You want to show off your talent and want to do it with style? In this article, I’ll show you the 10 of the most fascinating advanced yoyo tricks that will help you achieve what you’ve always wanted: mastery.

1.Barrel rolls

You start out by throwing the yoyo properly. Then you do the one-and-a-half front mount. What are going to do is to pass the left index finger underneath the yoyo and continue the motion by rising the digit until it reaches the same level as the right index finger.

advanced yoyo tricks-barell rolls 1

One and a Half front mount

advanced yoyo tricks-barell rolls 2


You will notice a triangle similar to the one I talked about in the post about the front mount. Next, you pop the yoyo up the same way you continue your front mount in the tutorial shown

below(click twice on it to view it).

It will land on the upper side of the triangle marked with the cursor on the last picture and you’ll return to a position similar to the one and a half front mount with a slight difference: it will start to wrap around your yoyo hand index finger (I suppose you are right-handed).

Having understood the motion, you continue the repetitive motion explained above until you realize that too much string has wrapped around your right index finger.

2.Mach 5

It is a variation of the barrel rolls, more like a combo and incorporates several elements that make the trick look much cooler. You begin with the One and  a  Half Front mount and you begin performing 2 or three barrel rolls.

Return to the position with the string wrapped around your right index finger.

After that, you stop and take your right index finger and pass it again underneath the yoyo.

advanced yoyo tricks-Mach 5



To continue just watch the video below for a better explaination.

You continue the movement, but instead of raising the left pointing finger only to form the triangle, you pass the finger above the right-pointing finger and again underneath the yoyo.

After the last step being completed, you use both index fingers and pull both ends of the string as much as you can.

You make a circular motion similar to pedalling forward with hands alternatively. You perform another 2 or 3 spins /circular motions/pedalling cycles.

Dismount by unwrapping the string from your right index finger by pointing it down to the ground. You just do a bind and that’s it!

3.The matrix

Even if it sounds like science-fiction, the trick comes more down to earth by starting from an already known yoyo trick: Double or Nothing, but besides it, The Matrix adds more show to your tricks as it makes use of something special.

advanced yoyo tricks-The Matrix 1

You begin with the already mentioned Double or Nothing. Release the cord from the right pointing finger.Then the fun part comes.

advanced yoyo tricks-The Matrix 2

advanced yoyo tricks-The Matrix 3

Swing the yoyo to the right and flip it around your left index finger. You’ll end up in a trapeze.

Next, you raise your right arm so that the elbow reaches the same level as the right shoulder as close to the imaginary curved white line.

advanced yoyo tricks-The Matrix 5

The yoyo hand will stay above the left hand. You need to hold your arm as if you have been holding a shield in front of you/as if you have hugged someone with your right arm.

Swing the yoyo towards your right arm and use the newly created space to flip the yoyo on the side. It looks similar to a front flip, but in this case, you are doing it on the side.

What you’ll definitely notice is the fact that you’ll end up in the same trapeze. In our case though, we don’t want to just finish on a trapeze, you also need to pop out the yoyo off the string and let it swing to the right and then you can repeat the process from the beginning.


advanced yoyo tricks-The Matrix 7

As you perform the trick you can do it more smooth and the trick will just look stunning!
Click twice on the image beneath to watch the whole tutorial to understand better!


4.Green triangle

You start by performing the trapeze(Man on the flying trapeze as mentioned in a previous article). What you should do next is to grab the string between the middle and the index finger of the non-throwing hand (you proceed within the loop).

advanced yoyo tricks-Green Triangle 1

advanced yoyo tricks-Green Triangle 2

Dismount by launching the yoyo up into the air, but keep your two fingers over and under the yoyo string, also swinging the yoyo from the left hand to the right hand.


advanced yoyo tricks-Green Triangle 3

The yoyo should pass underneath the right forehand and the string has to wrap around the wrist of the right hand.

The yoyo will eventually land on the back string(the one closest to your body which has just formed after you wrapped the string around the wrist.

