The most expensive yoyos in the world are some that look ridiculous by today’s standards. Just have a look at the first three options and beyond to see what I mean!

1.Original Pedro Flores Yoyo

Flores yoyo

This is the most expensive yoyo ever made.Because it was made in 1929.

This extremely rare yoyo retails for 896 dollars on YoyoPlay if you have the money to buy such a thing.This yoyo was made in one of the Flores manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles and it is made of wood and an ink-stamped seal.

2. Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo

Duncan Freehand Mg (magnesium)-one of the most expensive yoyos

The Duncan Freehand Mf is a variant of the Original Duncan Freehand Zero made from 99.5 magnesium with 0.5 other elements to stabilize the metal, as it is pretty reactive.

It was first released in 2004 and discontinued in 2014.The first releases of the yoyo included a wooden yoyo box to keep the toy, something deluxe for a yoyo.

This yoyo has a ceramic ball-bearing, which is somewhat better than the regular metal bearing.It also presents a take-apart design, spacers and Friction stickers. The Freehand Mf originally cost for around 400-450 USD .The “Barebones Edition” of Freehand MG was sold at 200 bucks without the wooden box. This “cheaper “ yoyo also has limited edition white counterweight.

The yoyo came in red, blue, green and matte black.The barebones editions was green and yellow gold.

This yoyo was so expensive because it was harder to work with magnesium than with aluminium and the powder form of Magnesium is flammable.


3. Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo

Duncan Cold Fusion yoyo

Credit: Fandom-yoyo wiki

If you want to get a functional expensive yoyo that is outdated this Duncan yoyo model is for you.Priced at 250 bucks, this yoyo is good for young guys who are rich enough to buy this yoyo.

This yoyo was originally called ProYo Cold Fusion by Playmaxx . The Cold Fusion was a high-end yoyo in the 90-s which is similar with the Pro Yo Turbo Bumble Bee with a better bearing.

Cold fusion had its halves coloured differently , one being yellow and the other one being black. It also had brake pads, wooden axle sleeves, a brass transaxle sleeve and a glove.It also featured removable caps for easier access to the axle system.

After a legal battle between the Playmaxx and Custom yoyos, Playmaxx company acquired the Cold Fusion yoyos in production at the time. The lawsuit conducted by Playmaxx due to the Performance Ring response system utilized Custom Yoyos for other yoyo models. This legal action was similar to the Duncan-Royal Tops legal conflict related to trademarcks.

Later on Playmaxx was bought by Duncan Toys and continued to sell the remaining stock of Cold Fusion yoyos and changed their colour to spark new interest in buyers.

4. Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo

Throw Revolution Vertex yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

The bimetal yoyo Vertex is the first release of the 2011 1A World Yoyo Contest Champion Marcus Koh. The stainless steel rims are wider than average which give the yoyo ridiculous stability.Horizontal tricks are easy-peasy on this kind of yoyo.

This is a better playable yoyo than the yoyos presented before as it is more competition-centred ,proving the maker’s attention to detail and performance.

This yoyo was launched in 2015 and it is designed for speed and stability. It costs around $170.

5. CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge

CLYW Igloo yoyo

The ClYW Igloo was developed by Chris Mikulin in collaboration with Michael Kurti, Member of the CLYW player team. It features an aluminium body with stainless steel rings placed into the body of the yoyo. It also has a Konkave C bearing from Dif-E-Yo and Snow Tire response.

The Igloo’s classical shape is comfy in your and lets the yoyo spin incredibly fast. If you feel like spending much, just get this yoyo at around 164 dollars.

6. YoyoJamPhenom Alexis JV Special Ed Yoyo

YoyoJam Phenom alexis yoyo

The YoyoJam Phenom Yoyo was designed by Hiroyuki Suzuki(also called “Mickey”). The Phenom is unique by the fact that the aluminium body also has a nickel ring core in the middle of the yoyo. This is something that further improves your play and adds more dollars to its price tag(more exactly you get it at 142 bucks).

The sharp precision cut shape allows for easier catch and horizontal play.

7. YoyoJam Next Level Yoyo

YoyoJam Next level yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

YoYoJam Next Level yoyo is another fancy yoyo with another interesting feature:the bronze rims(you have bi-metal yoyos with steel rings most of the time,maybe titanium rings but not bronze).

