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In this article, I’ll present to you the best Japanese yoyos you need to know about in 2019. The ones below are the best picks from the best companies. You may get them at a premium price, but you will get them at superior quality.

Let’s see what are the models.

Sengoku Nobunaga

Sengoku Nobunaga

This yoyo model was the first product manufactured by Sengoku. The Nobunaga was first released on May 2015.

The Sengoku Nobunaga is a bimetal yoyo made of 7075 aluminium with special weight rings. The yoyo is undersized and the weigh rings to increase the power of spin.

Sengoku Nobunaga yoyo front view

The Nobunaga still plays fast on the string without sacrificing extreme performance. This model comes with the YoyoRecreaton double straight bearing and the handmade silicone IrPads.It also comes with Kitty String for competition-level performance.

Nobunaga doesn’t come in any ordinary box, but in a drawstring bag which has water-absorbent material keeping the yoyo dry.

The yoyo has two laser engraved designs representing the company logo and the Nobunaga logo.

This Sengoku Nobunaga is a limited edition run so if you want to pay a premium price point for extreme quality you need to profit from the last YoyoExpert(note that there are only 25 red models specifically made for the store).

Sengoku Kenshin

Sengoku Kenshin yoyo

The Sengoku Kenshin was fully released at the end of March, in 2016. Now we have a worldwide retail release, the yoyo being available in most yoyo stores.

The body is machined of 7068 aluminium which is the strongest alloy for commercial use. The yoyo comes with a Center Trac C-size bearing and the silicone response system from Sengoku. The special editions use the Terrapin X Delta bearing. This yoyo costs less than any other yoyo model(you still have to pay top dollars to get it ).

Sengoku Kenshin yoyo front profile

As a fun fact, the 7068 aluminium is used for markets like the aerospace industry or automotive industries, prosthetics and mountain climbing bikes.

This yoyo is so durable that you won’t’ have to worry as much about hitting the yoyo to the ground. It will be able to resist any hit with minimal damage.

Sturm Panzer Schneider

Sturm Panzer Schneider MK-II yoyo

The Sturm Panzer SY-003 Scheider is a high-end yoyo which was first released in 2013 and continues to be a good throw till’ this day.

The Schneider is a yoyo with a rounded straight profile which fits comfortably on the player\’s hand.teh shape also helps with keeping the string away from the body for the best unresponsive play. The design allows for greater spinning and longer spinning.

Sturm Panzer Schneider MK-II

One interesting feature is the titanium axle something never used before in a yoyo. Not only that but eh yoyo also comes with the spare IrPads which make the yo-yo’s response even better. The concave C bearing centres the string and prevents the string from rubbing the response pads and slowing down the yoyo.


The Jet Seg Eg represents a new collaboration between the two makers of yoyos in Japan, sOMEThING and Japan Technology.

The yoyo is more stable than most of the 4A yoyos making the yoyo greater for regeneration tricks. As a result, the yoyo will have less wobbling motion, making the tricks easier to hit and combos easier to master.

Jet Seg EG yoyo

You need this kind of performance of the yoyo as any minor miss can result in the drop of the yoyo or another mistake that can lead to point losses when being judged in yoyo competitions.

There also are some slight changes to adjust the cup shape for modifying the weight distribution for even more stability and power. The wider shape gives the player a larger catch zone for easier catches.

Jet Seg EG yoyo front view

The Jetset EG is made of Delrin, unlike the YoyoFactory Flight. The Jetseg Eg bounces very well on the floor which is a good thing as it allows you to recover from dropping the yoyo onto the ground while performing your bangers. The machined Delrin body allows yoyo players to perform grinds for a longer time than with the regular polycarbonate yoyos.

AS for playability the yoyo offers reliable and easy regens and binds. The yoyo has an H-shaped body good for off-axis tricks.

This yoyo is the perfect throw for an intermediate or advanced player who wants to step up the game and play more professionally.


sOMETHING Angle yoyo

The sOMEThING Angle was released by in 2012. This yoyo is the second release after the Superfly and is a signature yoyo of Hiroyuki Suzuki(also nicknamed Mickey).

The sOMEThing Angle maintains the delicate balance of weight distribution and size. The yoyo si slightly undersized at 52.5 mm in diameter and has a simple H-shape that fits comfortably in the hands of all players, young or adults.

The yoyo leads to excellent stability because of the special H-shape that has amazing properties, especially when talking about how stable a yoyo is. The comes with a high-end concave bearing and SMT pad response.

You also get the sOMEThING neon string that makes the yoyo perform even better. The Angle’s design would be also used in a later design in the famous bi-metal yoyo series the Anglam.

YoYoRecreation triad

YoyoRecreation Triad yoyo

The YoyoRecreation Triad is a yoyo released in 2014. The yoyo is similar to the composite material of the yoyo model Draupnir.

The yoyo has made its first appearance at the 2014 Japan Nationals and has a stepped B-shape with metal rings for more rim weight.

YoyoRecreation Triad yoyo front view

The Hub is similar to the YoyoFactory Protostar and has some notches along the inner rims from the manufacturing process. The Triad has the IrPad response and DS bearing set up.

The new version of the yoyo was released in 2015 and the notches were removed. the yoyo was made substantially heavier from around 65 grams to 69 grams for longer spins.

As a fun fact, the Triad was pulled from YoyoExpert after infringing a patent from YoyoJam.The yoyo came back to YoyoExpert after YOyorecreation obtained the licensing form YoyoJam

YoyoRecreation diffusion

YoyoRecreation Diffusion yoyo

The Diffusion yoyo was the first plastic yoyo released by Yoyo Recreation based on the classic Stargazer model with a diameter which is somewhat larger. the side caps.

The side cups have a small dimple in the centre for better finger spin tricks. The yoyo also has the usual YoyoRecreation response pads and the concave C bearing and the pair of shims for adjusting the string gap.

YoyoRecreation Diffusion yoyo front profile

In 2014 there was released and updated version fo the Diffusion which is lighter than the original. the sides are concave for improved finger spins. This time the yoyo featured a DS bearing. The diffusion also had a narrow bearing for responsive play.

A new version of the Diffusion is the POM plastic one released in 2014 which has a blasted finish. The material is denser than the polycarbonate, thus increasing the weight of the yoyo for a more powerful spin. These yoyos are rare though as they were a limited run.

Japan Technology mirage

Mirage Yoyo by Japan Tech

Japan Technology commemorated the 10th anniversary by releasing the Mirage!

The  Japan Technology Mirage is the newest standard monometal throw which is middle-sized with an H-shape based on a straight shape.

The Mirage may look sharp, but it is a soft catch, very comfy to hold in your palm. The yoyo is designed for 5A and 3A tricks as well. This yoyo model is even better at chopsticks trick and not only.

The design of the yoyo is inspired by the popular Lapua titanium yoyo. The yoyo has a reasonable price point for those who want to experience the Japanese tech in a pocket-size throw.


Those were the best Japanese yoyos to buy in 2019. If you found this helpful share this list with your friends. If you have any questions, ask them below in the comments section!


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