Want to buy a yoyo but you don’t know which one best suits you? On the market can be found an extremely large selection of yoyos and each of them has unique specs. On the market, you can find extremely good yoyos, but there can also be found crap yoyos.

You don’t need to worry about finding the perfect toy, as I’ll present the best yoyos for 2019 in terms of affordability, performance and look. I’ll also take into account which stiles of yoyoing would you like, but for most of you, 1A yoyos are just fine. So let’s start!

What to pick up when you start yoyoing?

First of all, you need to know that there are two kinds of yoyos when starting diving into the world of impressive tricks :

  1. Beginner yoyos. You can learn simple tricks straight away, so you don’t have any frustrations when starting playing with yoyos, as at the beginning It may seem hard to start directly with a more advanced yoyo.
  2. Starter yoyos. It’s still easy to play with them, but you may not perform the tricks as easy as with beginner yoyos. The best part about them Is that they are upgradeable. What do I mean by that?

In this case, a slim bearing allows you to make the yoyos come back to your hand (that makes your yoyo responsive). This kinds of bearing won’t allow you to make so many advanced tricks, so some yoyos come with a larger bearing that makes your toy unresponsive and also gives you much more freedom in regard to the variety of yoyo tricks you can perform.

What is the best beginner yoyo?

The best toy of this type is Fast because it makes yoyoing extremely easy. On the inside has some kind of teeth that help you wind the yoyo effortlessly. You barely tug it and then it comes back to your hand.

It can help you do some looping tricks and the best part about the yoyo is that you can adjust the teeth so that you don’t have anymore that much friction between the string and the interior “teeth “. That friction helps you wind the yoyo, but on the other hand, it doesn’t let the yoyo spin for too long, and that spin is a bit too noisy. For a beginner, this is a perfect choice.

What kind of yoyo do I need if I want to level up my game?

Arrow yoyo

I think it’s the cheapest yoyo that you can find on the internet and it offers so MANY advantages! It comes with a responsive bearing and an unresponsive one. Do you really know how cool this is?

That means that you can easily perform beginner tricks, such as the Sleeper, Walk the dog, Rock the Baby and many more. If you switch to the unresponsive bearing, you can do a whole new set of 1A tricks!

The yoyo has a glossy surface, comes blue, yellow or even red and has a finger spin dimple, so new players can perform the tricks without worrying about the hard aspects related to finger spins such as the wobbling of the toy on your finger.

I forgot to mention the ridiculously low price: only around 15 bucks! This is what makes the Arrow special the great price-quality ratio. Another great aspect is that even if the yoyo is made out of plastic, it can still resist under the impact, in case you hit the yoyo to the ground. What you’ll get in the worst-case scenario are a few scratches. However be cautious, because the Arrow isn’t as strong as the following plastic yoyo presented here.

Professional yoyos -what to choose

1. Replay Pro

I’ll start with cheap yoyos, but worth buying. Maybe you haven’t decided yet whether or not to continue yoyoing, so to test things out I suggest you to buy the Replay Pro yoyo, one of the greatest, if not the greatest plastic yoyo on the market at that price. You can choose colours starting from red or orange to yellow and purple-blue and all sorts of strange colours for a yoyo like brown.

You can perform any string trick and what’s more, a yoyo player managed to win a championship with this plastic yoyo. His name is Gentry Stein and he is the first contestant to have ever managed to win a championship with a plastic yoyo.

It works pretty well with horizontal tricks and you can also do finger spins even though it’s a bit harder to do that on a flat surface.

I didn’t expect that such plastic yoyo would out stand so well hits. It had happened for me to throw too hard the Replay Pro and unfortunately it hit the concrete.

For my surprise, the yoyo only got some minor scratches which didn’t affect the overall performance of the yoyo. The size C Central Trac bearing allows the toy to spin for a long time from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.



The yoyo design is made after the Horizon yoyo, used by Paul Kerbel in 2014 EYYC championship with some key differences. Firstly, Marco is slightly wider than the Horizon yoyo, which helps players catch yoyos on the string hastily. It also has a similar finger spin cup.

