IF you are one of the people who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on yoyos I have the solution to you. Find out below about the greatest and the cheapest yoyos under 30 bucks!

Plastic yoyos

1.Replay Pro

Replay Pro Fire Marble yoyo

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

The YoyoFactory Replay Pro is the number 1 one choice for beginner players who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an unresponsive yoyo.

This throw can take you from absolute beginner in unresponsive play to a yoyo master, just like Gentry Stein managed to win with this yoyo the USA Nationals in 2015. Most of the players were used to playing with competition level-throws costing over 100 dollars.

What makes this yoyo so special that it can win contests? The fact that it presents the 3 main qualities that a yoyo should have to be extremely competitive: spin time, stability and the ability to be catched easily onto the string.

Most of the yoyos that are made of Polycarbonate or Delrin lacked most often the stability.

Replay Pro yoyo front view

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

This yoyo has an H-shape combined with a butterfly shape which gives the yoyo the unique style. This yoyo is around 69 grams which is pretty heavy for a plastic yoyo, but this makes it so long-spinning and stable.

The thing I like the most about this yoyo is its durability as I don’t even care if I hit the yoyo to the ground as it will resist shock pretty well. I have many scratches on my yoyo and it still plays OK.

If you want to get a cheap yoyo that you can beat the crap out of it and learn almost any kind of 1A string tricks, the Replay Pro is the solution to you. If Gentry Stein can win a competition with a plastic yoyo, I guess you can learn some more advanced tricks on this yoyo too. So go and get it!

2.Magic Yoyo Skyva

Magic Yoyo Skyva yoyo


The Magic Yoyo Skyva is another plastic yoyo that I particularly enjoy. I would say that this is cooler than the Replay Pro in one way: the fingerspins. As you can see at a Replay Pro, you have the built-in side caps that prevent you from doing the fingerspins.

As for the Skyva, you don’t have such a problem because the designer of the yoyo has thought about it and created a fingerspin dimple in the middle of a deep concave cup for the yoyo to land easily onto your finger.

The special dimple locks up your fingers so you can perform the fingerspins for a long time –at least 20-30 seconds.

Take care not to hit the yoyo too hard to the ground as you may break the axle of the yoyo and crack the plastic below the fingerspin dimple. Otherwise, you should be fine.

You get this fantastic yoyo with a great price with custom foam for holding your extra string. Just go and grab this yoyo before it vanishes.


Speedaholic yoyo by C3yoyodesign


The C3yoyodesign Speedaholic introduced their new beginner level plastic and made it even better with the responsive edition.

It comes with a slim bearing which gives enough spin time for beginner players to perform their basic tricks. The players also get thick pads for grippy and consistent response.No need to maintain the yoyo as much. Just start playing with it.

It can’t get any better than this at around 10 dollars.

4.Duncan Flipside

Duncan Flipside yoyo


Duncan Flipside features an interesting spacer system that allows you to use a small or a large bearing on the same yoyo. The Flipside also has a modern profile with SG sticker response for unresponsive yo-yoing.

What I like about this yoyo is the fact that has a concave bearing from Dif-e-Yo which centres the string very well.

One thing that you may not like is the narrow shape of the yoyo that makes it somewhat harder to catch the yoyo.

Other than that, just flip the spacers and you are ready to start playing with it and have fun!

5.Duncan Freehand Pro


Credit: YoyoExpert

Duncan Freehand Pro is one of the best cheap 5A yoyos, having a shape similar to the  YoyoFactory Protostar which is another plastic yoyos I’ll discuss at a later date.

The Duncan Freehand has a solid body that works well with the dice counterweight which comes along with the yoyo.

Unfortunately, this yoyo isn’t as easy to take apart to make adjustments so you may even have the risk of breaking the yoyo.

The Duncan Freehand gets better and better as you play more and more with it so the bearing and the response pads break-in for better playing experience.

This is a great beginner yoyo that will let you do most of the tricks except maybe the finger grinds and fingerspins because of the shiny finish.

6.YoyoFactory One


YoyoFactory One yoyo

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

YoyoFactory One is one of my favourite yoyos of all time. This is how I learned how to yoyo. I just used this yoyo from one of my best friends and I enjoyed it .I’m sure that you’ll enjoy too!

This yoyo has a comfortable butterfly shape and the texture of that plastic feels soft, something that is unusual for a yoyo. The plastic has rather a rubbery texture, it’s hard to describe.

