The Magic Yoyo Stealth is one of the best budget bimetal yoyos released on the market. This yoyo represents the best bimetal release from Magic Yoyo and can compete on the yoyo market and surpass most of the yoyos in the price range. See more about the specifications that make the yoyo so desirable for 1A play and 5A play!

Magic Yoyo Stealth specifications




Trapeze width:41 mm

Shape: V-shape combined with H-shape, design reminescent to the N12 Shark Honor

Body material:7075 aluminium alloy(much more durable than the 6061 aluminium)

Bearing system: Central Trac Bearing (different from the standard MYY concave bearing):

Axle: short 8 mm axle

Response system: Standard Magic yoyo response pads


Design and Construction

Magic Yoyo nailed it in the creation of the yoyo. The Stealth presents a v-shape that is suitable for both 1A and 5A.In this case, Magic Yoyo stepped up the game and decided to create a premium bimetal design far from the old and budget series N(N5, N8, N11, N12 etc).

The overall shape looks organic and you can tell from a distance that the yoyo will fit onto your hand comfortably for you to throw. The Stealth has round edges on which the metal rings sit.

Magic Yoyo Stealth bimetal yoyo front view

The surface of the yoyo is bead-blasted, making the toy have a matt finish which is perfect for grind tricks. The Chinese machining is exceptional and you don’t have any scratches or manufacturing issues. Near the gap of the yoyo, you have a step-up rounded shape which is a unique addition to the yoyo design.

If you look at the side cups you will notice that they are similar to the ones of the YoyoFactory Horizon. By the way, you can do finger grinds pretty well if you are knowledgeable in this area. However, if you have a shiny surface on the cups, you may not be able to do finger spins too well.

Luckily, this yoyo model comes in various colourways and finishes, so you will be able to get your hands on a yoyo that has matt finishes on the outside and the fingerspin cup. Depending on the yoyo surface you can also do thumb grinds as you have a thumb grind lip on the edge of the yoyo.

Magic Yoyo Stealth bimetal yoyo horizontal pozition

The Central Trac Bearing is silent and spins for a long time. The axle is short because there is the finger-spin cup which is kind of deep.

Magic Yoyo Stealth bimetal yoyo taken apart with bearing and response system

Not only that but the yoyo material is 7075 aluminium which is way tougher than the 6061 aluminium. Consequently, you have fewer chances of stripping the axle. It might happen to you to hear some scratches when you untwist the yoyo.

Playability and feel

This high-end yoyo made by Magic Yoyo plays effortlessly on the string. The weight is average for the yoyo and you may even call it a bit floaty, but when it comes to playing with it you can feel its force when spinning.

The Magic Yoyo M04 Stealth has a decent size gap so you can land your yoyo on the string easily. The metal rims give the yoyo more stability so it stays on plane and doesn’t deviate.

The grind finish is perfect for performing your finger grinds which last for 5-7 seconds, meanwhile, you can do your awesome grind tricks. The shape and the exterior finish allow you to do rejection tricks fairly easily.

Watch the video below to see how the yoyo plays !

If you are lucky to get a Magic yoyo Stealth with a matt finish on the cups, you’ll do the fingerspin tricks and talon grinds with no problems.

You have no issue with the response pads and you’ll get a tight response perfect for performing your binds.

You won’t have to worry so much about damaging the yoyo as it is made of 7075 aluminium. However, don’t exaggerate with hitting the yoyo to the ground as the exterior metal rings may pop out of place. when you put them back on the yoyo, the placement of the rings will not be perfect and the yoyo will have more vibe.

Talking about the vibe, the Magic Yoyo Stealth is dead smooth feeling oddly satisfying to watch it spin freely.


It is only 55 bucks(cheap for a bimetal yoyo)

It is made of 7075 aluminium reducing the chance of stripping the hole designated for the axle.

The MYY M04 Stealth is incredibly smooth for the price.


If the side cups have a shiny finish you will have a hard time performing fingerspins and talon grinds


Overall, the Magic Yoyo M04 Stealth is a great bimetal throw which needs to be more appreciated and known for its qualities.

You won’t be disappointed to have this powerful yoyo which represents the starting point for any player who wants to add his first bimetal yoyo in his collection. I would say that is the perfect practice yoyo for starting in bimetal play until reaching proficiency in competition. You can check out the product by going here.


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