The most representative thing about the yoyo is the stainless steel rims. This feature makes the yoyo enter the bi-metal toys category. The main purpose of the rims is to give the yoyo more stability and power. All these characteristics make the yoyo perfect for horizontal tricks, so Marco should be taken into consideration for 60 bucks.


This yoyo breaks to plastic yoyo pattern, as Iceberg is a hybrid yoyo, made out of polycarbonate and stainless steel rims. I decided to include this yoyo in this list because of the unique features that it presents.

Most of the plastic yo-yos are injection moulded, During this process, a mould is carved and after that plastic is injected into the mould. As the material flows into the mould it cools down, and the yoyo shape is formed. This method makes the mass be unevenly distributed through the whole body, the disproportions are small, but not so negligible. However, plastic yo-yos are well-made.

To strive for perfection, the manufacturer used the same process as for metal yoyos in which a cylindrical block of polycarbonate is taken and carved to create the desired shape. This method is more precise and makes the yoyo much more smooth for finger spins and grinds.

Steel is only three times denser than the aluminium, but seven times more dense than polycarbonate. Due to this fact, you can add more weight in steel rims to redirect the mass outwards in order to make the yoyo have a much longer and powerful spin.

The rims also make the yoyo more stable. As a result, you can keep the toy on the same plane while performing complicated combos. In this way, Iceberg can keep up with the usual aluminium yoyo standard. When you play with it feels light and comfortable, so this yoyo it’s worth trying.

4.Shutter wide-angle


Since its creation Shutter has been one of the most popular choices for yoyo players. It was used by Gentry Stein in 2013,2015 and 2016 US Nationals.  is one of the most competitive yoyos on the market and has a new feature that makes it special: its width.

It’s one centimetre wider than the original yoyo, may not seem much at first until you realize how easy it gets to catch the yoyo onto the string. The Shutter is ideal for horizontal tricks. It has a larger inner foil design so when you do finger spins the finger has a bit more space, but it still keeps the finger in the centre, so binding from that position becomes a piece of cake.

Budget yoyos vs fancy yoyos

If you want to start cheap, I recommend using Arrow and Replay Pro. This combination gives you a whole range of tricks from 1A to 3A and 5A. If you want a high-quality yoyo, you can choose among Marco, Horizon (similar to Marco but without the steel rim), Shutter Wide Angle and iYoYo ICEBERG if you want a really powerful spin.




He is passioned about yoyoing and technology .Enjoys dreaming about the multiple possibilities the internet offers to share the knowledge gathered in 2 years of experience within the skill toys world.Wordpress comes in handy for achieving this dream and for materializing his vision.


Ilaisaane Tuakalau · January 2, 2019 at 9:43 pm

I can’t believe that yo-yos are still around and that you are the first website to get information about these. I loved playing with these as a child, and I totally agree with you that they are great for de-stressing. Do you know if there are social yo-yo communities who hold competitions?

    Sebastian · January 2, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    There are many championships around the world just google World Yoyo Championships and you’ll find interesting things!

tiarainniss · January 2, 2019 at 11:21 pm

I didn’t know there were beginner and starter yo yos, so that was interesting. Your post reminded me of my own yo yo days, and how much fun they used to be. Also you mentioning that yo yos are great to reduce stress has me thinking that I want one again.
Great post.

john · January 3, 2019 at 5:22 pm

This is a great tool to expand motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. This was a great toy when I was a kid, now it is so much more.
Do they make a carbon fibre Yo Yo? This could put the weight where you want it and be light weight in the middle.Might be a bit pricey though.
Great selection here to choose from.

    Sebastian · January 5, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    For the moment there aren’t any yoyos made of carbon fiber .Metal yoyos are just enough for a professional player.

    Arpit Kumar · February 3, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    There is indeed 1 Carbon Fiber yoyo and yes it costs a fortune($ 350). Still pretty cheap if you compare to Japanese Titaniums. Its the Jazz-Yo Suzaku


      Sebastian · February 5, 2020 at 10:43 pm


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