Yes! You can make your own yoyo string at home with the materials available in your house. The most important and the most exciting part is that you can make your personalized blend of strings following the steps presented here. So let’s start making strings!

Step number one: find sewing strings in your home or buy special threads for yoyos

Just keep it simple: use what you can find in the thread spool that can be found in your home. Choose one colour that you like the most and use it for the rest of the process.

What do you need

  • threads(a lot of them)
  • two stools upside down(for keeping the string tight-you’ll see later)or a doorknob(in essence you need a reference point for the thread -in fact, you can use a vertical rod)
  • A drill (for creating tension in the string)
  • A hook to attach the end of the cord and put it in the drill hole
  • Your skilled hands(of course :)) )

Method one(use the stools)

How to create a knot for making a yoyo string

Place the chairs upside down at 10-12 feet distance between them. Create a knot at the end of the thread by using the method presented in the above image.

Yoyo knot for making your own string

Attach the knot to the vertical support and start unwinding the thread from the knot to the other stool and come back to the original chair or vertical support where you made the first loop.

Yoyo threads after 2-3 bacl amd fprth string movements

Repeat the process 6 or 7 times and make a knot at one of the ends(the final stool). Take the hook and attach it to the drill. Take one end of the string to keep it tight and attach it to the hook. Turn on the drill and spin it clockwise if you are right-handed, else spin it counterclockwise.

String position f=before twisting clockwisewith the drill

You’ll notice that the string starts to develop tension and shorten itself by 5 to 7 inches. At this stage, you should stop, take out the end of the string from the rod (the cord with both knots/loops shown two images ago ) and hold it tight in your hand.

Place your foot onto the string to maintain the tension and take the free loop in your hand and bring it to the remaining stool/to the hook.

Now, make a knot at the end of the stool with two strings already positioned there (the tensioned ones after the drill spun).

Take the drill with the hook and attach it to the end of the two newly formed strings(the hook should stretch the loop from the other end/hook end and keep in mind that the stool /rod still remains with the cord attached to it.

Yoyo strand is kept tight

Spin the hook counterclockwise if you are right-handed and keep the motion for one minute. It should be enough for the moment. Now you are set for the challenge! You can take out the string from both the hook and the stool/bar and you have a brand new string! Congrats!

How to make a yoyo string knot depending on height

The last step for you to complete is to adjust the cord in proportion to your height. In this case, the string should come no higher than your belly button. Cut the string at that point and make a new knot according to the instructions shown in the image.

How to create a knot for making a yoyo string

If you want to be more diverse, you can try to roll one red string around the stools for 3 times( both back and forth), take another thread to tie it again to the chair/rod and repeat the process for another 3 times and make another knot.

If you want a thicker string, just roll it around the stools for more than 7 times (up to 10-12 back and forth motions).

For more ideas on how to do that you can watch Dylan Kowalsky’s videos displaying the entire process of making your yoyo string at home.

I obtained incredible results with his method. I tried it at home and it went incredibly well!

I could not distinguish between a regular Kitty string and my homemade string form sewing thread. I recommend you to keep 6 threads on each side of the rod excluding the strings with the knots for optimum width.

You can make something similar to kitty fat if you use 8 threads on each strand of the string and will help you to have a greater grip when you bind.

Method two: use the Yoyofactory Trickshot string(you need to buy it though)

The spool of 200 feet cord will allow you to make string long enough to be 100 feet (because you fold the string in half ). Each yoyo string has two strands(in our case the trickshot string itself). You can find it on Yoyofactory official website.

You start by taking the end of the string from the spool and pinch it tight as not to decrease the string tension and untwist the string. When you store the Trickshot string make sure that you put a tape on the end of it so that it doesn’t fray.

Take the new end of the cord and loop it around the yoyo with no string attached to it. Put the yoyo between the feet and begin to unravel the spool.

At the same time you pull from both the end of the strand and the untwisting spool and continue the motion upright until you pass the belly button level.

You can stop and pinch the threads from that point. Lift the yoyo up and you’ll see that it starts to twist itself as the threads try to counteract their initial string tension(this was made on purpose).

Wait for the toy to spin until you feel that the thread feels right. Then you make a knot at the end of the string and cut off the remaining string attached to the spool and you are set for playing with the yoyo!

Bonus: The doorknob method

This works best for the cases when you want to make a string which is longer than a regular thread starting to form the ground and stopping in front of your belly.

Take the end of the trickshot string and loop it around the door the same thing as in the previous method by pulling and unravelling the trickshot string and pinching the end of the thread.

Make it of any length you may possibly want, it is your string, it is your choice!

Cut off the excess string and create a regular knot as shown earlier in the article and start to pinch the string closer and closer to the doorknob. This method will ensure that the cord will twist itself and create the optimal tension. You are practically done!


You don’t need to buy new strings every time you run out of them, you can just make them at home and not spend a dime on new strings. If you have 15 minutes spare time or less I guarantee you it’s worth it to make your own for a period of time. When you want more strings I recommend you though to buy a 100 pack of Kitty strings or Blueprint strings, because you aren’t likely to make 100 strings in less than 2 or three days depending on how long the delivery takes.

If you have any questions or suggestions’ don’t hesitate to express them into the comments section!


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Pam · April 26, 2019 at 3:53 pm

What a great project! Would be so fun to do with kids and yoyo’s never go out of style! Thanks for the step by step instructions!

    Sebastian · April 26, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    Glad to hear that it was useful for you!

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