Making your way into professional yoyoing or just aspiring to possess the best yoyos in the world? I’ve got you covered as you’ll be presented the ultimate yoyos to complete your collection and help you achieve great tricks.
So let’s start!

1.Edge Beyond

The most recent yoyo model in Evan Nagao’s signature yoyos series it expresses the ultimate professionalism of performing amazing tricks. It is a bimetal yoyo, but not in the usual way.

The steel weight rims don’t cover just a part of the edge of the yoyo, but they extend 3mm “beyond the edge” of the sides, you practically have the entire edges made of steel making the yoyo have an extreme design!.

YoYoFactory Edge Beyond Specs:

Diameter: 53.4 mm
Width: 47 mm
Weight: 64.8 grams
Response: CBC 19 mm Slim Pads
Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) NSK Center Trac

Edge beyond is somehow larger in terms of width than the average yoyo, it has an average weight when it comes to a yoyo mass (65g) and an extreme H Shape.

YoyoFactory Edge Beyond yoyo

Credit: YoyoExpert

It can handle speed combos and horizontal tricks due to its shape and maintain its stability thanks to the extreme weight distribution implemented during the manufacturing process.

Even if it doesn’t have a curvy shape, it still fits onto your hand extremely well, and don’t forget: Edge Beyond is a premium yoyo.

As fancy as it may sound, all these features come at a fancy price. Whether 100-150 bucks are worth spending on this yoyo is up to you to decide on.

However, it is well worth it, as Edge Beyond is the 2018 world champion  Evan Nagao’s signature yoyo which is improved for competition-level performance.

Come on, it’s a metal yoyo which feels professional! It doesn’t even compare to the Yoyofactory Wedge made of plastic as it has a different smooth feel. Edge Beyond yoyo is more like a sports car, even an expensive one, but it represents the best deal when it comes to choosing the most competitive yoyo on the market.


2.Yoyofactory Monster Edge

This is a more affordable version of the Evan Nagao’s signature line of yoyos which may help you save more money and achieve peak performance in yoyoing. In this case, you will spend around 60 bucks on this yoyo worth of your attention and appreciation.

Yoyofactory Monster Edge Specs



  • Weight 65.91 grams
  • Diameter 54.96mm
  • Width 55.59mm
  • Best place to buy it:

The width is larger than most of the yoyos on the market with about 10 mm wider than the average which makes a huge difference in terms of playability, especially when you want to catch the yoyo onto the string much more easily.

The extreme V shape makes the yoyo more stable as the wide shape allows you to tilt more the string until it touches the edges for creating friction and changing the plane of the yoyo.

The minor downside though consists in the fact that there are more contact points when your tilt the string against the side of the yoyo than on an Atlas yoyo; this aspect makes horizontal tricks slightly harder for you to maintain the spin time in this context.

The best part of the yoyo is that it is extremely rim weighted which along with the H shape contributes to the stability of the YoyoFactory Monster Edge.

You may struggle to throw at this yoyo tech combos as you assume the fact that the width of the yoyo may make you land on more strings or the wrong cords affecting the performance.

Overall it is worth buying for this price.


3.Yoyofactory Turntable

This yoyo is one of the most uncommon I’ve ever seen because it comes with distinct features that make it stand apart from any other toy of its kind.

Firstly is made of 7075 brute aluminium which is anodized,  like most of the yoyos today. This gives the yoyo a smooth look. Secondly, the sides of the yoyo have concentrical rings in relief. It also has a finger spin cup for performing related tricks.


Turntable Yoyo Specifications:

  • Diameter: 56.45 mm (average)
  • Width: 44.10 mm (average)
  • Gap Width: 4.80 mm
  • Weight: 66.7 grams(on the heavy side)
  • Bearing Size: Large C Center Trac
  • Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size
  • Play: String Tricks (1A, 3A, 5A)
  • Includes 1 yoyo string
  • Where to get this unique throw: Amazon

This high-end yoyo has a powerful spin time, doesn’t tilt so easily, a thing that is perfect for maintaining stability over time while performing long tricks. The weight distribution is somewhat unusual due to its rings but not necessarily bad. It feels floaty when you play with it and super fast when you try to push the yoyo’s limits.

