iYoYo has managed something that many have attempted: to make a hybrid yoyo with peak performance which challenges the regular aluminium yoyos.

In this case,iYoYo created a yoyo that outperforms the metal and the other hybrid yoyos(plastic+metal rims) for the first time in the history of the yoyo. This success is due to the new manufacturing process involved in putting the initial concept into reality.

Before that, let’s have a look at the specs and see what’s unique about this yoyo!


Diameter-56.95 mm

Width 42.12 mm(on the slimmer side of yoyos0

Weight: 65g (about average)

Where to buy it: Amazon

The characteristic that sets it apart from most hybrid yoyos(made of plastic and aluminium/stainless steel rims) is the fact that the whole body of the yoyo is machined as if it were for a regular aluminium yoyo. This establishes a difference in terms of durability and the potential of putting more rim weight.

Most of the hybrid yoyos manufacture today are injection moulded. This means that the hot plastic is put into a moulding machine where it cools down and solidifies depending on how thick the yoyo body is.

That creates some differences in the cooling of various regions of the toy. Some of them may cool down fast, as the material is thinner and other areas cool down later due to the excessive width or thickness of those portions of the body.

As a result, you may have some problems regarding the resistance of the material.

The new method involves carving out the shape of the yoyo by using just the same machinery that creates the final shape of the aluminium yoyo. Here you can see a DIY aluminium yoyo to understand the principle.


That means that a cylinder made of polycarbonate plastic is going to be spun extremely fast and a special tool will dig into the cylinder and start to develop the body shape of the yoyo.

Having that in mind it can be said that the yoyo has more rim weight due to the fact that the machined polycarbonate is tougher to keep in place the stainless steel rims.

Another factor which contributes to the extreme weight distribution is the polycarbonate itself. Why? because the Stainless steel is 7 times denser than the polycarbonate plastic, compared to only 3 times denser than the aluminium.

The result? You can put more rim weight to improve the yoyo’s spin and make it feel powerful when you throw it.

Speaking about the response system, the turquoise slim pads do a marvellous job of ensuring a grippy and tight response when you bind the yoyo.

ICEBERG yoyo by iYoyo one half with bearing

The Pixel bearings are capable of providing the longest spins possible to help you achieve any complicated and long combo that you may have thought of. Best of all, the bearing is going to sit on metal, not plastic and helps it play as smooth as it can.

The surface of the yoyo presents a bead blasted finish for smoothness and the finger spin dimple made of aluminium just makes you feel like playing with a Magic YoYo Skyva or the YoyoFactory Wedge. It spins like a beast on your finger. The thumb grind lip also works great. You just can’t be disappointed by the yoyo!

Playability and feel

When you first bring the yoyo back to your hand you will be surprised by how fast it is spinning! The bearing and the extreme weight distribution make it ideal for stretching your length of the tricks to the limit.

The ICEBERG yoyo is forgiving but it also moves really quickly as you go through your horizontal tricks which may seem pretty daunting when you first try to learn.

Don’t worry! The stability of the yoyo is one of the most important features of this yoyo and ensures that your toy stays on the plane while performing your horizontal yoyoing routine.


You can be fast, techy, horizontal; you can say that the yoyo is a grinding machine as your finger grinds, thumb grinds and finger spins seem a breeze when you do them.

The sides of the yoyo are made in a way that even if you don’t land the yoyo exactly onto your finger, you can still make you pointing finger head to the centre of the yoyo(that cup shape is just fabulous!).


Having said all of these things this yoyo is definitely a competition yoyo that deserves its attention from players around the world. You NEED to have the yoyo in this collection and try this out because it is definitely worth it for what it offers.

You can check out more of their products here

Tell me your opinions and questions below if you have any and I’ll get to you as soon as possible!

Enjoy yoyoing!


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