yoyo jokes

In this small article, I’ll show you the complete list of the jokes that are known in the world. They may not be that good but some of you may make you laugh! So let’s start!\

Classic Jokes

How do you remember to the yoyo?

(Answer below, highlight to see)

Tie a string to your finger!

What did the one yoyo say to the other yoyo when he saw him?


Ya know what they say about yoyoing.

It has its ups and downs.


How fast does a yoyo spin?

At Mach 5!


why do yoyos hate boats? they get seasick!

Why did the yoyo cross the road? Because it was walking the dog.

Why did Mr. example buy a heavy cream? A: It was Crucial

What’s a Yoyo’s favourite Movie? A: The Matrix

What do Emo yoyo’s do? A: Suicides

What is a farmer Favorite yoyo trick? A: Milk the Cow!

Why did Mr. example use Hardline as his first perk? A: To get an SR-71!

What is a joyous favourite part of a joke? A: The PunchLine!

What yoyo is for Emo’s? A: The Cut!

What is Yoyo’s favourite video game? A: Call of Duty; Black Hops

Why did Mr Example think the yoyo was deaf when he was talking to it? A: It

was unresponsive

How many yoyoers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Thirteen – One to change the bulb, and the other twelve to argue over who gets to keep the OG bulb (that flicker gives it so much character).

What does one of YYF’s undersized yoyos and Justin Bieber have in common? They’re popstars!

What’s a football player’s favourite trick? A forward pass!

And lastly (I’m pretty terrible at this) When I heard about May 19th and the Rapture, I confused it with the day of the Raptor so I spent the day throwing my Duncan Raptor.

Slightly naughtier jokes(not for small kids)

Hey Baby, my yoyo isn’t the only thing going up and down tonight.

Girl, first I split the atom, then I split your legs.

First I grind my yoyo. Then we grind on the dance floor…


Because I’m gonna use my yoyo to perform a sleeper with ur mum. Yeah, boi. Maturity through the roof.

Hey baby, I know how to make panties drop, around the world


I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for Christmas.

“Something that goes round my thinger, that’s sparkly and I can show off to my family and friends,” she said.

I think she’ll love the LED Yoyo I got her.\


Those were all jokes that you can know of.I  hope you had fun!


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