The downside of the polished surface is that the Turntable doesn’t work too great for finger grinds and palm grinds. You have to land the yoyo straight onto the middle to catch it onto the fingers in the cup.

Other than that is worth buying this 100 dollar or so yoyo for the unique experience that it gives you while playing!

4.Magic Yoyo Stealth

The Magic Yoyo Stealth is the number one option for budget bi-metal yoyos. This represents the premium release from the manufacturing company Ametoys which usually makes extremely cheap yoyos sold in retail at only 10-20 bucks.

This yoyo is more exclusive as it costs around 50 dollars but this is the best bang for your buck especially if you get the yoyo with the smooth finish(you can also have a shiny finish).

The shape of the MYY  Stealth is a V one which works well for 1A and 5A. The V-shape is combined with an organic shape with a step up near the response system.

Magic Yoyo Stealth bimetal yoyo front view

If you can get your hands on this yoyo with the smooth finish, I can guarantee you performance at finger grind, thumb grinds, finger spins.The machining is exceptional and you won’t find any defects.



Magic Yoyo Stealth bimetal yoyo light blue






Playability and feel

This throw plays effortlessly on the string. The yoyo has an average weight making it a balanced throw. You can feel the force of spinning as you throw the yoyo.

The grind finish will allow you to do finger grinds for 5-7 seconds which is long. The rejection tricks are fairly easy to do.

This high-end yoyo made by Magic Yoyo plays effortlessly on the string. The weight is average for the yoyo and you may even call it a bit floaty, but when it comes to playing with it you can feel its force when spinning.

The ground finish is perfect for performing your finger grinds which last for 5-7 seconds, meanwhile, you can do your awesome grind tricks. The shape and the exterior finish allow you to do rejection tricks fairly easily.

All in all, this is a great yoyo to add to your collection if you want to be on the cheap side of bimetal throws.

5.One Drop Kraken


The Collaboration between One Drop and the game developer Re-Logic that created Terraria came out with a new yoyo model: the Kraken.

This yoyo is an oversized yoyo with 60 mm in diameter, somewhat larger than the yoyos with 55 mm. At first glance, you would think that this massive guy would be extremely heavy.

One Drop Kraken yoyo green with yellow splash

On the contrary, this yoyo is manoeuvrable and has a carefully designed weight distribution. You can say that the weight of the yoyo is just right at 65 grams(which is the average).

Unlike other yoyos, this Kraken throw doesn’t have the usual Side Effects system, maybe for adding more weight to the outside edges of the toy for increased spin time.

One Drop Designs Kraken Specifications:

One Drop Kraken yoyo front profile

Weight: 65.25 grams

Width: 45 mm

Diameter: 60 mm

Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove

Gap Width: 4.45 mm

Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)

Finish: Pyramatte ™

Axle System: Tapped, 10 mm


Playability and feel.

For those who are used to undersized throws, this yoyo will still be comfortable even though it is large. This yoyo is lighter than expected from a large yoyo while being balanced and providing long spin times. This is one of the greatest yoyos to learn new tricks with.

The H-shape with rounded edges and the large diameter give it the pleasant feel right after the first throw

This is another impressive yoyo to consider adding to your collection.

6.Recess Joyride

The Recess Joyride was the first Recess yoyo model to have ever be sold by the company created by Tyler Severance. Luckily, now you have the improved version of the yoyo to enjoy.

This yoyo features an organic design for the new model instead of the H-shape that was used before. Another interesting feature is the step-up that improves the response gap for more complicated tricks.

Joyride has an even weight distribution, creating a good balance between speed and stability. This yoyo also has a fingerspin dimple for related tricks and a smooth bead blasted surface with the retro laser engraving.


Recess Joyride front view

Weight:65.9 grams


Width::44.6 mm

Shape: Round/Organic

Where you can get this beauty:

Playability and feel

The Recess Joyride is dead-smooth out of the box, like 10 out of 10 for smoothness, better even than yoyos at 100 to 150 dollars.No fingernail vibe. The shape is comfortable and feeling natural in your palm when you play.

