This MagicYoyo K1 yoyo is one of the cheapest yoyos manufactured by the Chinese firm and represents a fantastic starting point for players who don’t to invest too much money into yoyos. You will get a taste of how it is to play with an unresponsive yoyo.

Just look below to see what are the specs fo this plastic yoyo with hub stacks!

MagicYoyo K1 specifications


Diameter: 57.05 ,mm

Width:41 mm

Weight:60 grams

Gap width:4.3 mm

Shape: Butterfly

Body Material: ABS plastic

Response system: C bearing slim(old version of the yoyo),Magic YOyo Concave bearing(for newer unresponsive yoyo)

Construction and design

The yoyo presents a standard butterfly shape and a narrow profile making the catch of the yoyo a bit harder. The shape is similar to the MagicYoyo Shark Honor but in this case, the material used is ABS plastic which feels

This plastic toy is made from ABS material and feels solid in your hand.

The surface of the yoyo is partially bead-blasted, so you cannot perform finger grinds too well. Most of the finish is a combination of matt and shiny similar to the grind finish of the Replay Pro.

The side cups present the hub stacks in the middle making the yoyo fun to play with especially when you pull to start the yoyo. As a result, you can’t co finger spins on this yoyo and the thumb grinds may be a bit too hard.

The axle that holds the halves of the yoyo is 10 or 12 mm long allowing you to adjust your toy to your like. The Magic YOyo K1 comes with the concave bearing which centres the string preventing it from rubbing the sides of the yoyo.

Playability and Feel

Magic Yoyo K1 is perfect for beginners as they won’t have to bother as much if they hit the yoyo to the ground. The yoyo is cheap and durable so it will outstand severe hits to the tarmac or ground.

In terms of playability, the yoyo is not too stable and deviates from its plane fairly easy mostly because of the small weight(only around 60 grams which is low for the plastic yoyo standard weight-around 65 grams).

See how fun it is to play with it in the following video made by Luke Renner:

The yoyo feels floaty on the string as the weight is too low for giving enough spin power to the K1. It also feels a bit slow sleeping, but you can still complete your new set of tricks learned such as the Man on the Flying trapeze or the double or nothing yoyo trick.

When you play with the yoyo you can barely feel some vibe on the string, something which needs to be mentioned and appreciated about the K1.

Not everything is okay for this yoyo. In some cases, it might happen for the hub stacks to just pop off. You may need to ask for replacement of the K1 or change your bearing from concave to narrow C bearing to solve the issue.


Overall, this Magic Yoyo model is improved and you won’t regret spending around 10 bucks on it! If you are just getting started with unresponsive play or you want to give this yoyo to someone you should get it as soon as possible!


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