Just getting started with yoyoing? Let me show you one of the best beginner options for yoyos: the classic Duncan Butterfly Yoyo. I will also show you why should you hurry up to get it as soon as possible:

The yoyo is crazy cheap and you can start right away

Duncan Butterfly is only about 5 dollars and you can find this yoyo model in almost every Target shop or Walmart or online shop. However, the yoyo model is kind of old(there are 60 years since the first yoyo has been made out of plastic) and there aren’t so many Butterflies on the market.


This yoyo is easy to start with because this model is beginner-centred and you can learn how to throw the yoyo in no time because Duncan gives you some instructions on the package teaching you exactly that. You will also learn how to get a good sleeper and how to do basic tricks.

 Duncan Butterfly has a unique classic design

It features a flared shape, steel axle(not ball bearing) and a durable plastic body that can resist hits to the ground. You shouldn’t worry too much about accidentally dropping it.

Specifications are radically different than any other plastic yoyo

The yoyo feels weightless, yet also capable of performing tricks for beginners even though it doesn’t spin for long. The yoyo represented an innovation in the 60s  because it had a wider shape than other Duncan yoyos at that time.

However, by today’s standards, it doesn’t feel wide. Just check the width below:

Diameter: 57 mm

Width:32mm(quite narrow which may be a new challenge for beginner players)

Weight:48 grams(kind of floaty)

Fixed steel axle(can’t dismantle the yoyo)

material-polycarbonate(injection moulding)

Where to get it:  Amazon.com

Duncan Butterfly Yoyo front view

The flared design can also be considered a V-shape from the yoyo players perspective. The special shape had a great influence over the other yoyo models that appeared after like the 1A yoyos. Much of the design was taken from the other classic yoyo Duncan Imperial but with a wider trapeze to make the tricks easier.

Duncan Butterfly can also be used for looping

The Duncan Butterfly is fairly responsive and will return to your hand ok. However, it may not be perfect for looping so you need to wrap the loop around the axle one more time and will work wonders.

For kids, this yoyo is just perfect. It goes up and down as it was supposed to do. It spins at the end of the string and you can tug it with ease. The small kids will enjoy the yoyo to return automatically, so you just have to wind the yoyo string through the loo.

See it now how it plays:

For what pros and cons have for the low price it is definitely worth it.


Flared style



It might break easy

It has a fixed axle and provides low spin time
The cotton string that cuts and hurts your hand(you can just replace it with polyester string)

You can also get your hands on the improved version of the classic Butterfly the Butterfly XT with a C bearing in it allowing for longer spin times!



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