If you get into 2A you need to know what are the best options for looping yoyos! In this list, I will present to you what you should consider into getting. Let’s see what we have!

Loop 360

Loop 360 is the ultimate cost-performance looping yo-yo for beginners.

The YoyoFactory Loop 360 is a great looping yoyo for beginners as it doesn’t have an adjustable gap to confuse beginner players who are just getting into looping.

This yoyo has an A-size bearing. It also has small response pads adjusted to the size of the bearing.

YoyoFactory Loop 2020 looping yoyo

The main body is durable as it is made of injection moulded silicone body.

YYF 360 is the yoyo that doesn’t have an adjustable gap like the Loop 1080 as it can be annoying for players. Why? Because the player will have too much guesswork to do for perfectly setting the yoyo.

The players might think that they are terrible loopers and that not the yoyo has a tighter or looser response system that makes looping just harder.

YoyoFactory Loop 720 looping yoyo front profile

The plastic that is used as the material is durable yet softer than other 2-A yoyos like the Loop1080. These yoyos hurt less than the other models, something which is always beneficial to the yoyo player.

The main advantages of this yoyo are that it is cheap, comfortable and doesn’t hurt. Not only that, but it also is a beginner-friendly yoyo without the many tiny parts for yoyo adjustments.

As for play, the yoyo has a strong looping response, still very easy to manipulate. You can start from scratch and learn to yoyo on this throw even to championships!

As a fun fact, the Oracle yoyo is just a Loop 360 distributed exclusively on YoYoTricks.com, for those who are just getting started in 2A. This model has a slightly larger gap so you can do looping tricks easier.

Duncan Proyo

Duncan Proyo looping yoyo

Duncan Pro yo is a wooden axle yoyo made for 2A play. This model was released after Duncan bought out Playmaxx and its assets. When first released, most of the Proyos were pink BumbleBees remaining from Playmaxx. The players would consider themselves happy if they got the pink yoyo as it was significantly cheaper than the BumbleBeel

Duncan Proyo looping yoyo front view

Nowadays, most of the Proyos are blue or any other colour than pink. These yoyos are good for beginners as the wooden axle makes the yoyo very responsive. You will eventually need to replace the wooden axle if it wears out.

Duncan Proyo looping yoyo one half with wooden axle

This yoyo can’t do basic string tricks as the yoyo spins for too short. Proyo can perform simple tricks like the Sleeper, Walk the Dog, Around the world and other similar tricks.

Overall this a is a funny yoyo to play with!

Loop 720

YoyoFactory Loop 720 looping yoyo

The YoyoFactory Loop 720 is is a premier yoyo, affordable and easy to use for both beginners and pro players. The yoyo was made in collaboration with the 2A Champion Shu Takada who had a major influence on the final design of the yoyo.

The new change to the yoyo consists of switching to a starburst response system and the introduction of a metal spacer to lock the gap at the perfect looping width.


YoyoFactory Loop 720 looping yoyo front profile

The original response system of the Loop 720 was called the “S.O.S.” meaning”string-on-string” as it consisted of some strings acting as response pads. The yoyo represents the average loping yoyo, somewhat more advanced than the loop 360 but less expensive than the loop 1080.

AS for playability the yoyo spins for a long time, it has an easy response and doesn’t tilt too much while performing tricks. You can do all your standard tricks like the Around The World, Loop The loop, Shoot the Moon, etc.

Yomega Raider

Yomega Raider 2A yoyo

The Yomega Raider is one of the best looping throws, being used in many yoyo competitions for 2A.

Shinji Saito, Jennifer Baybrook and Alex Garcia used this model and made it a legend. This yoyo remained famous until this day.

The Raider is one of the most known models among the Yomega Brain and the Yomega Fireball.

Yomega Raider 2A yoyo front view

This model is more advanced than the Raider because it has a ball bearing instead of a transaxle.This results in longer spin times. That’s why the Raider is one of the most popular options.

As this yoyo has a bearing, it is easier to do string tricks and to prolong the spin time.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the yoyo you can modify the yoyo gap for optimum play by simply modifying the components of the yoyo for reducing the gap width. Be careful not to ruin the yoyo.

Yomega Raider 2A yoyo one half

The Raider has a similar shape and construction to the Duncan Bumblebee. Make sure you know how to throw and return a yoyo as this isn’t a beginner yoyo. It is more geared towards competitive play.

You can do all kinds of looping tricks and even more string tricks than the Duncan ProYo.You have more freedom with the bearing so you can fit more strings into the gap of the yoyo.

The last tip for you is not to overtighten the yoyo as not to crack the plastic threading for the axle.

Loop 1080

best yoyos-Loop 1080 by Yoyofactory

The Loop 1080 by YoyoFactory was released in 2012 as Shu Takada’s signature series.The Loop 1080 is a better version of the older Loop 900 which was innovative for the time, but with flaws like the lack of stability and durability.

The Loop 1080 has a better adjustment dial as it is placed in the center of the yoyo for more balance and reliability. It is also made of solid plastic for better play.

YoyoFactory Loop 1080 front view of looping yoyo

The best part of it is the fact that the key is needed to adjust the gap, meaning that the gap with won’t change with play and stays locked until the next adjustment.

The Loop1080 features a nylon spacer system .Te internal components are improved. The gap slightly opens when looping for better control and longer spins. You can use many strings lube types to experiment with.

YoyoFactory Loop 1080 disassembled

In 2015 there was released alight up version of the yoyo made as a collaborative variant between Shu Takada and Future Boyz and Avex Artist. This model is slightly larger than the original light-up yoyo due to the light system made of LEDs emitting blue lights.

You can see the lights from any angle as the plastic is transparent. The batteries of that variant are easy to remove and replace. That yoyo was released as part of the Electric Glow Collection. That yoyo can brighten things up in the dark while you just play with your throw.

Loop 2020

Short history

The initial planning for the yoyo began in 2015. In 2016 the machinery for manufacturing the yoyo was acquired. There have been made many changes to the model. In September2016, Shu Takada received some prototypes at the World Yoyo Contest. Hundreds and hundreds of changes were made after this.

YoyoFactory Loop 2020 looping yoyo

In April 2017 the yoyo made the first USA appearance. In the same year, public prototyping started the looping model.

In 2018 was released a test production for an orange Loop 2020 signature yoyos based on the yoyos used by Shu to win the 2A division in World Yoyo Contest.


The Loop 2020 is the newest looping yoyo manufactured by YoyoFactory.This model brings new innovative elements that make the Loop 2020 far better than the previous Loop 1080.

Such features are the narrow profile and the control edge for more precise loops. Any advanced looping trick will benefit form these slight adjustments.

YoyoFactory Loop 2020 looping yoyo front view

The starburst system area contains the spacer, axle and gap which can be swapped and separated with other parts that are bought separately. This innovation allows for more customizability so you can tune your yoyo as you wish.

If you keep the yoyo as it came, the yoyo will be responsive and will have long sleeps.

The Loop 2020 plays great straight out of the box and won’t disappoint you. If you feel like you want to experiment, just adjust the yoyo. You won’t need to change the starburst system as it is more durable.


These were the yoyo models you should consider. If you are a beginner you can go with the Loop 360, Duncan ProYo and Yomega Raider. If you want to be more advanced you can go with Loop 720, Loop 1080 and Loop 2020 to stay up to date. This should be fine for you.


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