YoyoFactory One yoyo for beginners

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

What I like the most about this yoyo is the fact that you have one slim bearing for responsive tricks and a Large C flat bearing for unresponsive play to step up your game(at least when you get it directly from YoyoFactory).

You can have a lot of fun learning to yoyo with this sturdy and humble plastic yoyo that can take you from beginner to an intermediate or advanced player.

7.YoyoFactory Velocity

YoyoFactory Velocity yoyo

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

A similar yoyo in versatility with the YYF One is the Velocity yoyo which features a dial clockwise or counter-clockwise to switch from responsive play to unresponsive play and reverse as you wish.

It has a classic butterfly shape similar to the One yoyo, making the looping tricks harder because of the wider shape. The YYF Velocity is somewhat less durable than the YYF One but it can still outstand some severe hits.

For a responsive yoyo, this plays good enough for you to perform looping tricks like forwarding pass or around the world.

The feels a bit too light when you throw it as it is only 62 grams compared to the average yoyo weight of 65 grams. It may be also a bit unstable because of the weight directed to the centre as you have that dial element, but this shouldn’t concern you as much.

You can have great fun at a fantastic price.

8.YoyoFactory Whip

YoyoFactory Whip yoyo


YoyoFactory Whip is an extremely cheap plastic yoyo with hubstacks that will introduce you to yoyo world. This is ideal for doing the fundamental yoyo tricks like the Sleeper, Rock the baby, Walk the dog, Elevator to more advanced yoyo moves like the Man on the Flying Trapeze, Brain Twister, Barrel Rolls and Boingy-Boingy.

You can replace the thin yoyo bearing and pick up a larger bearing to replace the previous one to make the YYF Whip unresponsive.

If you are just starting this is the yoyo to pick up and have fun with.

9.YoyoFactory Arrow

YoyoFactory Arrow yoyo

Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

The YoyoFactory Arrow is one of my favourite yoyos I have in my small collection as it the perfect option for starting players. You get in the package two bearings a slim one for responsiveness and a large C flat bearing for unresponsive play.

The Thing that differentiates this yoyo from the rest is the special fingerspin dimple that allows you to do such tricks for about 20 seconds which is huge.

It isn’t as durable as the Replay Pro, as this yoyo may have some cracks if you hit it to the ground.The yoyo doesn’t break luckily and can still play well for a long time.

I would say that this is a must-have for a player who wants to stay on the cheap as this yoyo costs only 25 bucks.

10.Recess First Base

Recess First Base yoyo


The Recess First Base is similar in performance with the YYF Arrow with the difference that the fingerspin cup is not that great.

This yoyo presents and organic shape for increased comfort and reduced pain when hit accidentally by the yoyo. That ‘s way better than the YoyoFactory Wedge yoyo that has sharp edges!

With this yoyo, you can do all beginner tricks from basic looping to trapeze, Walk the Dog, Elevator etc. And that is only with the slim bearing. Step up your game by switching to a large ball bearing and you unleash the true power of the yoyo.You’ll be able to do any tricks with this yoyo for only around 20 bucks.

11.YoyoFactory Hubstacks

Yoyofactory - Hubstack

Credit: YoyoExpert

The YoyoFactory Hubstacks is one of the funniest yoyos to play with as you have that hub stack technology that enables you to do fancy tricks that couldn\’t be done before.

You just hold the hubstacks with the pointing finger and the thumb on each side and pull the string. That’s it! You have the yoyo spinning.

You can get it responsive or unresponsive depending on which edition you get. The Hubstack AfterGlow and Worlds Edition are unresponsive if you want to level up your yoyo play.

Metal yoyos

12.Magic yoyo N5

Magic Yoyo Desperado front view(W-shape)

Credit: Yoyo store REWIND

This is the best metal yoyo option if you want to get a cheap 5A yoyo as it will cost you only around 15 bucks. You won’t regret if you drop the yoyo onto the ground, something which will happen many times as you practice.

The yoyo has a small diameter and a wide W-shape which makes it ideal for 5A for catching the yoyo easier on the string (this is extremely important). This yoyo is extremely stable and rim weighted which are the main pros of the yoyo.

If you play 1A and you are a more technical player, make sure you don’t hit more strains than you need to.

13.Magic yoyo N8

Magic Yoyo N8 unresponsive yoyo

Credit: Yoyo store REWIND

If you want a pocket-sized throw, this is it: the Magic Yoyo N8. For 13 bucks you need to have one of these in your pocket everywhere you go. It just disappears in your pocket.

This yoyo is somewhat smaller than the N8 or the YoyoFactory Boss yoyo. This makes it the perfect pocket throw.

