If you already have a yoyo with you it is time to also get some clothes or accessories related to yoyos to look cooler and have more fun. In this article, I’ll present you the best pieces of clothing to wear any time you play with the yoyo.


YoYoFactory Pulsar T-Shirt

YYF Pulsar T-shirt

The Pulsar T-shirt comes to accompany the YYF Pulsar yoyos which look impressive with the white laser engraving that looks as if there are linear ridges of mountain peaks or cool electromagnetic waves.

This T-shirt is painted white on black to recreate the YYF Pulsar logo.

This T-shirt just looks freaking awesome. Just have a look at it!

Edge Beyond T-Shirt

The Edge Beyond T-shirt

If you want to go beyond the limits with an even cooler t-shirt, then head to the Edge Beyond T-shirt! If you want to be like World Champion Champion Evan Nagao when he doesn’t have Hawaiian t-shirts(His Father, Alan Nagao is from Hawaii and is the great yoyo marketer in the 90s).

This yoyo is made for tough competitions to show your competitors who you are in the Yoyoing scene. If you want to look stunning, don’t go further than this T-shirt.

One Drop Blackout Logo T-Shirt

One Drop yoyo T-shirt

The Blackout Logo T0shirt has a One Drop logo in black onto a black tee for a subtle look. The short looks impressive and it is made from 100% cotton which offers a soft and comfortable feel.

Duncan T-Shirt

Duncan Yoyo T-shirt

These Classic style shirts with the Duncan logo on it make you look like a Duncan player team member. If you want to have the sensations of belonging to the famous Duncan company this is the way to go!

These shirts are made on Gildan DryBlend tees in many colours to fit your style. You will enjoy the 50-50 cotton-poly blend for increased comfort.

General-Yo World Wide T-Shirt

General Yo T-shirt

General Yo makes some of the best yoyos in the US but now they want to spread to word to the World by creating the WORLDWIDE T-shirt!

It is printed on Cotton District Tee and has the graphics of Classic General Yo.

This will be the perfect t-shirt to match it with your throw from General Yo!

String Lab Venom T-Shirt

String Lab Venom T-shirt

As a yoyo can’t work without strings, so a yoyo player can’t step up his game without a proper shirt.

The Venom T-shirt is the new product from the string manufacturer Yoyo String Lab which delivers the best strings!

The Venom string is an excellent string for holding string tension well and for the perfect thickness and weight for whips and slack ricks.

If you are a Fan of Venom strings or just String Lab strings this T-shirt is for you. This has the Venom string logo printed on it with the famous light green colour. Now you can say that you are ready to keep playing when you have a comfortable t-shirt on you!

YoyoNews T-shirt

YoyoNews T-shirt

YoyoNews has launched the new T-shirt with the logo on it. This Blog has always had amazing content, accurate yoyo news about new releases of yoyos, about yoyo competitions, etc. YoyoNews is the blog for every yoyo player to know more what happens in the yoyo scene.

This time YoyoNews offers the new Shirt for a reasonable price and these T-shirts are available only in black. Wear these T-shirts while supporting YoyoNews.com

C3YoYoDesign Windbreaker

C3yoyodesign WindBreaker

Nowadays is not enough to get a C3Yoyodesign T-shirt. When the wind appears as long with the rain, you are at the mercy of nature. That’s why C3yoyodesign thought about introducing the C3yoyodesign WindBreaker!

C3yoyodesign WindBreaker back part

This clothing piece has the C3yoyodesign logo, the classic purple accents and the stylish black.


YYF Logo T-shirt (Black)

YoyoFactory T-shirt

If you play with YoyoFactory yoyos this is the yoyo shirt to get. This T-shirt has a simple YoyoFactory logo on it on the black material. Simple and practical, this is the yoyo to move you forward towards becoming a YoyoFactory Team Player.

Recess Logo T-shirt

Recess T-shirt

Have Recess yoyos and want more than that? Here’s the Recess T-shirt that is simple with the Logo on one corner and the black material. If you want to look like a disciple of Tyler Severance this is the way to go.

sOMEThING S LOGO T-shirt (Black)

sOMEThING yoyo T-shirt

Want to look like Hiroyuki Suzuki when he goes to competitions? Look no further than here! This T-shirt will make you look more like “Mikey “ except you won’t have the emblematic sunglasses. Get this sOMEThING shirt and sunglasses(not included).Congrats!You are on the way of becoming a yoyo champion!


2Sick Yoyos hat

2Sick Yoyos Hat

This hat has the 2SickYoyos Logo on the front. You can get it for a reasonable price and show off to your friends. Maybe they’ll join you yo-yoing!

Horizon Snapback Hat

Horizon SnapBack Hat

If you’ve watched at least one of Paul Kerbel’s performances on the yoyo stage you might have seen that he used at some time a hat to make impressive combos to score more points and to gather more eyeballs on his tricks.

Now you have the chance to be like Paul Kerbel by getting your hands on this amazing red or black hat. This will help you do the tricks that the Mexican yoyo master does.

Just get those snapback hats. It will fit you well and make you look even cooler while performing tricks.

CLYW Wooly Marmot Hat

CLYW Wooly Marmot Hat presentations

Have a CLYW yoyo and want to be even cooler? Get your hands on the CLYW Marmot hat. You can call yourself both a yoyoer and a baseball player as this is more like a baseball cap with a snap-back


Those were the best options for yoyo clothing. Choose what suits you the best depending on your throw you have and start wearing that T-shirt or hat with snap-back! You’ll look like a professional player!


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