This iYoYo HiDRA was engineered in Germany by the company iYoYo along with the US student and yoyo Player  Ze’ev Yehuda who used to make CAD projects of yoyo models in his spare time. After a prototype and some tweaks of one project of the student, the HiDRA was born to stun players from around the world with its outstanding quality for the price.

Let’s see what makes it special  by looking firstly at the specs!

iYoYo HiDRA specifications:

iYoYo HiDRA yoyo blue and yellow

Diameter: 55.4 mm

Width: 43.75 mm

Gap width: 4.75 mm

Weight: 66.8 grams

Bearing system: CBC Centre Trac bearing

Response system: 19 mm slim pads

Where to buy it: YoyoExpert

The construction and design of the Hidra yoyo

The iYoyo HiDRA is a combination of Butterfly shape and H-shape which makes the yoyo stable and solid. The yoyo presents a cut on the middle part of the exterior of the yoyo which has an aesthetic role.

The weight distribution is very well balanced and this stabilizes the aluminium object. The organic shape of the HiDRA fits comfortably onto your hand due to the rounded shape.

iYoYo HiDRA yoyo blue and black

Like some of the yo-yo products from iYoYo, this aluminium yoyo is dead smooth, enabling you to do more finger grinds, palm grinds and arm grinds. As a result, you have a better playing experience.

The side cups present a shape especially suited for directing your finger towards the centre of the yoyo enabling you far easier finger grinds. On the finger spin cup, there is a fascinating-looking laser engraving with the name of the yoyo on it and the iYoYo logo.

Playability and feel

The yo-yo HiDRA presents the following features when it comes to yoyo play: stability, solid feel, catchability due to its width and h-shape profile plus the amazing spin time of more than 2 minutes. It doesn’t spin as powerful as the iYoYo Firrox but it can still hold for some time.

The outside of the HiDRA is bead blasted while the inside is untreated machine finish. Also, the laser engraving on the finger spin area makes it harder for you to perform those kinds of tricks.

Luckily, the engraving wears out and the finger spin cup becomes smoother and plays better than it does in the beginning. Only the green-blue-black splash edition is fully blasted.

Just have a look at how it plays in the hands of a professional player!

Even though the yoyo is around 67 grams it doesn’t feel like a yoyo in this category. The yoyo remains on the lighter side of the weight spectrum like a 63-64 grams yoyo. At this stage, it becomes floaty and you can do fast tricks and simply don’t care.

The response system of this yoyo might not be as good as you may expect with the recessed 19 mm slim pads. You may need to replace the pads with something else or just put a thicker string to adjust your response of the yoyo to your taste. This minor issue is common among Chinese manufacturers of yoyos(cause why not make yoyos in China to stay cheap!).


The iYoYo HiDRA still remains one of the greatest yoyos to be taken into consideration. You should definitely add this yoyo to your collection. For around 50 bucks you get a German piece of engineering to play with. There are just some minor defects to be considered but they shouldn’t bother you so much.

If you have any questions or ideas don’t forget to express them into the comments section!


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