What I like about Magic Yoyo models like this one is that these yoyos come with KonKave bearings that keep the string to the centre and prevent the string from touching the sides of the yoyo.

You can do all kinds of tricks with this yoyo seamlessly, string tricks,fingerspins, finger grinds.etc.Just get one to see what you can do with it.

14.Magic yoyo N11

Magic Yoyo N11 unresponsive yoyo

Credit: Yoyo store REWIND

The Magic Yoyo N11 is another affordable yoyo from the same company which has an organic shape this time, rather more –O-shape, great for your comfort. The gloss finish looks kinda cool but it may hinder your finger grinds.

This yoyo lets you do most of the string tricks except maybe finger grinds and fingerspins(the yoyo has an inner circular ridge which isn’t good). Thumb grinds work decently and the spin power can be felt by playing with this yoyo.

You also get a glove and a bag in your package. Have fun with this yoyo!

15.Magic yoyo N12

Magic Yoyo N12 Shark Honor unresponsive yoyo purple

Credit: YoyoPlay

I would say that this yoyo is the best offer you could ever get from a yoyo manufacturer. You get a high-quality ALUMINIUM yoyo for a fraction of the price which is below 20 dollars. You get such a yoyo for 40-50 bucks if it were to buy from another yoyo manufacturer.

The magic yoyo N12 has curved V-shape which is perfect for catching the yoyo onto the string and for stability. The weight of the yoyo is right, not too heavy, but not too light. Fingerspins are a bit harder due to the laser engravings on the side cup that rub your fingers and slow down the yoyo. Luckily, the fingerspins still work decently.

This is a quality yoyo for a competitive price. You just can’t regret spending 15 bucks or so on it.

16.Magic yoyo T5 Overlord

Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

The Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord is the cheap yoyo that can make you progress in the yoyo world. This tiny throw is ready to be taken everywhere you go. Hitting it to the ground shouldn’t concern you as it costs only 10-15 dollars.

The yoyo has a slightly curved V-shape with sharp edges that might be a bit uncomfortable for you. I’m not particularly interested in narrow yoyos, but I included this throw in the list because is extremely cheap.

The MagicYoyo T5 Overlord is one of the cheapest yoyos on the market and needs to be tried by you. This pocket-size toy is ready to be taken everywhere you go. Banging it to the ground would be no problem as it costs only around 10-15 bucks.

When you play with this yoyo you can feel its weight onto the string and its stability. Not to mention that you have only a tiny vibe that won’t bother yoyo. Nothing more eye-pleasing than a smooth spin!

17.Magic yoyo Purple Line

Magic Yoyo Purple line yoyo

Credit: YoyoPlay

The Magic Yoyo Purple line is the yoyo model that I like the most because it can do so many things at a great price of only 20 dollars. This yoyo has a V-shape with rounded edges along with a step up for the increased gap. Not only that, but this yoyo is also great for finger grinds, thumb grinds and fingerspins.That’s due to the good shape, thumb grind lip and the side cup similar to the one of the YoyoFactory Horizon.

As a result, the yoyo plays for a decent amount of time, it is a table, smooth and good for tech combos. It could catch up with a competition throw!

18.Auldlie Orbis

Auldey Orbis yoyo

Credit: Yoyo store REWIND

The Auldey Orbis is another great option for a great price as you get an aluminium yoyo with features similar to the YoyoFactory Shutter.

I refer to the metal inner ring that represents the place for you to do fingerspins just like you would do with a regular Shutter.

Not only that, but you also have a fantastic grind finish and a thumb grind lip for more tricks to do. The spin time is long and the yoyo is smooth. What else can you want from a yoyo?

19.YoyoFactory Boss


Credit: YoyoFactory Europe

This is the first yoyo I’ve ever bought and it felt awesome. I could do unresponsive yoyo tricks as I liked. I did that only for 30 bucks. This yoyo is fantastic for a pocket-sized yoyo and it is heavy for 67 grams (because this yoyo is so small. Not only that, but the weight is more oriented to the rims of the yoyo.

The YoyoFactory Boss is smooth as you can do finger grinds for around 5 to 10 seconds. Thumb grinds are just amazing on this yoyo due to the HUGE thumb grind lip within the rim.

The only annoying thing has to do only with the flat bearing, not the yoyo itself. I found out that if I use the flat bearing the string tends to go from one side to another rubbing the response system and the side of the yoyo. The yoyo is also slowing down and tilting. The quickest solution to this may be just to use a center track bearing.

Overall is a great cheap yoyo to buy!


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