used a metal D-ring on the end to allow you to use your own carabiner.

The quality of the zipper suffers so you need to take care of how you zip or unzip the yoyo, so don’t force the zip for keeping the pouch.

Luckily, you have a smooth finish on the inside of the yoyo bag, so the yoyos you put there won’t get scratched.

Overall, this Duncan yoyo pouch is made well and doesn’t feel that cheap. You still get a sturdy feel and you have decent materials. The Duncan logo sticks out!

Yoyo King Bag

If you want to hold more yoyos you can get the Yoyo King yoyo bag that can hold up to 8 yoyos and accessories. This bag is around 26 cm wide by 20 cm and 8 cm deep.

Yoyo King yoyo bag

Credit: YoyoPlay.com

This yoyo bag also has a rubber handle for increased comfort. You can also hold some replacement strings. The nylon finish gives the bag an expensive look.

The material is sturdy and the zippers work well. Unfortunately, some yoyo cases have holes that are too large to hold the yoyos tightly to not fall apart. The cutouts may be just too large to hold even average or large yoyos ranging from 50 to 58 mm.

Yoyo King yoyo bag interior

Credit: YoyoPlay.com

The yoyos that are put next to each other might clank and just get damaged. The quick solution to this is to put the yoyos at a distance or to put the foam inserts that come in each slot and put them on the side of each yoyo for increased protection.

This case for yoyos isn’t necessarily bad. It also has some nice things like the 2 spots for extra strings, axles or bearing. There are 2 additional small cutouts that may work for 5A counterweights.

Overall, the YoyoKing case works well and except for the loose cutouts, there is hardly anything to complain about.


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