Now, slide the loop created around your wrist onto the string starting from the yoyo hand. To dismount just pop the yoyo up and let it land on the string so that you finish on a trapeze.

That’s it!

5.Kamikaze mount

This trick will incorporate some interesting elements. The first thing you do is to perform a Houdini mount as shown in the article related to some beginner tricks (in case you don’t already know this trick just check it out!).


advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 1

Now I’ll show two ways to perform this trick: one for absolute beginners and one for pro players.

Back to the Houdini mount, we can see the following important things. You have two strings to be aware of.

The first one starts from the yoyo hand, more exactly from the middle finger knot and stops at your left thumb. The second string begins from the thumb until it reaches the right index finger. Both are marked with red arrows.

In the Houdini mount, you have your index fingers pointing forwards, perpendicular to the body plane. What you need to do now is to tilt your mount to the right, by raising your left pointing finger three or four inches above its initial level.


advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 2

This helps you to hook the yoyo between the two above mentioned important strings, as you move them in a way that makes the second string come over the yoyo and the string from the right hand come under the yoyo.

What you need to do next is to release the string hold by your thumb so that it will hook the yoyo. Then just pull from each index finger to maintain the newly formed shape.

At this phase you have one loop starting from the right pointing finger and a loop coming from the left finger. This is the Kamikaze mount!

Watch the video below for the complete explanation for the kamikaze mount.Just click twice on the image below to see the trick!

To exit this mount the only thing you need to do is to pop the yoyo up and direct it to the right and you’ll obtain a triangle and the string coming from the yoyo hand.

Now get the right index finger outside the triangle-shaped loop and you finish by coming back to a regular trapeze. The next thing you do is just bind.

6.Pro method

Starting from the Houdini mount, you close up your hands and try to launch up the yoyo by quickly creating space between your hands.

advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 3

The yoyo has to hit the string marked with the cursor in the image below. Release the thumb at the same time the yoyo touches the marked cord to hook the toy

advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 4

The yoyo has to land onto the string overlayed by the red arrow shown in the next image.

advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 5

advanced yoyo tricks-Kamikaze Mount 6

You achieved a Kamikaze mount!

7.Gyroscopic flop

It is one of the fanciest tricks I’ve ever performed and I have always managed to WOW my audience. They just don’t understand how I make the yoyo spin around its axis. If you really want to fascinate your entourage you must try this! Just mind boggling!

To begin with, a Kamikaze mount is the first required thing to do. Next, you just make the yoyo jump up into the air, but instead of swinging the yoyo the right, you land it behind the cord marked with the white arrow. It doesn’t have to land on a string, it just holds itself.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 1

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 2

You obtain a triangle with two mini-loops on each upper corner wrapped around each pointing finger. That’s normal, so don’t worry! Now bring your hands into the triangle and point them to your body.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 3

After that, you hook both sides with your hand and just pull. You’ll notice the expected /unexpected result: the yoyo spinning around its axis, towards your body.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 4

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 5

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 6

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 7

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 8

You just let it spin around once and then lessen the string tension by stopping to pull from each side. It will appear another triangle with no loops at all.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 9

Then, release the string hold by your left hand and just hold all the strings with your right hand. Now you have a loop surrounding your yoyo hand and the string starting from the middle finger knot.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 10

Use your left index finger and introduce it into the loop. Unhook your right hand from within the loop and make use just of the left pointing finger. Cross your right hand over your left hand.

advanced yoyo tricks-Gyroscopic Flop 11

This way you will notice a sort of front mount, but in this case, you have it parallel to the body. The next thing you do is to dismount and just make a regular bind. That is the end of the trick.

8.Eli hop

advanced yoyo tricks-Eli Hop 1

Start by performing the man on the flying trapeze. Then you bring your hand closer to each other and then quickly create distance between your hands. As a result, result the yoyo will fly up into the air.

advanced yoyo tricks-Eli Hop 2

advanced yoyo tricks-Eli Hop 3

advanced yoyo tricks-Eli Hop 4


What you have to do to continue is to bring your hand again slightly closer to each other to allow the yoyo to jump higher and higher. Eventually, you have to catch the yoyo back onto the trapeze and repeat the process as many times as you wish.

