Hi everyone and welcome to bestskilltoys.com  ,the ultimate site for learning new skills !

Here you will learn more about yoyos and other games.You will also  learn  endless combinations of stunning tricks that  you can use to  impress both your family and friends .

How I entered the world of skill toys?

It all started 2 years ago when one of my best friends had shown me for the first time in my life one amazing toy, the yoyo.It didn’t look like anything I had seen before .It consisted of two simmetrical halves  interconnected through a ball bearing also having a string attached to it  .

One thing which surprised me was how my friend threw the yoyo.It looked as if he was practicing with weights,but smaller ones .The unusual way of of juggling made me want to know how to play with this kind of professional toys.

From him I learned the basics of playing with responsive yoyos at first,and after that I started practicing  with the unresponsive ones.At first I thought that one of my first tricks would be easy (bind- it was not really a trick, it was a starting point though) , but it came up to be much harder than expected. I didn’t get discouraged and I kept doing the trick again and again until I finally managed to execute it properly,thanks to the guidance received from my buddy.

Even though it was tough to yoyo ,I started searching for YouTube videos from which to master new tricks .I soon discovered a whole bunch of amazing schemes with exotic names(ex:Kamikaze mount, Plastic whip,Braintwister etc.).Learning them was no easy task,but with a lot of practice I managed to yoyo without looking at the toy itself (because of the gained muscle memory after so much trial and error!).

What is the main purpose of this site?

Here I want to share with you all my knowledge and experience with yoyos and convince newbies to check this toy out and master new tricks.

What do we also do?


Even if our main focus is yoyoing we also present insights about mastering new skills in other different games such as frisbees ,diabolo ,card tricks,chineese jump  rope ,booomerang and so on.


If you ever need a hand or have  questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




He is passioned about yoyoing and technology .Enjoys dreaming about the multiple possibilities the internet offers to share the knowledge gathered in 2 years of experience within the skill toys world.Wordpress comes in handy for achieving this dream and for materializing his vision.


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