The MagicYoyo T5 Overlord is one of the cheapest yoyos on the market and needs to be tried by you. This pocket-size toy is ready to be taken everywhere you go. Banging it to the ground would be no problem as it costs only around 10-15 bucks.

Find out more about the main characteristics of the yoyo in the specifications section shown below! Later on, I’ll talk more about the yoyo design and shape and the playability, ultimately deciding if it is worth it. Stay tuned to learn more!

MagicYoy T5 Overlord specifications



Gap width:4.72 mm

Weight:67,8 grams

Bearing: Size C standard MagicYoyo Concave bearing

Response: MagicYoyo 20 mm response pads width 2.7mm

Axle: short 8mm axle

Construction and design

The magic yoyo T5 is made of 6061 standard aluminium alloy which prooves durable when you happen to hit the yoyo to the ground. Overlord presents a curved V-shape with sharp edges and a narrow profile. I don’t like narrow yoyos, but this yoyo has a better shape than the YoyoFactory Replay Pro or the Magic YOYO N8.

MagicYoyo T5 overlord front view blue edition

The V-shape is far better than Butterfly Shape or the O-shape as the V-design is far easier to catch onto the string.

When I first saw the yoyo in a video, I immediately spotted the fact that the sharp edges make the yoyo uncomfortable to hold in your hand. Not only that but if the yoyo spins fast and you bind it, when the yoyo reaches your hand it might hurt you.

The surface of the yoyo is shiny because of the gloss finish which may negatively impact your ability to perform finger grinds, thumb grinds or finger spins.


The side cup presents a deep thumb grind which is has a straight line inside and not a curvy line like at the MagicYoyo Stealth. Just look at the photos below to spot the major difference in profiles.

Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord yoyo purple

Talking about the fingerspin cup, it can be said that the shape is not ideal for that kind of tricks as in the middle of the yoyo there is a flat or rather bumpy surface which prevents you from putting your finger in the middle of the cup. You may still do finger spins but your finger will stay at the edges of the circular bump.

The Overlord comes with the standard MYY concave bearing which is silent and spins for a long time. The response system consists of the MYY slim pads which are a bit slippy, but you can still do bind tricks.

Playability and feel

The magic yoyo T5  Overlord is an undersized yoyo which feels a bit uncomfortable in your hand and plays on the heavy side. At 67.8 grams you can consider this throw pretty heavy and stable because of the rim weight on the edges of the yoyo.

Finger grinds, thumb grinds and finger spins work far better than expected given the fact that the Overlord has a glossy finish. Finger grinds especially work well as the yoyo can grind on your pointing finger for around 3-5 seconds.

When you try to look at the vibe you will find out that the yoyo is almost dead smooth. You can barely feel the slight vibe on your fingernail. Nothing feels more satisfying than watching the smooth spin.


The Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord is an aluminium yoyo worth mentioning and appreciating. You should have a look at it and even add it to your collection as you won’t regret smashing the yoyo to the ground. After all, it is only around 10 bucks! So go and get it!

You can check out the product by clicking this link here.

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