This throw has a smother grind finish than others at twice the price. This thing was dead smooth out of the box, was silent, and the organic shape feels amazing.

A pretty wide and easy playing yoyo that is perfect for the beginner to intermediate player. This grind finish can step up your game and let you do finger grinds,fingerspins and thumb grinds.

The center fingerspin dimple is extremely hard to hit, but the area outside it lets you do those tricks fairly easy if you throw hard.

Overall, the yoyo is the best bang for your buck. This yoyo isn’t geared towards a style of play, it is smoother than high-end yoyos and you get an extraordinary grind finish. What can you ask more for?



7.Ippon by iYoYo

Ippon yoyo is one of the best hybrid yoyos that can be found nowadays that combines polycarbonate and steel rims to modify the weight distribution to make it have a powerful spin when you throw it.

In this case, the Ippon yoyo is made out of machined polycarbonate rather than injection moulded(see here what is the difference), a feature which improves the yoyo’s smoothness when you perform finger grinds.

Ippon yoyo specs

Weight: 67.00 grams (above average)

Diameter: 55.94mm

Width: 43.79mm

Finish: machined polycarbonate

Where you can find it: Amazon

The toy has a classic V shape, and the colours of the yoyo just look fantastic.

The best part of it when it comes to design is that it has colourful iridescent rings giving the Ippon a  fancy and glossy finish.

The polycarbonate walls have a translucent look as to transform the yoyo into an even cooler one.

In the middle of each cup of the yoyo is placed an aluminium finger spin dimple which helps you so much in achieving a pretty long finger grind onto the cup.

The finger locks up in that place for ages without requiring you to struggle to keep it on track.

In terms of playability, it can be said that the iridescent rings help the yoyo sleep for longer and the yoyo itself is somewhat heavier than the average yoyo.

However, it can still play fast when it needed to, so anybody can perform incredibly well tech trick, whips and slacks. Horizontal tricks are just a breeze and you can perform them from the first strike, a thing that cannot be said about every yoyo.

Unfortunately, you can’t do palm grinds as well as you may want because the ring is too polished and shiny and prevent the yoyo from grinding.

The ridges for thumb grinds aren’t so thick, so you may encounter problems such as sliding off your yoyo from the special edge.

Overall is a great choice for every player that wants to have a hybrid yoyo in his collection.You can get it too!

The Best All-round yoyo for any trick

5.The Yoyofactory Shutter

The YYF Shutter is Gentry Stein‘s signature yoyo which proves to be one of the most popular yoyos in the world. It has an inner ring on each side of the yoyo resembling some of the old yoyos from the 2000s. However, the ring is perfect for landing the yoyo onto your digit for finger spins.

The anodized surface of the yoyo is super smooth, ready for handling finger grinds, palm grinds and last but not least thumb grinds.

You can find this yoyo in countless different colours that you can choose from when you want to buy it from a yoyo store.

Gentry Stein, the 2015 US nationals champion, designed this yoyo for offering the ultimate experience to professional players who don’t want to spend too much money on yoyos.

The price range is about 50-60 dollars and at this cost, it can be considered a budget yoyo.

Yoyofactory Shutter Specs

Diameter:56 mm / 2.20 inches

Width:44.40 mm / 1.74 inches

Gap Width:4.75 mm / .18 inches

Weight:67.8 grams

Where you can find the best price: Amazon

Compared to Paul Kerbel’s Yoyofactory Horizon it looks smaller in diameter and has almost the same width and V-shape that draws the yoyo string towards the centre. This model has been so successful that Gentry has launched a wider version of the yoyo(Shutter Wide Angle) and a bimetal one which extends your range of options.

This yoyo can the “universal thrower” as this yoyo is so versatile that you can do any tricks with it. String tricks, tech combos, Horizontal style play, slacks, whips, even finger grinds, thumb grinds and fingerspins even though the yoyo is not specifically designed to do so!

Want to be set up for the competition! Try the Yoyofactory Shutter for championship-like performance(assuming that you have the skills)!.

