Yoyo gloves are an essential part of yo-yoing, especially when you want to be protected from string burns and yoyo hits. In this article, I’ll show you the best picks for you to be better protected.

Duncan yoyo glove

Duncan Yoyo Red Gloves

The Duncan glove only covers three fingers but still protects you well from string burn and excessive sweat(in some gloves you may even sweat, which is not cool at all).

The Glove comes either in the Duncan red or just black to look better on stage while performing.

Using the yoyo glove can even let your string be cleaner as the yoyo cord won’t have contact with your dirty hands(if it is the case).

Duncan Yoyo black gloves

According to your hand size, you can buy a yoyo glove to suit you. To choose the right size you need to measure the length from the base of the palm to the end of your middle finger.

  • Less than 16,5 cm-small size(S)
  • Between 16.5 cm and 19 cm-medium size(M)
  • More than 19 cm-large (L) size

You can get them here.

Nylon Glove

These gloves are made from nylon. The material is thin to feel the string as you do yoyo tricks but also very slick for easier sliding and faster tricks. The nylon has the amazing property of stretching itself being perfect for many hand sizes.

Nylon yoyo gloves

The nylon glove pair doesn’t present differences for each hand so you can use for example the left glove on your right hand. These nylon gloves feel comfy and fit a normal hand which is awesome.

Make sure not to use them too intensively as not to develop holes in the glove to ruin your play.

You can get these gloves here.

YoyoExpert gloves

YoyoExpert yoyo gloves

These are quite nice for how cheap they are and you can feel the string sliding onto your hand which is important for a glove.

The gloves cover only three fingers but you can still have fun with them. The wrist part is a bit nasty with the edge similar to a fabric cut by scissors. Luckily, the wrist part still holds your hand pretty well and ensures that the glove doesn’t slide off your hand.

Get them now from YoyoExpert if you want!


Cotton gloves


The pair of black gloves is ideal for players who want to protect themselves from string burn at any cost. You can play faster and easier with this pair of gloves which don’t have any distinction between right and left so if

you want 4 gloves to get to right-handed gloves you can buy just 2 gloves.

Black cotton glove


-S-21.5 cm long

-M-22.5 cm long

-L-23 cm long

These gloves will be best for you if you have really large hands as most of the hands aren’t longer than 20 cm.

The length of the hand is measured from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger.

Get them from here.

Gloves from sOMEThING

sOMEThING yoyo gloves

The white gloves are made by the company created by the World yoyo Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, also called Mickey after the famous routine in 2001!

Taking into account that Hiroyuki is a fast player, he conceived the yoyo gloves in such a way that they resist pretty well at fast freestyle play and they still look cool!

These gloves are ideal for players who like to have all of their fingers protected(some gloves protect only 3 fingers and the pinkie and the little finger are exposed).

The downsides of this yoyo glove are the following ones:

  • The gloves fit terrible onto your hand as they have short fingers
  • They are too thick, they feel almost like light winter string
  • The gloves have floppy wrist material, it doesn’t hold tight around the wrist and looks a bit goofy

To sum up, this isn’t the best yoyo glove on the market so you would better get other gloves. If you still want to have a feel of Hiroyuki Suzuki play you can still try them.


Magic yoyo gloves

You may already have one of these if you ever bought a yoyo from Ametoys(Magic Yoyo). Most yoyo packages from the company come with extra strings, a yoyo bag/pouch and a glove.

Magic yoyo glove

The Magic yoyo gloves are quite comfortable, don’t make you sweat in them and protect against string burns efficiently while doing tricks.

The minor defect is that the string wants to slip off the finger which may cause you to readjust the slipknot, but that’s what happens if you want to have a smooth exterior surface.

Bonus point not necessarily related to yo-yoing is the fact that you can still scroll with the glove on the phone or the trackpad. So if you watch a tutorial of a trick and still want to be protected as you practice afterwards, this kind of glove is for you. You can get one here.

Finger Wrap tape

This isn’t a yoyo glove but can still protect your middle finger from being crushed by the force of the slipknot.Or you can put the tape over all the fingers to have them protected from string burns.

Finger Wrap tape

The tape doesn’t rely on adhesive so you can wrap it around your fingers or hand and reuse it as many times as you want.

Make sure to use scissors or a string cutter to adjust the tape length for you. If you want it you can buy it from here.


These are the most popular options for yoyo gloves and tapes you can choose from. The best ones I would say that there are the Magic Yoyo gloves and the Nylon ones from REWIND.

Have fun yo-yoing and stay protected against string burns!


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