Finding the ideal yoyo string is no easy task because there are so many brands, type 6 or type 8 cord, cotton, polyester, rayon and nylon threads, and the list can continue. Not to forget that the colour of the strand can influence the playability of the yoyo.

Don’t worry as in this article I’ll show you the best option depending on quality and price in bulk along with other exclusive strings that you must try for improved play and durability.

Kitty string fat 100 pack

Kitty is the thicker version of the normal string and is a bit heavier than other types of cord. It has 12 strands of thread, but it can still make a good whip or slack.

This type of string has gathered immense popularity among the yoyo community, being used by most yoyo players and champions.

Even though the cord is thicker than usual, thus giving the yoyo a more responsive feel to it, it 9can still help for managing tighter binds.

Kitty String fat

Credit: YoyoExpert

Kitty string is made out of polyester which gives a soft feel to the player’s hands, its softness being superior to a regular cotton string.

This is the main reason why yoyo-ers prefer the poly string over the cotton one which breaks faster. You will highly appreciate its texture when you’re sliding the string between your fingers and you have less string burn.

The polyester string holds for a long time compared to a cotton one, the cord frays only after many hours of intense play and becomes dirty.

Polyester feels heavier than cotton, and you can do whips and slacks easier than regular cotton string.


Kitty strings are also to some degree hydrophobic meaning that it does not generally absorb water, making them “safer” on ball-bearing yoyos, thus preventing rust.

Thankfully, most bearings these days are made of a higher grade of stainless steel which resists rust.

Kitty String Fat Yellow

Credit: YoyoExpert

If you will be storing a yo-yo for some time, it is still a good idea to remove the string anyway.

I usually only have one string on a yoyo at any time, if I want to play with another yo-yo, I simply take the string I am using and put it on the yo-yo I want to play with next.

Last, but not least, you are also given extra length averaging around 43 to 45 inches so you have some extra room to adjust (110-115cm). This will come to your belly level if you are 1m and 80 cm.

When you choose the string, be aware of its colour! The die can have a major impact on the playability of the string. Ideally, you should buy light green or yellow string for optimum performance.

Having 100 strings to use for less than 20 bucks is honestly the best deal you could have ever had!

Other types of Kitty string

Kitty nylon

Most nylon strings feel more coarse than the average polyester string until it becomes softer after intensive use and more playable.

Because rayon and nylon yoyo strings are stiffer, they tend to whip much quicker than other types of string. Whips, lacerations and slack tricks are easier to perform.

The best part of this kind of string is that it holds its tension through time and doesn’t wear out as quickly as the polyester string.

Another significant advantage is represented by the fact that over time the cord softens and causes less string burns than the usual poly thread.

The nylon has even more slip than polyester and is even smoother for tough tricks that utilize layered mounts, causing less sleep loss. The nylon opens up beautifully for suicide catches and other slack-type tricks. It is about the same thickness as Kitty-String’s “normal” string.

Nylon string is not recommended for looping yo-yos especially if they have Starburst response system as the fast looping movement can cause it to melt and your yoyo will become a highly dangerous projectile so be aware!

Toxic strings

Overall, it easily takes the cake for me. They’re expensive, but the 50 that I bought are well worth the money spent. They start out really slick and stiff, amazing for whips and slack tricks. All around just awesome string, these 50 will easily last me a year or more at this rate.


This stuff is slick. Like, oil slick. Eli hops for days without gloves on. Its texture is rather rough compared to other strings but the slickness negates that.

Toxic strings orange

Credit: yoyo store REWIND

As they break in, they get softer, and really start to shine. The break-in time, as far as I can tell on my current one on my main throw, is longer than any of the other strings have lasted me, and I can tell it still has many hours left in it.

At the same time, they feel very soft. I wouldn’t really say Kitty soft, but softer than most other bulk strings, which is to be expected since these go for 60-70 cents a string.

Can’t really compare its thickness with other strings since I currently don’t have any others, but I’d say it’s moderately thick with nice and tight binds.

However, due to their slickness, they don’t hold a slipknot very well and tend to slip. This can easily be fixed using the methods in this nice little video by GregP.


These strings last for a long-ass time, in lieu of better words. I’ve been using the same string on my Replay Pro for a week now, and they still feel new. With other bulk strings, I replace them within a couple of days, because that’s when they start to feel icky and no longer hold their tension very well. So despite having only 10 strings, one pack will last you quite a while.