6.Duncan Windrunner

This Duncan model is one of the most affordable options on the market when it comes to budget yoyos, even cheap metal yoyos with outstanding performance for the price of around 35 bucks. It presents a typical V shape with unique ridges which contribute to the ease of making finger grinds.

Duncan Windrunner   Specs

  • Diameter:56 mm 
  • Width: 43.40 mm
  • Gap width: 4.45 mm
  • Weight:66.5 grams
  • Where you can get it: Amazon

The roadrunner has a wide shape and the weight distribution is optimal for having a long spin time. The cup on each side of the yoyo is so deep that even if the toy has a spike in the middle of it, you can still make finger spins with no problem if you like to practice them.

Even though it weighs 65 grams, which is average for any yoyo, it feels floaty when you play with it. The wide shape makes the yoyo very catchable onto the string, so your whips, slacks and tech tricks can continue uninterrupted.

Some disadvantages may be the thin bearing gap(4.10 mm smaller than the average of  4.5 mm-it makes a huge difference). As a result, the yoyo can get snaggy and it can slow down the yoyo along with the red slim pads which are the grippiest. The RoadRunner is not perfectly stable even though the aluminium rings are thick(for weight distribution ).

For 35 bucks, it is worth it! Just get it here!

Best plastic yoyos to play with

7.Yoyofactory Wedge

It is one of the best plastic yoyos in the yoyo industry and follows Nagao’s line of yoyos. This cheap yoyo is around 20 to 25 bucks depending on the colour scheme you choose.

The YYF Wedge manages to outstand any other yoyo of its kind due to its boxy shape and its improved spin time.

It works for thumb grinds, finger spins as it has a special smooth anodised dimple to lock your finger in and keep the yoyo spinning onto you digit for a long time, sometimes more than half a minute.

Yoyofactory Wedge Specs

Weight (g) 67.1
Diameter (mm) 57.45
Width (mm) 47.3
Trapeze Width (mm) 40
Bearing Type Centre Trac Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response system:19 mm slim pads

Where to find it: Amazon


Having in mind the specs themselves, it can be said that the yoyo is on the heavier side with 67g which is 2g  above the average (every gram is important when it comes to yoyos).

The width itself is bigger than of most of the yoyos, but the shape resembles a V with chunky plastic rims that make the yoyo look somehow rectangular.

As I said earlier the shape of the yoyo is taken and adjusted from the original YoyoFactory Edge to match the weight distribution of the edge aluminium model.

The polished polycarbonate turns out to make the yoyo look like a piece of a crystal which may not be ideal for finger grinds because it has a sticky texture to your skin. In this case, it is recommended that you use special gloves for yoyoing for improved performance.

YoyoFactory Wedge yoyo front view

In terms of feel, it can be said that the yoyo works as if it was lighter. The tricks can be performed seamlessly and incredibly quick. It certainly doesn’t feel like the  Replay Pro yoyo which seems way heavier when you play with it.

The long finger spin grinds feel incredibly satisfying due to the smooth surface on the side of the toy. The width of the yoyo helps you catch it onto the string as easy as possible, especially when you are practising Eli-Hops, lacerations, whips and slacks. You may find out that the yoyo has some vibe to it, but you can just make adjustments and not feel bothered by it any more.

All in all is worth considering it when you plan to purchase a budget yoyo when you are first starting in the skill toy world. This yoyo is worth your attention. Just check it out!

8.Yoyofactory Protostar

This yoyo is one of the best yoyos on the market for the humble price of 20 to 30 dollars. It can be considered the cheapest hybrid yoyo ever made because it presents an inner aluminium ring that improves the weight distribution of the yoyo which is super cool!

Yoyofactory Protostar Specs

width: 43.15 mm
weight: 67g
diameter: 55.94 mm
gap width: 4.43 mm

Where to get it: Amazon


The Protostar is shock-resistant, so you won’t have problems when happening to hit the yoyo onto the ground

Maybe it doesn’t have the same incredible resistance as the Replay Pro but it can still handle serious hits in the worst-case scenario.

