Any yoyo player needs to know what accessories can bring.You are no exception!. You don’t even know what gorgeous things you miss if you don’t see at least what can you get to make your yoyo play even better!

Find out what are the best options for each type of accessory!


Toxic strings

These strings are the best strings for yoyo tricks. They are more expensive than usual, buy the money is worth spending on these strings which are extremely good for whips and slack tricks. The 50 string in the package will last for a long time even if you use them on hard mode.

The Toxic string feels slick and Eli Hops can continue for a long time without gloves on.

The cords feel a bit too rough at the beginning but they start to break in as they start to break in.These Toxic strings feel softer than most of the strings in bulk except maybe Kitty string.

Yoyo Cases

YoyoFactory Hard Case

YoyoFactory Hardcase yoyo case interior

If you want to get a yoyo case the YoyoFactory Hardcase would be the best option for you as the exterior surface fo the case is made of durable plastic, made to outstand the socks if dropped to the ground accidentally.

This case has 6 holes for fitting in the yoyos you would like to carry with you. You can also put other accessories like extra strings, bearings, lube etc.

The YoyoFactory Hardcase is perfect for travelling your favourite throws and your replacement parts!

Yoyo spacers

Duncan Mod spacer system

Duncan Mod Spacers

This innovative system allows for transforming the regular looping yoyo into a string trick yoyo or even an offstring yoyo.

There are two types of MOD spacers , one with a sticker response and offstring version with 4hole response. With any of those two systems, you can turn a Duncan Bumble Bee into a 4A beast as long as you use the original bearing.

Duncan Mod Spacers transformation

This isn’t a Bumblebee though…

Make sure when you use them not to make the yoyo wobble too much as it will make the play significantly worse. Don’t put them into the Duncan Pro Z as they are somewhat smaller so the spacer rim weight ratio is not ok and the yoyo will wobble more. If you put those MOD spacers in a heavier yoyo, it will work better. It will be just fun to tinker and swap parts around.You will want more of that!

YoyoFactory spacers

YoyoFactory silver and golden spacers

These come in different sizes depending on the yoyo models or the type of yoyo. You get them in pairs.

Size 1- grind machine spacer that works for Protostar and North star yoyos

Size 2- fits fast 201 yoyo

Size 3- fits the Velocity yoyo

Size 4- fits the Loop 720

Size 5- is good for the Loop 900 and Loop 1080

Flight spacer kit: YoyoFactory Flight offstring yoyo-you get silver spacers that are thin and blue

Yoyo bags

YoyoFactory Bag

YoyoFactory yoyo bag

This bag is must-have if you travel often and want to carry your yoyos.It has a durable handle and good shoulder strap for carrying your beloved yoyos more easily

The bab has a protective foam for storing up to 8 yoyos along with enough space for putting your strings and yoyo replacement parts.This should be convenient for you, especially if you want to keep more bearings, axles, etc.

You can also carry things that are unrelated to yo-yoing like your bottle of water, some notebooks and so on.


Dif-E-Yo concave bearing

Dif-E-Yo concave bearing

This is one of the best high –quality bearings. These are used on high-performance yoyos. The rounded i.e. “concave” shape helps with centring the yoyo onto the string, preventing it from touching the response system until you are ready to do the bind. The bearing is built to resist rust and spin well over a lifetime. This is recommended for players who are from intermediate to advanced and practice hard. The concave bearing is popular among yoyo players for a good reason.

Ceramic  Konkave bearing

Dif-E-Yo concave ceramic bearing


The ceramic bearings are somewhat more advanced than the normal Konkave bearings as they used ceramic for the internal balls instead of the normal stainless steel balls. This new feature reduces friction, thus improving spin time. It might look normal on the outside but the bearing will play extraordinary well.It can be used for competitions or for breaking the sleep record(even if it is unlikely).

Response pads

YoyoFactory Pads 12 pack

YoyoFactory response pads

this pack comes with 12 response pads of different colours and different performances. Depending on the color you may get one of them or not. Read below what are the differences!

White Pads

These are the standard pads for YoyoFactory.Most of the yoyos come with these pads because they are good all-around pads for a complicated freestyle or just hanging out and throwing. Good for all 5 styles of play.

Red Pads

These are the best response pads for competition. If you want to play better in freestyle you should be using the Red pads. However, these pads wear out the quickest.

Yellow Pads

These are the consistent pads. It wears out in more time than the red response pads.

Blue Pads

These are the grippy pads. They have a longer break-in period than the Yellow pads and after they are broken in, the blue pads keep a medium response which is good for most of the tricks.

Natural/Brown response pads

These are the most durable pads ever made.They are manufactured as to break in quickly and then keep their grippy feel over and over. This is recommended to be used for yoyos you play with a lot, meaning several hours a day.

Yoyo lube

YoyoFactory Lube

Yoyofactory thin lube

The YoyoFactory Lube is a special bearing lube with a consistency close to the water. This is mostly used with unresponsive yoyos to maintain the bearing in good shape and too reduced the friction between the metal track and the yoyo balls. The lube also makes the bearing significantly quieter and improves the lifespan of the bearing.

Yoyo Holders

Yomega yoyo holder

Yomega yoyo holder

If you want to carry your yoyo with you but don’t want to be bothered the toy in the pocket you can get a yoyo holder. The Yomega yoyo holder is perfect for holding the yoyo and you won’t have to put it in your pocket where you don’t have enough space. You can attach the yoyo holder with a carabiner to your belt loop so you can go with your favourite throw wherever you go.

Flowable silicone

Flowable silicone for yoyo response

The flowable silicone is the standard in modern-day yoyo modding. If you want a new response but want to have it tighter or you just want to experiment flowable silicone is what you should buy.

You just pour the silicone into the o-ring grooves for most of the yoyos today. Make sure not to put too much and then remove the excess and let it dry. In 12-24 hours you’ll have a new response system that will deliver tight binds and no snags(if correctly done).


Those were all the things you needed to know about yoyo accessories. Depending on your case, just get what you need and you should be fine.



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