The Smothers Brothers are mostly known for the comedy shows in the 1960s called The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour hosted on CBS which was one of the most viewed TV shows at that time. The Yoyo Man thing started from this kind of shows when the siblings started their careers in television.

The most famous aspect about those two is the achievement of the “State of YO” when you play with the yoyo.

Tom Smothers in 2011

Tom Smothers in 2011

In the 1980s Tom received the song “Yoyo Man from Rick Cunha. He performed in The Tonight Show as the Yoyo- Man at his debut with this kind of yoyo act in 1986. Tom’s skills continued to impress people around the world(word pun) as he performed complicated looping tricks like loop the loop. In 1988 they even released the Yoyo Man Instructional DVD which sold over 200 000 copies worldwide.

After this tremendous success, Yoyo Man became a part of their shows. The coming performer in the 60s with yoyo tricks in the 80s  continued to remain in the consciousness of people watching CBS at that time.

What is so special about Tom Smothers, the Yoyo Man?

If you follow his mindset you will be enlightened by the blissful State of Yo that can be attained. When you are in the State of Yo you see the sky bluer,the air feels cleaner when life a bit more rose. Just “Yo”!

When you know you are in a state of Yo? When you begin to do the trademark dance-like step the Yoyo Man does if he a achieves the State of Yo!

This State of Yo provides uplifting entertainment and focuses the people’s energies into the positive goals of development and skill acquisition! So why not Yo… Yo?
Click twice on the image to have fun seeing the Yoyo Man playing!

Why did all these people bring yo-yos? This is a Smothers Brothers concert!

Fun Facts about the Yoyo Man

  • He refused the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedic series in 1968 even though he was head writer of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.He felt that his name was too volatile. Only in 2008, he was awarded a special Emmy.
  • The Smothers Brothers were born on Governor’s Island in New York Harbour as their soldier father who was stationed on that island moved his wife closer to where he lived.
  • He is a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity
  • Attended San Jose State University in California
  • His father Major Thomas Bolyn Smothers was a West Point Graduate. He served in the military and he eventually died on a Japanese POW ship.


Smothers Brothers Yo-Yos

The most known yoyos from them are the Tom Kuhn Smothers Brothers Smo Bro, Silver Bullet, Fine Wines and the Hummingbird Yoyo Man.



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