9.Plastic whip

This trick helps you perform many other tricks such as the gyroscopic flop starting from the mount created by performing this show. You will incorporate a new element called the slack.

First of all, you need to throw the yoyo and let it sleep(sleeper-the yoyo just spins). Now you focus your attention on the right hand, which does the whole thing.

advanced yoyo tricks-Plastic Whip 1

Use the index finger and the thumb and create an L-shape. Put both fingers in front of the string and then twist your hand so that the string uses the throwing hand as its support.

advanced yoyo tricks-Plastic Whip 2

advanced yoyo tricks-Plastic Whip 3

Pull the yoyo up and tug it. Bend your hand as if you have been throwing at basketball competitions. Make the yoyo jump and do the above-mentioned twist at the same time.

advanced yoyo tricks-Plastic Whip 4

You’ll see that slack is formed between the pointing finger and the thumb. What you have to do with the slack is to create one so large that manages to hook the yoyo and create a loop around your thumb.

A part of the slack touches the yoyo and the rest of it turns around the yoyo.

You have the following ensemble of strings: one starts from the yoyo hand and stops at the yoyo. You also have the loop around your thumb.

advanced yoyo tricks-Plastic Whip 5

Notice the fact that you use just one hand. That was the trick itself.

From now on you can bind the yoyo by swinging the formation forwards and releasing the loop wrapped around your thumb.

10.Buddha’s revenge

This name may sound strange, but the trick itself isn’t as “religious” as you may think.

advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 1

The starting position is represented by one and a half front mount. After you do this trick you flip the yoyo to your left and after that, you immediately cross your hand one above the other, more exactly you put your throw hand over the non-throw hand.

advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 2




Now use your left index finger and pass it below the toy; the yoyo has to land on the closest string on the right.

advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 6


advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 8

advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 9

advanced yoyo tricks-Buddha's revenge 11


Next, use your right finger and pass it again underneath the yoyo. You may need to pop the yoyo up to make it hit the upper string and land on it.

Now you came back to the initial side can repeat the process as much as you want. Finally, dismount and make the yoyo come back to your hand.

Click twice on the image to watch the video tutorial to learn more!


11.Boingy Boing

This is really a professional trick and you need to practice a lot to get it done properly. To understand the flow of the trick you need to do the following things after you perform one and a half front mount.

Keep your left index finger still and use your right pointing finger to lift the yoyo over the non-throw hand index finger. Move the yoyo in front of the left index finger and behind it. This will help you figure out the motion.

To do the Boingy Boing the right way you need to shoot up the yoyo from the initial position onto the top string(you firstly start from the back of the left pointing finger).


advanced yoyo tricks-Boingy -Boing 1

advanced yoyo tricks-Boingy -Boing 2


advanced yoyo tricks-Boingy -Boing 3

advanced yoyo tricks-Boingy -Boing 5

When your yoyo arrives in front of the left digit, you can shoot it back from where he came, you target the back string.

If the motion is quick you’ll see that the yoyo is just a pendulum hitting either the front or the back string. You perform this shooting by raising and lowering the yoyo hand index finger intermittently.

That was the whole trick! Take time to practice and you’ll soon get results!

Perseverance is key

Maybe you won’t nail it the first time when you are performing the tricks, but with time and consistency you will manage to master these ten tricks and the best part is that you will surely amaze everyone with your talent!

So, go ahead and learn! If you have any questions related to the topic, I encourage you to go to the comments section and post them. I’ll surely answer.





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Derek Marshall · February 5, 2019 at 7:09 am

Absolutely brilliant and outstanding tricks going on here. That Matrix one looks awesome.
Out of curiosity, do you have a YouTube Channel when you can demonstrate those tricks, close up and …,maybe slow motion?

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