When it comes to the surface of the yoyo it can be said that it does finger grinds and thumb grinds somewhat harder than the Replay Pro, it is doable though.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a fingerspin dimple to lock your finger in, in fact, the Protostar has a bumpy surface on the sides, thus making almost impossible any thumb grind or fingerspin.

YoyoFactory Protostar Bump

You don’t need to worry about the absence of a special dimple for finger spins and the surface of the yoyo as you can perform any other kind of trick you throw at it. Sometimes you may need to dismantle the yoyo and put some lube onto the bearing.

At this stage, you will see that there are some spacers next to each side of the ball bearing. To maintain it, you need to put a little lube in the gap between the finicky spacer and the centre track bearing and start to spin it to make the lubricant spread among the small balls.

The best aspect of this yoyo is that it doesn’t vibe at all, even by the metal yoyos standards. This makes you play much more enjoyable. In terms of feel, I can say that it floats and plays incredibly fast even though it has a weight of 67 grams which is above the average mass of yoyo in general, not only plastic.

Overall, even if it does have some flaws related to design, it is well worth it for the 20-30  bucks price range. Just have a look and see if it is good for you!

Honourable mentions

9.Yoyofactory Boss

The YYF Boss was my first yoyo to have ever played with. This yoyo is way smaller than the average yoyo, so it can perfectly fit into your pocket when  you travel

YoyoFactory Boss Specs

diameter: 50.75 mm
width: 41.30 mm
gap width: 4.90 mm
weight:66.8 grams

Best price:

Even though the dimensions are reduced, the yoyos are still pretty heavy at 67 grams and play solid.

It comes with a regular flat bearing which can spin for some time but is not particularly special.

The most annoying thing about the bearing is that it lets the string near the edges of the yoyo, creating friction between the cord and the response system.

As a result, It slows down the yoyo form its fast spin. I recommend you to at least use a centre track bearing to avoid this kind of incidents. It can still play well for a 30 bucks metal yoyo, but it isn’t as I originally wished to play. The stability of the yoyo can be easily spotted when you play with it, so for the price, it is a viable option. Just get it and test it!

10.Magic Yoyo Skyva

The Magic Yoyo Skyva comes luckily with a centre track bearing which makes a yoyo player’s life much more beautiful. Skyva is proof that you can have a great yoyo for a great price.

Magic Yoyo Skyva specs
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Diameter: 58mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 66.5
Bearing: CenterTrac
Response: LuftPAD

 Where will you most likely find it: Amazon(especially yoyo offers)

The finger spin cup and the small dimple in the centre of it are the main features of the yoyo.

This is what is mostly known for! Try it and you’ll be convinced by the incredible capabilities of the yoyo.

The large gap width allows you to get more strings onto the bearing and perform greater tech tricks.

The Skyva is a bit less durable than the Replay Pro but as much as you don’t accidentally hit the yoyo against the ground to cause some scratches it plays perfectly fine.

When you play with it you don’t seem to feel its weight of 66.5 grams and do quick tricks in an instant, full o control.

Above all, the Magic Yoyo Skyva is dead smooth; you feel no vibe even by the standards of metal yoyos. Looks like it has been polished the same way as a metal yoyo due to the scratches oriented in the same direction parallel to the edge of the yoyo.

Last, but not least it spins for a long time as a plastic yoyo and is incredibly stable. I think this is a must-buy yoyo for your collection if you don’t want to spend much money on this hobby yet.


Here I presented you the best options you can have in regards to metal yoyos, plastic yoyos and hybrid ones. If you feel prepared you can be one step ahead of the competition and buy the YoyoFactory Edge Beyond.

Want to stay on budget? No problem, the Yoyofactory Edge and the Yoyofactory  Shutter got you covered at around $50 to $ 60.Want to go Hybrid and combine plastic with metal? Go no more than the Ippon and the YoyoFactory Protostar.

Just want to stay very cheap and also have an incredible experience? The Magic Yoyo Skyva, the Duncan Roadrunner and the Yoyofactory Wedge are waiting for you! Try any yoyo that fits your needs and has fun!

Don’t forget to ask any questions that you may have related to any of the yoyos mentioned above. The comments section waiting for you to fill in! I will answer as soon as possible!