You can say that this is the next-level yoyo at 144 dollars. With the bronze ring, you can’t go wrong.This guarantees long spin times and stability.

8. One Drop Format C Yoyo

One Drop Format C yoyo

The One Drop Format C was the first 7075 aluminium yoyo that One Drop designed from scratch. The yoyo is meant to be competitive as it is made of the above mentioned alloy that has strength similar to the titanium.

The yoyo presents a stepped V-shape and it has a special look because each of the One Drop Team Yoyo Players tested out the yoyo to see what could be improved to it.

The yoyo shines when it comes to competitive play as it has no vibe to worry about and you can play for ages without being bored.

Overall ,a great yoyo for a great price if you want to pay for it 139 dollars.

9. Duncan Magnetude Yoyo

Duncan - Magnetude yoyo

This is the most fascinating aspect I’ve ever seen in a yoyo: to have side caps to magnetically attract the counterweights which are also magnetics.

The stunning invention by Zach Lytle was made true by Duncan and takes 5A play to a new level. You don’t get one counterweight, but two which are pretty cool.Imagine 5A with two counterweights, not one and magnetic ones, not ordinary plastic or rubber ultraweights.

The Magnetude features an A-bearing along with a special SG Stickers for unresponsive play. For all these features you have to pay the top price: around 130 bucks.

10. Recess Vacation Yoyo

Recess - Vacation yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

This Bi-metal yoyo is speedy, unresponsive yoyo with steel rings and has a delicately stepped H-profile.This yoyo is more focused on speed and power given by the exterior rims.

If you want to get it it will cost you around 120 dollars which is somewhat more decent than the previously mentioned models.

11.Yoyo Factory MVP 2 Yoyo

YoYoFactory - MVP 2 (7075)

Credit: YoyoPlay

The YoyoFactory MVP 2 yoyo is a follow-up to the popular MVP yoyo and is further improved by redistributing the weight to the outer rims. It also presents a special undercut on the inside rims which pushes more weight outwards for more spin power.

The MVP 2 has an inner step on the face of the yoyo for increasing the ease of doing some finger grinds.For the features mentioned above you have to pay around 110 bucks.

12. Yoyo Factory Ex-Machina

oYoFactory x Turning Point - Ex-Machina yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

The Ex-Machina is a bimetal yoyo made by YoyoFactory in Collaboration with Turning Point.

The body is made from more durable 7075 aluminium with a stainless steel outer rim. The multi-stepped profile makes it easier for rejection tricks.The laser engravings also look fascinating , enticing you to give it a try for “only” 110 bucks.

13. One-Drop Cascade Yoyo

One Drop Cascade yoyo

One Drop Cascade has some interesting design features like the curvy organic shape, wide and capable of using the world-famous Side Effects.It went through 3 vigourous prototype testings.

The prototype needed serious changes, the second one was significantly better and the team members of One-Drop were satisfied. The first one was the lucky one with some tweaks and the One-Drop Cascade was born.

To get your hands on one of those you need to pay around 100 dollars.

14. Yoyo Factory 888x Box Set

YoYoFactory - 888x Premium Box Set

YoyoFactory 888x Box set includes the 888x yoyo with a half spec bearing installed. It also has an unresponsive C Bearing which allows for more unresponsive play.You will also get a replacement axle , a yoy holder ,5 polyester strings and an instructional DVD on how to play with a yoyo. All of that for 100 bucks!

The 88x yoyo is similar to the rest of the yoyos in the 888 families.It presents a bead blasted finish which gives the yoyo a shiny sharp look. The yoyo also has a wing shape and better thumb grind lip.It is also smaller than regular yoyos, making it easier for technical tricks.

15.One Drop VTWO

One Drop VTWO Yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

This yoyo model is competition yoyo made of 7075 aluminium alloy. The artwork was made in collaboration with Leila del Duca, a comic book artist.

This yoyo is powerful, stable with long spin times to surpass the competition. The 7075 aluminium allows for less weight onto the body of the yoyo and more on the rims.

The VTWO is fast and manages to tech combos. Plus the catch zone is wide for more control and the finish is fantastic for grinds.