Toxic strings atom wonder

Credit: yoyo store REWIND

Whips and Slacks:

Since whips and slacks seem to be all the rage these days, the main question is: how well do they whip/slack?

Well… they’re pretty damn good at whipping. The strings seem to have a bit of weight to them if that makes any sense, which allows them to keep their momentum when whipping about. Hooks and Plastic Whips are easier than usual because they happen so much faster. They also hold their shape well.

Overall impression:

So, is the hype real? Absolutely. This stuff’s good. Grab some when you can, because when they drop, they drop in limited quantities and people just eat it up.

Toxic String is a unique concept made a reality. These 100% polyester strings are handmade in the USA and shine with great brilliance. They have a real smooth feeling but compared to other polyester strings, Toxic Strings are particularly thick and stiff, making them superb for whips and slack tricks.

The only string I have tried that lives up to the expectations of my favourite format of my own homemade string is Toxic. It was soft on the hands (I didn’t get any string burn) yet very whippy-everything I look for in a string. Honestly, go for Toxic…It is amazing and the best of any major string brand I have tried.

Blueprint strings

Blueprint strings are made by Werrd and are 100 %polyester strings specifically made for competition.

These strings are rougher than I was used to. They feel more coarse on your hands due to the material they are made from. They look as if they will last a for while and hold their tension really well and string adjusting is rarely needed at all.

Another nice thing about Blueprint strings is that they are almost heavy. They felt like they had a slight bit more weight to them than the other strings I have tried. This helped the string kind of flow more easily for slack and whips and gave it a unique feel.

I recommend buying a yellow string as it is more visible in darker places. Not to mention that you will have increased precision in hitting the right cords.

I almost made this mistake but I realized after watching several videos that the blue thread is barely visible. Of course, I do not count this as a negative towards the string in any way, because I am sure that the yellow strings are just like any other ones.

These strings are definitely thicker strings than what I am used to, but other than that, they are right up to par with all the other strings.

With the price in consideration, these strings are as good as, if not better, than Kitty, Rad, Buddha, YoYoExpert, and other brands’ strings.

Overall, these are really nice strings and I will probably get some for myself some time if they ever release in smaller quantities. Currently, they are only available in 100 packs for $14 each pack, which is an incredible price for these. In conclusion, great string by Werrd!


YoyoString Lab Plutonium Yoyo String

StringLab makes some of the best yoyo strings in the world and the PLUTONIUM string is no different! This type of string was even used by Evan Nagao to win the 2018 World Yoyo Contest so you can see that this string can be used even in competition.

YoyoStringLab PLUTONIUM is especially good for lacerations, whips and slacks. This cord has a slightly tighter wind than Venom and is thicker for improved binding. It is the perfect combination of competition and fun in a yoyo string!

As you use it, the cord holds longer during practice than Kitty and holds tension about the same. The only minor con is that the string is a bit snaggy but this shouldn’t be a problem this will disappear after only 2-3 throws.

Overall, I highly recommend getting this string!

String Lab string type X

I absolutely love this string as it feels so soft in your hands and you never get string burns from this yoyo thread. This polyester string is even better than the Kitty string as if feels way softer than the kitty normal or other types of string from the brand.

StringLab Type X yoyo string


If you are a fan of comfortable pay this yoyo string is definitely for you!

This type of string holds its tension better than the ammo or the venom string. You can also adjust it to your taste as it does not come with a yoyo string knot already made in the factory.

If you don’t know how to do a yoyo string knot you can learn how to do a yoyo knot here.

Buddha Poly yoyo string

This yoyo string is one of the strings that I personally don’t like because of the rough feel even though it is made of polyester string. The texture reminds me of the cotton string that I also don’t enjoy. The blue string in the picture is the Buddha Poly yoyo string.

Buddha Poly yoyo string blue edition

Even though it is rough in your hands and creates great string burns it still does slack tricks well and holds its tension. Maybe the coarse feeling should disappear after the intensive use of the string as it will break-in.

The pre-cut slip-knot may annoy you as it may make it shorter than you would normally like. You may need to get used to that but that should be such a problem for you.

This string will hold longer than most of the strings, at around one week, which is respectable for a yoyo thread. After that time you need to replace the yoyo string as it will be too worn out.




These were the best strings for a high-performance player who wishes to improve his play and try a new experience. If you want durability, choose nylon and wait for the string to break down and feel softer onto your fingers.

When you want more pleasant feel, try Kitty fat and you’ll have almost the same performance.

Having any questions or suggestions? Type them right into the comments section! I’ll answer them as soon as possible.


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