Happy yoyoing!


He is passioned about yoyoing and technology .Enjoys dreaming about the multiple possibilities the internet offers to share the knowledge gathered in 2 years of experience within the skill toys world.Wordpress comes in handy for achieving this dream and for materializing his vision.


Angela · April 25, 2019 at 3:50 am

WOW…I have not played with a yoyo in years! I have to admit, I wasn’t the greatest at it but it was sure a lot of fun. Your article sure took me back to my younger years. It seems like yoyos have sure come a long ways since I have played with them. They look so sleek and modern compared to the old wooden versions.
Thanks for the very detailed article. Anyone looking to purchase one of these items would do well to take a look at this post.
I hope you have a fantastic day.
Take Care

    Sebastian · April 25, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Thanks for your appreciation!I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the article!
    As for the yoyos manufactured nowadays, it can be said that they offer a fantastic experience when compared to the older models. Now they have ball bearings in the middle for performing stunning tricks never seen before. Now there are more yoyos made of polycarbonate plastic and aluminium than the wooden ones you mentioned. It is never late to try again doing yoyo tricks!

      Felix · May 9, 2019 at 9:27 am

      I’m guessing you have a limted budget for throws, as your the overwhelming majority of your recommendations are YYF. Having a collection of roughly three hundred throws, give or take ten or twenty (I lost count many yoyos ago), YYF rarely makes it to my recommended list. When I first started throwing and buying, YYF was a safe purchase, not too much to invest in case it sucks, brand has been around for ages, it’s local to me, recommended by many noobs and/or those who don’t have a lot of expendable income. Personally, I think Duncan (parent company is also local) has produced more throws that I really like and recommend. YYF has been a constant string of hit and misses for me. However, neither of these companies is on my highly recommended list of throws. Everything changed once I knew this was something I would not grow out of or tire and grow bored of easily. Yoyorecreation and Rebellion (budget line of YYR) are great for their competition based throws, One Drop never fails to delight for fun, General Yo has an interesting lineup, CLYW is well renown for producing well bananced, floaty, smooth playing throws, and Smashing (RIP) took some interesting risks that I absolutely loved. They will be sorely missed. I highly recommended trying some of these brands for anyone who is serious about throwing. Yoyorecreation as well as your favorite website listed as a primary resource for your information currently has their Rebellion yoyos on sale at a fraction of their original price. Start the Riot and Invaders Must Die play as well as any of my competition based throws except for perhaps my Valkyrie and Draupnir, and for the price difference, I cannot even recommend the latter given the $75 price of the first two. They’re such a steal and play so well for my style, I bought duplicates to have as daily throws. I’ve considered doing reviews in print on the interwebs myself, as I really started two hobbies a year and a half or so ago, throwing, and collecting. I look forward to seeing how your tastes change as you (and thus your collection) grow as a thrower. Thanks for sharing. ;]

        Sebastian · May 9, 2019 at 10:02 pm

        You’re right when you say that I haven’t tried so many things and that is because one of my friends introduced me to yoyoing and the first yoyo I’ve ever played with was the Yoyofactory One(it was his yoyo). I enjoyed such throws so much that I stayed with them. My friend continued to buy the Boss yoyo(the red one). I also bought the Boss, but the blue one. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a good choice as I didn’t like the flat bearing and the fact that the string rubbed against the yoyo sides which destabilized my yoyo when playing. Meanwhile, I tried friend’s Horizon and then I had the opportunity to play with the Atlas which felt floaty and wide(I really liked this aspect). The finger spins are a breeze. After some time, I decided to stay on budget and buy a Replay Pro that still holds to this day(unlike the Blue YYF Boss that had the axle stripped off due to my lack of skill of handling the halves of the toy). The Replay resists even when I hit it to the tarmac. It had some scratches but they almost disappeared after intensive play. My last yoyo is the YYF Arrow that has a finger spin dimple. I manage to hold the yoyo on my pointing finger for about 20 seconds when I’m lucky.

        Thank you for sharing your insights. I will check out the other brands and see what they have to offer!

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