To get this yoyo you need to pay around 100 dollars.

16. Zeekio Lunar Wind Yoyo Unresponsive

Zeekio Lunar Wind Yoyo Unresponsive

Credit: YoyoPlay

The Lunar Wind yoyo presents a stepped design and combines the H-shape with the V-shape. It has around 66 grams, that weight giving stability at slow yoyo. This is a yoyo to get if you have 90 dollars to spend.

17. Henrys M1 Yoyo

Henrys - M1 yoyo

The Henrys M1 yoyo has a silicone response sysem and an unresponsive bearing. It is kind of expensive at 80 dollars but that’s what you pay for being on the ahead of completion.

18. Yoyo Factory Turntable Yoyo

YoyoFactory Turntable 2

The YoyoFactory Turntable yoyo has an unusual weight distribution due to the inner rings located on each side cap.

That made it easy to control and more stable even than rim-weighted yoyos.Not only that, but it is also easy to do finger spins as the rings naturally direct your finger to the centre of the yoyo.

To get this weird yoyo you need to pay around 100 dollars.

19. Yomega Prodigy Yoyo

Yomega Prodigy yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

The Yomega Prodigy yoyo has a round shape made of aluminium which is comfy to hold. It also presents a fingerspin dimples on each side of the yoyo.The yoyo also has a KonKave bearing from Dif-e-Yo for centring the string. Just like the Glide, The Prodigy is part of the Yomega’s Elite Metals yoyo line-up. You could get it at 90-100 bucks.

20. Yoyo Factory Superstar Yoyo

YoyoFactory SuperStar

YoyoFactory Superstar is somewhat more affordable, almost cheap. However, don’t be fulled by the price of 74 bucks. It is still higher than the YYF Budget line of throws at around 40 to 50 bucks.

The H-shape is used for better stability and power of throw .The side face isn’t flat anymore, but rather concave which makes horizontal tricks easier than ever.You can definitely try this yoyo!

21. Duncan Freebird Hank Freeman Edition

Duncan Freebird yoyo Hank Freeman Edition

Credit: YoyoPlay

Duncan Freebird is the first delrin yoyo manufactured out of delrin.It features a low-edged Step Straight body shape,and silicone response.The Freebird is designed to stand against best metal yoyos on the market even at 90 bucks.

The new version was released in 2004 .and features a step straight body shape which presents modern components: A  wide C baring and SG sticker response for unresponsive play.

22. Yomega Glide Yoyo

Yomega Glide yoyo

The Yomega Glide is one of the yoyos included in elite metals series and is one of the best yoyos for the price.

Now it is better than before , at least in regards to this model’s price.Initially, the yoyo was selling at around 90 dollars but now it is less than 50/40 bucks.

The Glide is made of aluminium like most of the yoyos and has an H-shape with rounded edges. The surface is smooth, good for finger grinds.

This yoyo is unforgiving because if you don’t throw it correctly it tilts and doesn’t automatically adjust itself.

Overall,this is a great throw which needs to be taken into consideration even if it was once expensive.


Those yoyo models were the most expensive that have ever been sold.What do you think about those?Tell me  in the comments section below!


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Felix · January 27, 2020 at 10:20 am

Someone needs to do a bit more research, as this list is NOT spot on. It’s an interesting list, and while a few may make the accurate list, most would not. Obviously an enthusiastic newcomer who is unaware of all yoyos, yoyo brands or prices. I love to see folks interested in all thinks yoyo, but I absolutely loathe misinformation, and the internet certainly has more than its fair share of inaccurate information. Perhaps an edit of some sort is in order, something as simple as some of the most expensive, because these are definitely NOT the most expensive yoyos and even if we went back ten years, it’s not close to being accurate. Now Sebastian, you’re in for a treat, because obviously you aren’t familiar with the YoYoRecreation brand. Excellent brand of throws, some come with a hefty price tag, but well worth every penny. Many would argue the Draupnir is one of the best yoyos ever made.

    Sebastian · January 27, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you for your more critical approach!I’ve heard about YoyoRecreation but I didn’t pay so much attention to it. You’re right in the sense that I can’t know all the yoyo brands that ever existed, but in my list, I decided to have rather a more historical approach including collectable yoyos. Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll see what is to be improved!

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