The Magic Yoyo N11 is another affordable yoyo in the budget line of yoyos manufactured by the yoyo company. The N11 offers a high quality for the price you pay for it: less than 20 bucks!

Before showing you the great benefits that this yoyo offers to let me present you the main unique specifications


Material: 6061 Aluminium Alloy

Shape: O-shape

Diameter: 54mm
Width: 42mm
Gap width: 4.4mm (approx)
Weight: 66g
Response: Recessed Magic YoYo Silicone Pads diameter 20mm, width 2.7mm.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave unshielded bearing

Construction and design-main benefit

The Magic YoyoN11 is made of durable 6061 aluminium alloy and it presents the specific-shape profile that reiterates the classic design of the yoyos. The width is average size, but the yoyo shape allows to catch it on the string somewhat easier.

The interior sides of the yoyo present some undercuts just above the response system which give the yoyo a unique aspect even though I cannot foresee a practical role for that kind of design elements. However it may be, it doesn’t limit your potential to do tricks.

Magic Yoyo N11 unresponsive yoyo front view

This yoyo has the shape more suitable for the technical tricks which require a lot of precision. The narrow shape of the yoyo just fits perfectly in the yoyos for tech tricks category.

Magic yoyo N11 has a gloss finish which may hinder finger grinds. You can still do them, but not as well as with a yoyo with smooth anodization like the YoyoFactory Shutter.

The side cups have a shape perfect for thumb grinds as the yoyo has some kind of thumb grind lip more likely created by the thickness of the rim. The rim isn’t so pronounced as for other yoyos like the Replay Pro which have a lot of rim weight.

When you open the box containing the yoyo you will also find some rubber rings to put onto the cups of the yoyo to have more rim weight, longer spin time and a whole lot more stability which is great.

Magic Yoyo N11 unresponsive yoyo side cups

The finger spins won’t won’t work as well on this N11 because there is a circular ridge in the middle of the cup and then a slight bump inside the circular ridge. Luckily you can still do them off-axis(you hold the finger outside the circular ridge and that should work).

When you unscrew the yoyo you will see the 10mm axle which holds both halves of the yoyo. The yoyo comes with the standard concave bearing with no shield which spins for a long time. You may find on some bearings some traces of rust. However, they will not affect the playability of the yoyo.

Magic Yoyo N11 unresponsive yoyo side view

The response system is represented by the standard Magic Yoyo yellow response pads which are kind of slippy when you play with the yoyo and try to bind. This shouldn’t be for you such a concern as you can replace the response pads and buy some grippier ones.

Playability and feel

Even though the yoyo isn’t so heavy like the Replay Pro it steel feels like so. The sensation isn’t that obvious like for the Replay Pro, but you can still get a glimpse of it.

The shape isn’t that ideal for staying on the same plane. The high walls make the string rub the surface easier as you tilt the string. However, for a beginner, this shouldn’t be such of a problem.

N11 has a slight vibe like all other Magic Yoyo models that are kept to reasonable levels. The machining is precise with little to no flaws so your playing experience should be clean.

The strings that come along with the yoyo feel too coarse to continue using them. You may just have to play more with the string to smooth itself or you should replace the string with some Kitty string or something else.

You also get a glove and a bag in the package and you can use the glove to prolong your finger grinds and to avoid the string burn from the MYY string.


The Magic Yoyo N11 is perfect for beginners starting with unresponsive play who don’t want to spend too much money on a yoyo. If you are one of those, you should definitely get it!






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